RSS Failure

Oops. Busted.

Earlier this year, I wrote a mild rant about web sites who change their RSS feeds without redirecting them and thereby losing a number of readers.

Last night mou commented on that entry pointing out that I’d done something very much like that myself. For the last two months, I haven’t been publishing a new index.rdf feed.

I strongly suspect that the date of the last new version of that file coincides with the date that I installed a new version of Movable Type and reset all of the templates to the defaults. By default, current versions of MT don’t seem to publish RSS feeds. They just publish an Atom version (atom.xml).

That’s no excuse though. I knew about that problem. Previously I’d worked around it by installing an RSS template from an older version of MT. I might do that again when I have some spare time to think about it. But in the meantime I’ve taken the easiest option and created a symbolic link from atom.xml to index.rdf. Hopefully that’ll work in the short term.

Apologies to anyone who was subscribed to the RSS feed and who, no doubt, thinks that I’ve dropped off the face of the world. I’m sorry that you’ll suddenly have two months worth of my nonsense to plough through this morning.

It might be a good time to mention the other feeds that I set up recently.  There’s one contains all of my long-form writing from this and other blogs, one that has shorter items from various microblogging platforms and then there’s the feed from planet davorg which contains everything.

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