LoveFilm and Silverlight

Yesterday, LoveFilm announced that they are changing the technology which powers their film streaming service. From early in January the existing Flash-based system will be replaced by one which uses Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. This is extremely disappointing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there’s the immediate technological fallout. Silverlight doesn’t run on as many platforms… Continue reading LoveFilm and Silverlight

iPlayer Announcement

It looks like the BBC are ramping up to make an announcement about the iPlayer later today. I’ll link to the press release just as soon as I can find it on their site. Update: Here it is. Looks like the iPlayer officially launches today. Update: I can’t read properly. It doesn’t launch today. It… Continue reading iPlayer Announcement

When is an MP3 not an MP3?

The BBC has a story about Digital Music Downloading. This is a forthcoming service where if you like a song you hear on digital radio, you’ll be able to buy it immediately. The BBC says this: The service, called Digital Music Downloading, allows listeners to buy any song they hear, with MP3 copies being sent… Continue reading When is an MP3 not an MP3?

Karma Download RIP

Whilst most of the attention is on the BPI’s attack on All Of MP3, another MP3 download site quietly died yesterday. Karma Download is currently showing a page which says that it’s “temporarily suspended”, but I hear that it’s very unlikely to return. That’s a real shame. Like All Of MP3, Karma Download sold its… Continue reading Karma Download RIP

MPs in Digital Downloads Warning

The All Party Internet Group of MPs has been looking at DRM and has now announced it’s results. Their main recommendation is that all digital content should be clearly labelled with details of what you can and can’t do with it. I think this is a great idea. Record companies have been slowly introducing DRM… Continue reading MPs in Digital Downloads Warning