Parking in Balham

You’ll often hear people saying that Mail writers live in a different world to the rest of us. Actually, I think that they live in the same world as us, they just like to think that they live in a different one. The fun and games start when they discover they are wrong and that… Continue reading Parking in Balham

SW12 Social Network

One of the themes I picked up on at this year’s Opentech conference was that of local social media. More and more people are using open source tools to build local online communities and this movement seems likely to grow. I was particularly impressed with the work that Will Perrin and friends are doing over… Continue reading SW12 Social Network

Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m becoming very interested in using the internet to bring local communities together. So here’s something else that I’ve built over the last few days. About a week ago I saw Paul Carvill’s new site Twitian. It brings together all of the people from The Guardian who… Continue reading Local Media – Twitterers in Balham

Boxing Day Walk

I know I’m about five years later than everyone else in discovering the joys of a GPS receiver, but I’m really enjoying having one in my G1. Here’s our Boxing Day afternoon stroll around Tooting Common. More details on the InstaMapper web site. We saw parakeets. I’ve known there are wild parakeets on the common… Continue reading Boxing Day Walk

BKB Closes Down

The Balham Kitchen and Bar has closed down. It has been sold to Sam Harrison (who owns a place called Sam’s Brasserie & Bar in Chiswick). It will reopen in September under the new name Harrison’s. The BKB won’t be missed. I’ve only been there a couple of times in the four years that it’s… Continue reading BKB Closes Down

UFOs Over Balham

There were some strange and spooky goings on in the skies last week, prompting one observer to eerily predict “I think there is something out there.” Stunned witnesses described how gobsmacked crowds were drawn out onto the streets to watch two sets of unidentified shining bright orange lights fly perfectly in formation through the skies… Continue reading UFOs Over Balham