Bowling For Columbine

Last night I finally got to see Michael Moore‘s film Bowling for Columbine. It was every bit as good as I expected. Moore looks at the huge number of people who are killed with guns in the USA annually and tries to understand what the causes are. In the process he manages to make a film which whilst covering a serious and tragic topic also manages to be very funny. He also manages to destroy any respect that I once had for Charlton Heston (yes, Charlton, it is a madhouse – but that’s at least partly your fault).

It’s very heartening to know that Michael Moore is over there making films and writing books. It’s even more heartening to know that this film is the most successful documentary ever shown in the US – having taken more that twice as much as the previous record holder.

Everyone should see this film.

[And one small parenthetical addition. I confess to having watched this on a pirated SVCD disc. This makes me feel incredibly guilty. I’m definitely going to have to buy the DVD when it comes out. I’m not cut out for this warez-swapping lark.]

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