Year of Code on Newsnight

You’ve probably already seen the section on the government’s Year of Code initiative that was on Newsnight last Wednesday. But, in case you haven’t, here is it. We’ll wait while you catch up. Most of the commentary I’ve seen on this concentrates on Lottie Dexter’s performance in the interview that takes up the second half… Continue reading Year of Code on Newsnight

Showing Appreciation

I’ve mentioned here before that I run a small free software project which supplies simple web programs. The programs are quite widely used, but we generally only hear from the users when things go wrong. It was, therefore, nice to get a mail from someone who hadn’t had any problems and just wanted to say… Continue reading Showing Appreciation

Quick and Dirty Development

Nik Silver tells the truth about quick and dirty development. I was particularly interested in a couple of the points he makes: If you’re my customer and I’m your techie, then there’s a significant and unfortunate thing about quick and dirty that I need to tell you: You get the quick, but I get stuck… Continue reading Quick and Dirty Development

London Javascript Night – Update

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, the London Javascript Night has proved to be so popular that the original venue wasn’t big enough and a new one has been found. The new details are on the web site, but it’s the New Cavendish St site of Westminster University – the same place as… Continue reading London Javascript Night – Update

Amazon Web Services

I’ve been a bit busy this week, so I haven’t mentioned the Amazon Web Services talk that I went to on Monday evening. Amazon Web Service Evangelist (cool job title) Jeff Barr talked for almost two hours about what Amazon are making available. It was all very interesting and I wish I had more time… Continue reading Amazon Web Services

London Javascript Night

Those nice people at are once more looking beyond Perl to present an evening of talks about Javascript on May 25th. It’s currently planned to take place at the Fotango offices, but if it’s as popular as last year’s web frameworks night I can see it having a couple of changes of venue. If… Continue reading London Javascript Night