Windows Users Trying Linux

This is a brief follow-up to my piece from a couple of weeks ago where I jokingly suggested that everyone should move away from Windows to Linux. I found this blog entry where a Windows user has been trying Ubuntu Linux for a couple of weeks. His findings make interesting reading. He’s had a bit… Continue reading Windows Users Trying Linux

New Browsers

Last night I downloaded and installed two new browsers. Firstly I booted my laptop into Windows for the first time for months (it’s the only computer in the house that has Windows installed) and installed IE7. First reactions? A big “so what?” It’s (obviously) a vast improvement on IE6, but I can’t see anything that… Continue reading New Browsers

Sony Takes DRM Too Far

Here’s an interesting story from a Windows user who found a rootkit on his system. Further investigation revealed that it had been installed by Sony when he had played the digitally protected music on a CD he had bought (Get Right With The Man bu Van Zant). Sony is apparently so concerned about protecting its… Continue reading Sony Takes DRM Too Far