Clash of the Titans: Random Thoughts

I saw the original Clash of the Titans in the cinema when it was first released. It’s been a major source of enjoyment for me ever since and it was therefore with some trepidation that I settled down in the Clapham Picturehouse to watch the new version this afternoon. I’m not going to write a full review, but here are some random thoughts that went through my head while I was watching it.

  • In general a pretty good remake. Very similar plot, with some nicely updated effects.
  • Yay Pete Postlethwaite! Always the mark of a quality film.
  • Only three of the gods had speaking parts (Zeus, Hades and Poseidon). There were some well-known people playing other gods but they were only ever seen briefly in the background. Hardly worth them turning up.
  • Nice Bubo joke.
  • Nice to see Skins actors doing well in Hollywood. Actually, thinking about it, it’s just the Stonem family.
  • It bugged me all through the film that I recognised the woman playing Andromeda. It was electro-girl from Angel.
  • That Gemma Arterton is gorgeous.
  • I know it’s only vaguely based on Greek myths, but surely some things should be fixed? Perseus and Andromeda end up together. It’s written in the stars. That can’t be changed.

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