1. (By the way Dave, your link to smok0 is broken).A nice first version of an app, but the user interface needs more work to be useful.Aggregating stories by news feed provider isn’t particularly useful. If they could be aggregated by topic, eg Finance, Sport, across all the providers then this would be cool. Even cooler would be to try and identify which posts from each feed relate to exactly the same story, and group them together in some kind of tree structure.Natural Language Processing hats on, then!

  2. I’m wearing my fast hat right now. I just got the site together by passing provider aggregates (largely Dave’s OPML’s) client-side. I think my site’s still original though I doubt for long. I intend to promote it a week or two as presscutter.co.uk (then .com) after I’ve tidied the ads, bugs, etc.Then (phew) I’ll loop through the OPML’s stripping each RSS to the database adding along the way, when possible, category index entries. Ian’s Search by Topic then becomes available via custom OPML’s.As to tree structures for each story. Excellent! And compare takes?! Now, where’s did I leave it that damn Natural Language Processing hat!

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