Human Dinosaurs

Having just been saying how much I like the new Guardian URL scheme, it was interesting to see the URL for this article from today’s paper. The article is about some early hominan[1] remains that have been found in northern Spain. The URL is I can obviously see why it’s in the science section.… Continue reading Human Dinosaurs

Blog URLs

Argh. I’ve just noticed that having rebuilt all of the entries in the blog, the URLs have all changed. For example the URL of my entry about finding Perl programmers in London has changed from to They’ve dropped the “archives” directory. No doubt there’s a good reason for it, but until I put… Continue reading Blog URLs

Using TinyURL

The BBC Backstage mailing list has briefly turned its attention from the iPlayer’s DRM and Ashley Highfield’s estimates of Linux usage and is actually having an interesting conversation about URL schemes. This was all set off by an email sent out to participants in the BBC archive trial. The mail used TinyURL to shorten a… Continue reading Using TinyURL

Sun RSS Feeds Broken

It’s been a while since the “sensational soaraway” Sun started publishing RSS feeds of their stories. I’m subscribed to a couple of their feeds (it keeps my blood pressure up) but I noticed a couple of hours ago that the feeds I was subscribed to no longer exist. It seems that at some point in… Continue reading Sun RSS Feeds Broken

Basic URL Advice

It’s about time for another look at some basic mistakes that people make on the internet. Today we’re going to be looking at URLs. It’s important to design a useful URL scheme for your web site. The easier your URLs are to understand, the more likely it is that people with share them with their… Continue reading Basic URL Advice