OpenTech 2013

Yesterday was the (almost) annual OpenTech conference. For various reasons, the conference didn’t happen last year, so it was good to see it back this year. OpenTech is the conference where I most wish I could clone myself. There are three streams of talks and in pretty much every slot there are talks I’d like… Continue reading OpenTech 2013

Showing Appreciation

I’ve mentioned here before that I run a small free software project which supplies simple web programs. The programs are quite widely used, but we generally only hear from the users when things go wrong. It was, therefore, nice to get a mail from someone who hadn’t had any problems and just wanted to say… Continue reading Showing Appreciation


From a geek mailing list where they are currently retreading the endless arguments about why there aren’t more women in Open Source. Now arguably, “chick” is a bit derogatory. It’s not even ironic British understatement – the writer isn’t British. But it’s a good indication of just how far we still have to go.

More Blog Progress

Made some progress on restoring the old blog entries yesterday. I managed to get the old web server working long enough to export the blog data and I’ve successfully imported it into this installation. Over the next few hours I’ll try to get the pages rebuilt. At the same time (never let it be said… Continue reading More Blog Progress

Geeks Pulling Together

A heart-warming tale from Ben Goldacre, author of the Guardian‘s Bad Science column (and also a forthcoming book on the same subject). It seems that his web site had rather outgrown the limits placed on it by his current hosting plan and his hosting providers didn’t like that. At one point they pulled the plug… Continue reading Geeks Pulling Together

Too Clever By Half

I’ve just noticed that Firefox 2.0 is a bit too clever for its own good. It’s the new RSS autosubscription feature that’s the problem. It’s great that when I click on an RSS feed, it gives me the chance to subscribe to that feed in Bloglines. But it insists on doing that whenever I try… Continue reading Too Clever By Half