Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers

Normally I keep my Perl posts over on my Perl blog. But although this post is about Perl, the regular readers of my Perl blog aren’t really the target audience. That’s because I’m running a training course that is aimed at programmers who don’t use Perl. If you’re a programmer who is interested in learning… Continue reading Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers

Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m becoming very interested in using the internet to bring local communities together. So here’s something else that I’ve built over the last few days. About a week ago I saw Paul Carvill’s new site Twitian. It brings together all of the people from The Guardian who… Continue reading Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

Why Corporates Hate Perl

Over on O’Reillynet yesterday I wrote the first part of a series of posts entitled “Why Corporates Hate Perl“. I’m working through some rough ideas that might just form a talk of the same title at next year’s YAPC::Europe. I didn’t think that anyone would take any notice of my random thoughts, but this morning… Continue reading Why Corporates Hate Perl

Breaking Radio Silence

It’s been a bit quiet round here for the last week or so. Sorry about that. I was busy in other areas. I spent the last week in Copenhagen, speaking at YAPC::Europe. Over four days I gave three short talks and a full day training session. It good to catch up with a number of… Continue reading Breaking Radio Silence


It’s been a week of anniversaries. Wednesday was the tenth anniversary of the first meeting. And last night we had our tenth anniversary meeting. But for me personally, today is an even bigger anniversary. It was twenty years ago today that I started my first “real” job. I hope you won’t be too bored… Continue reading Anniversaries


I’ve been dabbling with Yahoo!’s new location service FireEagle. Well, when I say “dabbling” I really mean “looking at it and thinking that I should really get round to trying to write something that uses it”. All I’ve actually been doing is updating it (when I remember) to tell it that I’m at home or… Continue reading FireEagle

More Planets

Over the weekend I found time to rebuild the rest of my missing planets. I’ve resurrected Planet Balham (Atom), Planet Westminster (Atom) and Planet Doctor Who (Atom). They all have Atom feeds available as well. This has been an interesting test of Perlanet (my simple planet-building program). When building planet davorg, I was only using… Continue reading More Planets

Perl Programmers in London

Judging by the number of calls and emails that I’m getting recently, the demand for Perl programmers in London is going through one of its periodic increases. Hopefully recruitment agents who are desperately googling for “perl programmer london” will find this entry and save themselves a little time. The Perl community likes to do what… Continue reading Perl Programmers in London

Speak Slowly and be Loud Enough

I’ve just found this write-up of day one of the recent YAPC::Europe conference. It was written by someone who spent that afternoon in my Advanced Databases for Beginners talk. It sounds like he found the talk useful, but I particularly liked this line. Dave speaks indeed slowly and he’s loud enough I’d like to use… Continue reading Speak Slowly and be Loud Enough