Is Sarah Palin a Wiccan?

This just came up in a discussion in the office. You read it here first.

Sarah Palin claims to be a christian. If that’s the case then why are at least two of her children (Willow and Piper – I’m researching the others) named after teenage witches? I reckon she has wiccan sympathies.

Does anyone else have any evidence to add?

Mind you, this makes me somewhat conflicted. I’d far rather have a wiccan as VP than an evangelical christian who supports the teaching of creationism in science classes and denies anthropogenic climate change.


  1. Perhaps she’s a fan of Charmed?

    Yeah. I think I covered that with the link to Piper Halliwell :-)

    the dodgy cover of How Soon Is Now?

    It’s not that bad. It’s Richard Butler singing.

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