The War You Don’t See

If people really knew the truth the war would be stopped tomorrow. This quotation from David Lloyd George, talking about the First World War, opens John Pilger‘s new documentary, “The War You Don’t See”, and it immediately sets the historical context for Pilger’s main argument. War has, of course, always been terrible and governments have… Continue reading The War You Don’t See

If not war, then what?

The Guardian asked a number of well-known “doves” what their alternative would be to war. Their replies make interesting reading. The consensus seems to be that there’s still no good reason to do anything and that the onus should be on the “hawks” to say why we need to do something. I was particularly impressed… Continue reading If not war, then what?

Onward Christian Soldiers

The leaders of the Church of England and the UK Catholic Church have issued a joint statement saying that they can’t see a moral case for war against Iraq. The Pope said something similar earlier this week. Given that George Bush and Tony Blair both claim to be followers of the great sky pixie, you’d… Continue reading Onward Christian Soldiers

Stop The War Demo

I could tell that this was going to be different when I arrived at Balham tube station. There were three times the number of people on the platform than you’d normally expect on a Saturday lunchtime. By the time we changed tubes at Kennington the must have been two hundred of us. When I got… Continue reading Stop The War Demo


Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK. It’s always held on the nearest Sunday to November 11th. All of the royal family and the big name politicians get to lay wreaths at the cenotaph in front of representatives of the survivors from the two world wars. Of course, each year now, the numbers of survivors… Continue reading Poppies