MPs’ Web Sites

When I set up Planet Westminster in 2006 I thought it would be a relatively simple project to maintain. Over the years, more and more MPs would start blogs. Every couple of months I’d add the new ones and everything would be great. It hasn’t worked out like that at all. MPs’ web sites have… Continue reading MPs’ Web Sites


It’s nine years since I registered the domain and set up a web site there. And I’ve never really known what to do with it. Since I started blogging, it’s seemed even less useful. The blog front page was where all the interesting stuff happened. The main page just contained links to a few… Continue reading Redesigning

More Planets

Over the weekend I found time to rebuild the rest of my missing planets. I’ve resurrected Planet Balham (Atom), Planet Westminster (Atom) and Planet Doctor Who (Atom). They all have Atom feeds available as well. This has been an interesting test of Perlanet (my simple planet-building program). When building planet davorg, I was only using… Continue reading More Planets

Breaking (And Then Fixing) Planets

I’ll write more about Hack Day over the next few days. But I should point out that most of yesterday was spent updating the version of Plagger on this web server. This had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking all of the Plagger-run planets on this server. So today was largely spent fixing them again. Everything… Continue reading Breaking (And Then Fixing) Planets

Public Unaware of RSS

It’s good to see something like this every once in a while. It’s easy to sit there in a little geek cocoon and assume that everyone out there on the interweb is using all the same time-saving tools as you are. But as this article from The Register shows, that’s often not the case. It… Continue reading Public Unaware of RSS

Dave’s First Law of Information

I’m proposing a new law which I’m calling “Dave’s First Law of Information”. It goes like this: Information expands to more than fill the amount of time allocated to deal with it A few years ago I had a small number of web sites that I’d visit regularly in order to keep up to date… Continue reading Dave’s First Law of Information

RSS Feeds Update

So I decided to go ahead and make the changes that I mentioned yesterday. To summarise: full.rdf is now a permanent HTTP redirect to index.rdf full.xml is now a permanent HTTP redirect to index.xml index.xml is now a permanent HTTP redirect to atom.xml Only index.rdf and atom.xml are now advertised in the metadata for this… Continue reading RSS Feeds Update

RSS Feeds

Anyone who was subscribed to the full.rdf or full.xml feeds from this site would have stopped getting updates for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that – I’ve fixed it all now and you should have just recieved many days worth of bloggy goodness. It’s worth pointing out that full.rdf and full.xml are both deprecated… Continue reading RSS Feeds