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I quite like the idea of a Fantasy Football League. All that tracking of stats appeals to the geek in me, I suppose. Unfortunately, it’s stats about football which is something that I have no interest in whatsoever. If only there was an alternative version where the stats were based on something that I’m interested in.

Enter Fantasy Film League. The Fantasy Film League works on a similar principle to Fantasy Football League. You have $70m to cast a film. From that money you have to pay for a director and six actors. You then give your film a title and it’s entered into the competition. Each week, the people running the competition take various box office information and for each member of your cast who is in a successful film, your film makes some money. Full details are on the web site. The competition starts this week and will run until next year’s Oscars.

If this sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because the competition ran for the few years back in the mid-90s. It then vanished without trace for about fifteen years before reappearing last year.

I took part last year, but my film didn’t do very well. This year I’ve taken it all a bit more seriously. If you think that your film can do better than mine (which is called Return to SW12) then please enter the competition.

The FFL web site also has a facility to set up private leagues. I’ve set up a ‘davorg’ league so that my friends and I can have a private competition amongst ourselves. If you want to join my league then you’ll need the code number, which is 2857ed1a.

Come, join in. It’ll be fun.

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