MPs’ Web Sites

When I set up Planet Westminster in 2006 I thought it would be a relatively simple project to maintain. Over the years, more and more MPs would start blogs. Every couple of months I’d add the new ones and everything would be great. It hasn’t worked out like that at all. MPs’ web sites have… Continue reading MPs’ Web Sites

RSS in Firefox

Firefox (and, I assume, most other modern browsers) does some clever magic when viewing RSS feeds. It doesn’t show the raw XML, but instead shows a neatly formatted version of the page along with a button allowing you to subscribe to the feed in your favourite feed reader. That, at least, is how it’s supposed… Continue reading RSS in Firefox

Sun RSS – Still Broken

Two weeks ago I wrote about how the new, “improved” RSS feeds from The Sun are, in fact, completely broken. In that two weeks nothing has changed and the feeds are still broken. Much as I enjoy seeing the Sun web team making a fool of themselves like this, I would actually like it even… Continue reading Sun RSS – Still Broken

Newspaper RSS Feeds Updated

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve made some fixes to my UK newspaper RSS feeds page. The fixes include Adding Daily Star links Fixing the Sun links (tho’ as I said yesterday, the Sun RSS feeds are still completely broken) Some tweaks to the Times and GU parsers The Independent section is currently broken. They have… Continue reading Newspaper RSS Feeds Updated

Sun RSS Feeds Broken

It’s been a while since the “sensational soaraway” Sun started publishing RSS feeds of their stories. I’m subscribed to a couple of their feeds (it keeps my blood pressure up) but I noticed a couple of hours ago that the feeds I was subscribed to no longer exist. It seems that at some point in… Continue reading Sun RSS Feeds Broken

Breaking (And Then Fixing) Planets

I’ll write more about Hack Day over the next few days. But I should point out that most of yesterday was spent updating the version of Plagger on this web server. This had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking all of the Plagger-run planets on this server. So today was largely spent fixing them again. Everything… Continue reading Breaking (And Then Fixing) Planets

The Futility of Screen-Scraping

Martin’s article today about the Daily Express web site reminded me that it’s been some months since I looked at my list of Newspaper RSS feeds. As the list is created by screen-scraping the individual papers’ web sites, it’s no surprise that it all goes out of date as the sites are redesigned and updated.… Continue reading The Futility of Screen-Scraping