Quoted By The Daily Mail

This morning Tweetdeck pinged and alerted me to this tweet from a friend of mine. @davorg Did you see that you feature in your favourite online newspaper? http://t.co/pumrCggsZr — Robin Houston (@robinhouston) April 17, 2015 He was right too. The article was about Reddit’s Button and about half-way though it, they quoted my tweet. I… Continue reading Quoted By The Daily Mail

Why Corporates Hate Perl

Over on O’Reillynet yesterday I wrote the first part of a series of posts entitled “Why Corporates Hate Perl“. I’m working through some rough ideas that might just form a talk of the same title at next year’s YAPC::Europe. I didn’t think that anyone would take any notice of my random thoughts, but this morning… Continue reading Why Corporates Hate Perl