The Futility of Screen-Scraping

Martin’s article today about the Daily Express web site reminded me that it’s been some months since I looked at my list of Newspaper RSS feeds. As the list is created by screen-scraping the individual papers’ web sites, it’s no surprise that it all goes out of date as the sites are redesigned and updated.… Continue reading The Futility of Screen-Scraping

Amazon Web Services

I’ve been a bit busy this week, so I haven’t mentioned the Amazon Web Services talk that I went to on Monday evening. Amazon Web Service Evangelist (cool job title) Jeff Barr talked for almost two hours about what Amazon are making available. It was all very interesting and I wish I had more time… Continue reading Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Talk

Dean Wilson is fast becoming known as the person who organises the best geek talks in London. He has previously arranged hugely successful nights for both GLLUG and The web frameworks night that he organised last November is already legendary. And he has another extravaganza on the way. Next Monday he has arranged for… Continue reading Amazon Web Services Talk

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Public Unaware of RSS

It’s good to see something like this every once in a while. It’s easy to sit there in a little geek cocoon and assume that everyone out there on the interweb is using all the same time-saving tools as you are. But as this article from The Register shows, that’s often not the case. It… Continue reading Public Unaware of RSS