Fantasy Film League

I quite like the idea of a Fantasy Football League. All that tracking of stats appeals to the geek in me, I suppose. Unfortunately, it’s stats about football which is something that I have no interest in whatsoever. If only there was an alternative version where the stats were based on something that I’m interested… Continue reading Fantasy Film League

Clash of the Titans: Random Thoughts

I saw the original Clash of the Titans in the cinema when it was first released. It’s been a major source of enjoyment for me ever since and it was therefore with some trepidation that I settled down in the Clapham Picturehouse to watch the new version this afternoon. I’m not going to write a… Continue reading Clash of the Titans: Random Thoughts

Alice in Wonderland

I’ve just got back from seeing Alice in Wonderland and I’m now feeling rather depressed and am starting to despair for the future of the film industry. Let’s get the positive aspects out of the way first. The cast is wonderful and the acting impressive. I particularly enjoyed the little comedic touches that Anne Hathaway… Continue reading Alice in Wonderland


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a new film about Charles Darwin has failed to find a distribution deal in the US. The article suggests that this is because Darwin’s work is still a rather contentious subject in the US. They quote the christian film review site MovieGuide describing Darwin as “a racist, a bigot… Continue reading Creation

Misunderstanding Time Travel

I promise I’ll get round to a longer blog entry over the weekend, but I couldn’t resist commenting briefly on this paragraph from Peter Bradshaw’s review of The Time Traveler’s Wife. It is very silly and of course cannot submit to close inspection. Making brief visits to an unalterable past is one thing, but how… Continue reading Misunderstanding Time Travel

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Last night I watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated, the documentary about the MPAA‘s film ratings system. It was an interesting film that raised a number of valid criticisms about the ratings system, but ultimately I think it was too intent on blaming the MPAA and completely missed a far deeper issue. First the… Continue reading This Film Is Not Yet Rated

The Golden Compass – A Review

I saw The Golden Compass last night. In summary, I thought it was a pretty good adaptation. At times it moved a bit faster than I wanted it to, but that’s only to be expected from a two-hour film based on such a complex book. If you read on, there will be spoilers for both… Continue reading The Golden Compass – A Review

Damned If You Do…

The story so far: The people behind the films based on His Dark Materials decided to remove any direct references to god in order to avoid offending religious people. However, the Catholic League decided that the cuts weren’t deep enough and called for a boycott of the film. Now we get this: Christian groups such… Continue reading Damned If You Do…