Doctor Who Series 7

As far as I can see, the most detailed information that we currently have about the broadcast dates of series 7 of Doctor Who is in this tweet from @bbcdoctorwho. There will be 6 episodes this year, including the Xmas Special. Then 8 next year. Jenna’s character will first be seen at Xmas. But it […]

iPlayer Announcement

It looks like the BBC are ramping up to make an announcement about the iPlayer later today. I’ll link to the press release just as soon as I can find it on their site. Update: Here it is. Looks like the iPlayer officially launches today. Update: I can’t read properly. It doesn’t launch today. It […]

Root Of All Evil Complaints Dismissed

Richard Dawkins’ programme The Root of All Evil? generated 23 complaints to Ofcom. The latest Ofcom bulletin is published today and it deals with these complaints (the relevant section starts on page 10). In summary, the complainants considered that the programme: showed a negative portrayal of religious beliefs and called religious faith “a virus”, and […]

BBC Four

The always excellent BBC Four has been excelling itself over the last couple of weeks. First there was the Folk Britannia season which looks at the history of British folk music since the 1950s. Then there was Lefties – a series of three programmes about people involved in left wing politics in the 70s and […]

A couple of my friends have won the first BBC Backstage competition with their web site (that’s a pun on “mighty tv” and “my tv”). It’s a great site and you should all take a look at it (assuming that the server can cope with the strain of all the publicity it’s currently getting). […]

BBC TV and Radio Listings Data

The BBC Backstage project has announced a new data feed which contains details of BBC TV and Radio programs for the next seven days. Looks interesting but, of course, what I really want is details of the listen again radio streams so I don’t have to screenscrape them.


I’ve ranted before about shops who try to sell widescreen TVs by displaying 4:3 images stretched across a 16:9 screen. This has the effect that a large percentage of the population seem to think that widescreen TV is supposed to make people look fatter. Things may finally be changing tho’. Currently the Dixons store at […]