Geeks Pulling Together

A heart-warming tale from Ben Goldacre, author of the Guardian‘s Bad Science column (and also a forthcoming book on the same subject). It seems that his web site had rather outgrown the limits placed on it by his current hosting plan and his hosting providers didn’t like that. At one point they pulled the plug on the site completely.

Well, Ben’s geek friends rallied around magnificently. Positive Internet have given him a free (and really rather overpowered) dedicated server and a host of other people are working to get the old site moved over as quickly as possible. This task is still going on.

It’s great to see the geek community coming together like this. And Ben is planning to repay the favour by using some future columns to promote the open source philosophy.

Looks like everyone wins. Open source gets a wider audience, Ben gets a great new server and Positive Internet get some fantastic publicity.

Nice to start the day on a positive note.

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