Is Sarah Palin a Wiccan?

This just came up in a discussion in the office. You read it here first. Sarah Palin claims to be a christian. If that’s the case then why are at least two of her children (Willow and Piper – I’m researching the others) named after teenage witches? I reckon she has wiccan sympathies. Does anyone… Continue reading Is Sarah Palin a Wiccan?

Showing Appreciation

I’ve mentioned here before that I run a small free software project which supplies simple web programs. The programs are quite widely used, but we generally only hear from the users when things go wrong. It was, therefore, nice to get a mail from someone who hadn’t had any problems and just wanted to say… Continue reading Showing Appreciation

Cross-Eyed Texan Warmonger

Time for our newly elected mayor to start earning his money. I may not agree with him on many things, but I love what he said about George W Bush. The President is a cross-eyed warmonger, unelected inarticulate, who epitomises the arrogance of American foreign policy. I wonder if Boris will be meeting Dubya on… Continue reading Cross-Eyed Texan Warmonger

Bowling For Columbine

Last night I finally got to see Michael Moore‘s film Bowling for Columbine. It was every bit as good as I expected. Moore looks at the huge number of people who are killed with guns in the USA annually and tries to understand what the causes are. In the process he manages to make a… Continue reading Bowling For Columbine