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Important Note: This site has no connection at all with Ebay. I cannot help you with any problems that you are having with Ebay customer support. I would have thought that this was obvious, but it seems that there are some very stupid people out there.

Customer service is one of those things that it’s really important to get right, but it’s amazing how many companies who don’t seem able to make that effort.

My latest example is Ebay. Whilst browsing their site recently I came across a description of the eBay toolbar. It looked interesting, but I couldn’t investigate further as it only works on IE or Netscape Navigator 4.x (I mean, is anyone still using NN 4.x?)

So, as I like to do in these circumstances, I send an email off to their customer support address asking when the toolbar would be available for more modern browsers like Firefox, Safari and Opera.

This morning I got a response. Kudos to them for working on a Sunday, but the content of the reply was useless. Here it is:

Hello Dave,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concerns. I would be happy to assist you further.

Currently, the eBay Toolbar is only compatible with the following browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, and 6.0
Netscape Navigator 4.51 through 4.79

Note: Account Guard is only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

As a result, the toolbar will not show in a “shell” browser like AOL, Yahoo, or MSN. You will need to use Internet Explorer or Netscape to view and use the toolbar successfully.

It was my pleasure to be able to assist you. We appreciate that you choose eBay.

Can you see anything in there that even attempts to answer my question? I can’t. All they’ve done is repeat information that is available on their web site. I know which browsers the toolbar currently works on. I just wanted to know what their plans were to make it available for decent browsers.

I’ve replied attempting to clarify my question. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

Update: This morning I got an email from eBay asking me to fill in a questionnaire telling them what I thought about the service I recieved. I told them :)

Update 2: I got another response from them. This time they actually try to answer the question.

At this time it is unknown as to when or if the toolbar will be available for browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Opera. I believe the developers are looking into offering support for these browsers but no information about this has been released at this time. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

So the answer, there is no answer :)


  1. I just want to know how the hell i am supposed to contact customer support to report a problem on ebay when the “report a problem” page doesn’t even work? Its so frustrating as i really need to contact them coz i bought a dvd for £12 from ebay and it was a fake and only played in black and white and it was listed as being new. Can you help at all please? Jamie

        1. To be clear, I have no connection whatsoever with eBay.
          This is just a blog post that I wrote about my experiences with them in 2004. Writing comments here isn’t going to help you resolve any problems you’re having with them.


  3. Hi, I would like to know how to contact a member that sold me #6139093010 Hallmark lighthouse 12/21. I sent money order to her but she will not respond to any emails.She is from Falls City, Ne. Had Post office Box number so I cannot call her on phone. What do I do next? Jean

  4. Jean,I have nothing to do with Ebay so I can’t help you wih our problem. I suggest you initially try using Ebay’s standard customer complaints procedure.

  5. ‘e-bay’ and ‘customer service are mutually exclusive terms. here is my latest ‘communication’ with them:I have a very old account. I have no password. E-bay automatically e-mails me this link: http://signin.ebay.com/aw-cgi/pass/$1$30106$wm4YPwgOOoeEKUPrc6h7H.a in order to get a new password. However, to obtain a new password, I am asked for my old password (which I do not have). Consequently, we just keep going in circles. I go to the link at which I’m supposedly going to be able to change my password but when I get there, I cannot as I do not have my former password. When I try to re-register, I’m stopped from doing so by a message that tells me it’s unnecessary. (I’m also continually forced to enter a very old zip code to attempt to identify myself to the system.) I would really like to buy and sell on e-bay and I’m surprised that e-bay tech people are unaware of this type of conundrum (re passwords). Is there any way out of or around this problem? wlfaulk@mail.com

  6. Ebay have to be the most useless company for customer service on the internet!! I had my account suspended by them for reasons I still don’t know why! All they said is I broke section 8 or something which when I looked at it simply said they have the right to cancel your account if you do something wrong. I was selling legitimate goods, had 100% feedback and never one single complaint. In addition I had a lot of items listed which they cancelled then said they will refund the listing costs which it showed on the account they had BUT I couldn’t log in as my account is blocked to withdraw the money to paypal. I emailed them several times but no response, I then received an invoice showing they owed me money so emailed then several more times but still no response. So I am now suing them!Absolutely pathetic company service

  7. I sold $1500 item at acution and the buyer hasn’t paid and won’t respond to me…i’ve tried to figure how to get my item back on for a free listing as ebay promises but can’t figure it out…of course there’s no one to actually talk to, so i e-mail and get the same canned responses everyone else gets…how have these guys become so successful with crappy customer service like this?????????

  8. i have two user I D. my old user I D is rotorseal which i want to disscontinue. and my new user I D is Oldsstudio but it has a different email address. how can i update my email address to a new email address using the only one user ID as oldsstudio i would like to delet my old user I D and account rororseal

  9. I bid on a purse several days ago and I send the money to a China account for the amount of $ 85.00 us but to no avail did I receive the purse. Then I bidded on 5 others and also send $441.40 to another China account. both of these people were on ebay with Louis Vitton purses. I told them if they were knockoffs the customes would not let them pass the border. The both venders agreed that the purses were real. Its over 2 weeks and still nothing. I emailed them both today and the address came back as not known. Now what do I do.I have both conformations of direct deposit to their account in China and the receipts.Thank youClaire Vengroff(email cvengroff@aol.com

  10. I have paid for 5 louis vitton purses the cost $ 416.00. The purses are knock off very bad ones at that and I want to know if I can get my money back and do you protect me for this. The money was send to a bank in China.

  11. Claire,There’s nothing we can do to help you. We have no connection to Ebay. We are just a group of users commenting on the quality of Ebay Customer Support.I thought that was pretty obvious. I’m not sure why you’d draw any other conclusion from this discussion.

  12. ebay has a customer service building in salt lake city, ut. i think they talk to people. i used to know a guy who worked there, but does not any longer. i think that is where ebay is based out of. look online for ebay in salt lake city.

  13. I want to just say how ebay SUCKS!!!!!They don’t know anything about how to address acustomer’s complaints.It is ANNOYING as hell to be led like some stupid blind idiot through ebay’s retarded excuse for a help site.EBAY, you suck ass!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for nothing

  14. Ron J: I guess eBay make it hard for customers to contact them so they don’t have to deal with excitable, rude, unpleasant, vulgar and offensive people like you. Would you want to deal with people like you, with your revolting, disgusting remarks? I know I wouldn’t…


  16. Abbas,I’ve edited your comment to remove your phone number. You probably don’t want to publish your phone number on a public web site.Also, I don’t know how I can make this any clearer, butthis site has no connection at all with Ebay. There is nothing that anyone here can do you help you. I suggest you contact Ebay Customer Support. THIS IS NOT EBAY CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


  18. I have to agree with the reports of poor Customer Services from eBay. I have sent 6 e-mails and a letter to eBay requesting a reason for my account suspension on 25th April. To date I have heard absolutely nothing. I really wish there was stronger competition to eBay as I would not hesitate to switch companies. I can only put it down to arrogance on their part. If anyone can give me any pointers to getting their attention and service please get in touch.

  19. I find myself having to use Google to access any sort of E-bay customer support and even then I’m not sure. Their customer support is junk. I’ve been trying to correct a faulty Paypal account for some time now. I can only enter the correct info. so many times only for it to prompt me again. I can’t use my old account and it won’t let me establish a new one. It’s all shit I tell you.

  20. do you even think general support reps are told a thing about what the technical engineers for such specific features like the toolbar are PLANNING to do? this information isnt released company wide even if it does exist (maybe it should be..) why would you expect browsers that cant even properly display the Ebay pages to be supported? anyway one thing you must understand is that there is just so much stuff that support reps DONT have access to, why get angry at the support when its not their fault. thats like going to macdonalds and asking. the kid at the til when are they planning to upgrade their lettuce to south american grown butterhead. i guess i take side with customer support reps as ive been there. sure blame ebay, but in most cases here and everywhere, the customer support issues are not the fault of the csr’s.

  21. i use ebay ALL the time and i have had no problems like most of you morons are describing . 90% of the time its ignorance on your part , read the fuck up on what you are doing before you do it. i bet none of you even read the user agreement when you joined. turn off your EMAIL ACCOUNT’s fucking SPAM filters if you want a response. learn a thing or two about your computer and the internet before using an INTERNET SITE and YOUR COMPUTER to trade expensive items for your MONEY. AOL users are IDIOTS. Ever heard of the HElp pages? No, your internet browser is not GOOGLE. what you people need is a soother and personal support, possibly counselling, not ebay support. Get over yourselves, you are not so great.

  22. bob,Thanks for your comments. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my original post. My problem wasn’t so much that the customer support people didn’t know the answer to my question, but that they tried to cover that up by telling me stuff that I’d already read on their web page. If the first reply had said what the second one had then I would have been happy.Is that clearer?

  23. i’ll give u folks a tip on searching the ebay help pages using google.just type in site:pages.ebay.com and then particular keywords. google will search for the keywords only on eBay help pages. also, why don’t u guys try the live chat section of eBay?if the problem is much more complex, email might be necessary.. otherwise, live chat is just fine.

  24. eBay doesn’t filter their information on their buyers, that’s what’s wrong. It’s a load of bull shit! No contact phone number, nothing. Just Live Help, even that is not enough! I think eBay needs to fire their hippie, tree hugging employees and put in some actual intelligent people who actually know what they’re doing.

  25. Competitors to eBay will not be successful because eBay is a business that benefits from what are known as “network externalities”. This means that the more people use the site, the more valuable it becomes (for both buyers and sellers). This kind of service will always tend towards a monopoly.The effects that this situation has on customer responsiveness are interesting to witness. To answer one writer here, the reason that eBay have been so successful whilst having what some consider to be poor customer service is simple: customer service is clearly not important in this business for making revenues. Getting users is everything, and this is most easily done with advertising.On a different note, looking over many of the posts on this discussion, I am frankly appalled at the lack of quality in the written English that I am seeing. Perhaps the reason that some people can’t get support from eBay is that they can’t understand what you’re saying. Here’s some helpful hints:* If you are typing in capitals, turn the caps lock key off.* Punctuation is your friend. It will help people to understand what you are saying.Oh, and one more thing:If you are buying “luxury” goods from China and are surprised when they are fakes, then please make sure that your next bid on eBay is for a new brain.

  26. We all must realize what Ebay and Paypal are all about. They are all about making money. They could careless about right or wrong. The people that makes them the most money is ALWAYS right, and those that don’t are ALWAYS wrong. They advertise fraud protection, but there isn’t any. How could they protect anyone without any sort of quality control? When you buy something off Ebay, cross your fingers and pray that you get what you paid for, or get anything at all for that matter. And when you use Paypal to “safely and quickly” pay for your stuff, good luck getting your money back from them after you hit the “Send” button. Customer service? Making money off their customers IS their ONLY service! Policies? If you didn’t get what you paid for, the policies basically say sucks to be you! Yet, Ebay is still growing by leaps and bounds year over year. In the end, we only got ourselves to blame. We support them by using their services. We grow them into the beast they are by subverting to their haphazard rules. While the title of this blurp is “Ebay SUCKS!”, it is really about me looking into the mirror, slapping myself into the realization that even though I know what I was getting into, I did it anyway. That one bad experience with Ebay and Paypal finally happened to me, but I wonder if I would ever use their service again!

  27. is there anybody out there that has the customer service telephone number ebay…hell any phone number to the corp. headquaters

  28. Hi,I am at my wits end with a woman on ebay called PROVENCE GIRL.She is very abusive and has threatend several people on ebay myself included.I have got emails she has used through ebay which is against their rules yet she still sends emails full of abuse.I have had other people write to me and tell me how they have got very nasty emails from her.She seems to think she can copy photos from the internet and use it for the purpose of seling her item.Yet if anybody eles uses photos they have taken from the internet or a magazine.She writes to ebay and they remove peoples listings.It seems ebay do not know what they are doing and even though I have sent them the absive emails still they do nothing.Last night i had to call the police as she sent me a nasty email telling me she would deal with me PERSONALLY.Other members have had their windows smashed their car trashed I am at my wits end.I am disabled with two children and just try to make some extra money for xmas and birthdays ect.I am thinking of leaving ebay I am only human and I make mistakes but NEVER have I sent abusive emails to people.It is the resonsibilty of ebay to protect its members and I dont see that in my case.I hope somebody can advise me or give me some advice as I do not know what to do.with loveDonna

  29. this might work – this is live chat with the American side of ebay. Only use this link when you are ready to type ‘cos you usually get connected straight through. They are open from about 3pm to 3am UK time.I even tried sending Recorded delivery complaint letters to the UK CEO (Douglas McCallum)at his home – plus 101 (literally) faxes to the Fraud resolution dept in Germany !!Live Chat

  30. Hi all, well I too like others have been suspended for ABSOLUTELY no reason. You know in like a year of going on the EBAY site I have only purchased somthing ONE time, and never sold anything. SO, why in the HECK did I get suspended?? Not only that, but when I registered, I used my personal email address. Well today, I am at work, and checking my SHARED work email (outlook), and they sent the suspension to THAT address.. HOW THE heck did they get it??? I didn’t give it to them!! So I thought maybe it was cause of another worker here… so I clicked on the link tried to log in, and YEP its ME!!What do I do now?? Has anyone else been able to ever use ebay after this foney suspension crap???Take care!!Beth R.

  31. This is for Bob who wonders if any of us read the user agreement. Well, Bob, I did. Then I got suspended. They asked for all my ID to be faxed to them. Then I faxed them all the info they wanted. Then they never replied. However, they did give me a reason for my suspension: “This is just a routine suspension for new users, particularly those selling high priced items or many items.” I had listed TWO items, one an old phone and another a 12 year old Ford! Now can you tell me if that qualifies as high priced or many items? And, Bob or Ebay, can you show me WHERE THE HELL it states in the user agreement that you will be suspended if you DARE to sell an old car? Ebay is the single most significant justification for anti-monopoly laws. They have NON-EXISTENT customer service and they just apply whatever arbitrary regulations they feel like whenever they want, whether or not the client is informed of it. To say Ebay sucks is an understatement. EBAY SUCKS MORE THAN A WAREHOUSE FULL OF VACUUM CLEANERS!

  32. xlch,You almost certainly haven’t been suspended. Have you tried logging in since you got the email? I expect that you have been tricked into giving your username and password to someone who is going to use it to abuse your account.

  33. xlch,Anti-monopoly laws would probably not be effective when applied to eBay, simply because this type of service will naturally tend towards a monopoly. This is fairly obvious: buyers want the highest number of sellers, and sellers want the highest number of buyers. To use the language of the economists who analyse market microstructure, each side is seeking the maximum amount of liquidity. So it naturally makes sense for all the buyers and sellers to herd together in one place.(Can you tell that I’m revising for an exam on market microstructure tomorrow! :) )

  34. I ordered $400.00 worthof stuff on ebay and never recived it they told me that they would pay baCK Every penny but neer did if the dont soon I will be sewing ebay

    1. Oh, my god, where did you learn, to write, pal? It looks to me more like a case of why DIDN’T you learn to!

  35. Jeremy,You know, if your comment is indicative of the level of the English in your communications with Ebay then it’s quite possible that they just didn’t understand what you were asking for.If you are going to be “sewing” Ebay, you will need a very large needle.

  36. I called the number to start up my account with e-bay about 2weeks ago and have never received anything. I was told over the phone by a fast talking rep. and he said that it was only “$9.99 to start up. I said sure this sounds like a good deal. I also asked if there were any other charges that would have to be paid and he said, “no, $9.99 is it”. Now I received the first bill and it was over $55. I am very unhappy. I do not appreciate being lied to even after I ask for the rest of the info. They took over the ammount they gave me over the phone and I still have yet to receive my start up package. Is that and honest bussiness?

  37. EBay UK are so poor for customer service it defies logic. I actually believe they deliberately misunderstand inquiries to them in the hope that the complainant will go away.Their attitude to inquiries is one of utter ineffeciency. No matter how many times I explain the situation in plain English to them , it falls on deaf ears and I receive the same automatic stock replies over and over again.Also, since they altered the rules on the minimum reserve price, for the man in the street its not worth using eBay anymore. eBay have now geared themselves up for the BIG sellers and have kicked the “liitle” man in the teeth. Its time they were boycotted to teach them a lesson.

  38. eBays UK phone numbers (the real ones, not the personal 0700 numbers) are as follows:Main switchboard: 0208 605 3000, Fax 0208 605 3001.

  39. eBay suck big. I was higest bidder for a car last week. Fortunately it was quite local so i was going to take the money and pick it up in person. I phoned the guy the next day to arrange to come and pay and collect documents then come back next day for the car. He then tells me no V5 yet because he is waiting for DVLA. I say OK well not paying till i get V5 but i’ll come and see him and car anyway. Seems the car is not quite what it was described as. The photos in the listing were realy old and before car had its paintwork all f**ked up. So glad he didnt have V5 or id have paid him. Just e-mailed him to say not paying, not as described. my fault for bidding really, ebay is a pretty shitty model for buying anything over a few quid. I will probably get suspended now (wooo, im so scared).

  40. fuck ebay it wont let me register,it says register but wont let me . wgat a bunch of imbread idiots.learn how to do it first dumnasses shit.fuck the owner of ebay fuck every body that represents retarted ass ebay.

  41. Nice little horror story.I sold a Sony Ericsson P800 through ebay and the buyer withdrew at the last minute, saying she didn’t have the money and offering apologies. For eBay this isn’t enough though they billed my credit card anyway, DESPITE filling in the ‘sale cancelled by buyer’ sections etc. I then resubmitted the item for sale and got an offer from someone in Holland. She wants to buy the item and wants it shipped to her father in Nigeria (alarm bells now ringing). She tries to make an offer outside of ebay which I refuse, then she accepts the invoice I send and sends me one of those fake “I have paid money into Paypal” emails, only the “confirmation” is from paypal@usa.com (yeah, right). I report this to eBay and guess what happens – it’s ME who gets their accouny suspended for apparently doing business outside of eBay! I then get a very unpleasant email from eBay’s Customer Services saying, “We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the eBay community.” The problem, according to their UK reception is that it can take anything up to 2 weeks for their customer services to look at any case, thus it would have actually been easier for me to accept the fraud, send the goods, pay eBay their commission and then claim for a refund from eBay for being defrauded than to actually try and prevent the fraud in the first place! From now on I’m only selling stuff through Loot and sod doing business through a system designed to help the criminals and punish anyone else.

  42. If you bid for a item on ebay and are the highest bidder, can you canel your bid before the auction ends? if so how do you do this? Also what happens if you do not pay for an item that you win?

  43. eBay are a useless bunch of tossers. They have banned me simply for logging onto a PC of another suspended user. Despite a number of emails I have yet to recive a response from their so called Customer Support.I did however manage to get a response by directly emailing Rob Chesnut, eBay’s Trust & Safety VP (I think VP stands for Vice Prick however I can’t be sure) – of course Rob was far to busy to email me directly but one of his colleagues – Lorene – did response. (Then again Lorene may be Rob’s alterego – from the response I recieved she/he appears to have their head up their own arse!)…. To cut a very long story short, the ONLY response I have achieved is by emailing Rob directly – so here goes – some contact details for eBay UK Customer Support are as followssuspension@ebay.com – waste of timeUKReception@ebay.com – another bunch of tossersRChesnut@ebay.com – might get a responseDMcCallum@ebay.com – ooh eer – worth a tryand some moreBBurke@ebay.comHRosenberg@ebay.comJMowat@ebay.comLReedy@ebay.comMHalprin@ebay.comSBrubacher@ebay.comWJones@ebay.comOf course I wouldn’t expect a response however it’s worth a try… Also note on the email addresses some simple points – there are some obvious alternatives that ebay could change to…R.Chesnut@ebay.com, RobChesnut@ebay.com, Rob.Chesnut@ebay.com, Nob@ebay.com (whoops couldn’t resist that one)…Another final tip – if possible only ever email them using BCC – it may not fool a mail admin but will a user….. Happy emailing —>> Please post back with any response…..

  44. Hi can anyone help me, i was sent an email from ebay saying my account has been susended and i have to fax my details I.D of myself and address to ireland which i did, last wednesday and heard nothing, sent 13 emails to differant email address from the ebay site, i just want my account back working, i can’t get on, they have listed an alert when i click on my ebay. saying i have listed an item with a word that vialtes ebay regalations, they think i was trying to pass apair of ugg boots as real ugg, when i wasn’t. I have been intouch when uggip@uggaustralia.com and they have said i was in the wrong, and have email ebay, saying i have apologusted. I tell you what, i see loads of listing on ebay with ADDIAS TRAINERS (not nike) all the time, they don’t do nout about them. If you have had this happen to you, PLEASE CAN YOU LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU DID. Many thanks wendy. wendy_brookes@hotmail.com

  45. The prob is Ebay has a tatal monopoly on the auction market online and dont give a fat rats ass about customer service probably beacause of the shear amount of fuck-ups they create. I have been suspended from ebay for reasons unknown to me and dont expect a response. My email goes straight into their massive recycle bin. While one is kicked off 76656 sign on to ebay..why should I matter? I beg u Richard Branson or someone pleeease give ebay a competitior!!

  46. Dazz: See my post on 11th June above for why a competitor to eBay is unlikely to be successful.The only real hope for a competitor would be to do something so wildly and radically different that it just makes eBay irrelevant.So can anyone suggest what that might be?There’s a billion pounds in it for anyone who can figure out the answer. (At current exchange rates that’s about $30.)

  47. I did read ur comments ian and ur right. A new competitor needs to be smart to compete. Prob is here in australia two interent auction sites were bought out by ebay and Im sure they’ve bought dozens. A new co. needs initial low fees to attract people and a better feedback system. they also need buyers and sellers to be under some sort of “warning ” system where if customers complain they can be TEMPORARILY suspended or a 3 strikes youre out policy, not just get dumped like i was with no chance of appealing. Also Ebays ‘faceless” image does them no favours. we need people to deal with people and call me weird but hey how about a customer service phone number!dazz

  48. Dazz: These would be an improvement to eBay itself, but really they’re just variations on a theme. Even if listings on a competitor site were free, eBay now has such momentum that this would be unlikely to make an impression.Also, despite the number of compaints here, I can’t help thinking that the complainers are still in a very small minority when compared to the total number of eBay users. So better customer service is not likely to be a win for an eBay rival either.I think the best chance for a competitor is to change the basic business model somehow. I don’t know exactly what this would entail (or else I’d be writing this in a business plan right now, and not on Dave’s blog!). But: for example, does it have to be a website or could there be advantages to a peer-to-peer system (like the file-sharing sites). Do goods have to be shipped straight from seller to buyer, or are there benefits to having the rival sit in the middle and act as an escrow agent (ie the company waits to receive both the money and the product and then sends them both out at the same time so that neither party gets swindled). This escrow would probably be an advantage for some transactions, but is probably quite easy for eBay to quickly copy. Another question might be whether auctions and buy-it-now are the best way to sell on the web, or whether there’s another model that hasn’t yet been considered. Economists actually distinguish between lots of types of auction, so for example a Dutch auction (where the price starts high and then gets lower until somebody takes it) is used to sell items quickly. Again though, this is easy for eBay to replicate.But you see the direction I’m going in. Preferably some kind of big blast to the eBay model that eBay itself will find hard to replicate is the way to beat them. They’ve got the brand, and the reputation (at least with most people), and the critical mass. These things are strong, and need a good shock to dislodge them.

  49. Anyways, I just thought I’d let you all know. The phone number’s are underneath you the whole time. If you do a google search for “eBay phone number” you’ll actually come up with it. But if that still doesn’t work for you. Go to auctionweb.com this lady has them all published and updates them as she goes. Another thing I would like to address is that these are real csr’s picking and choosing canned responses with adding a touch of personalization. It’s not a tough concept when you see the typo’s in your email. *And trust me, the poor grammar and typo’s are there*. As for suspensions. Most likely it involves a section 9 suspension. If you do a google search for “section 9 ebay”, you’ll be able to read up on your suspension type and figure out why. As for the email addresses given. They are somewhat accurate. What are listed are email addresses for external use. But those are for sure not the internal use addresses. I have a list of those but due to I would feel sorry for those addresses that I do have. You will not receive a copy. But just letting you know. As I do not condone ebay actions as of the past few months. I do believe that they can be quick to resolve situations if you have patience and common sense.Just a powerseller

  50. hellothis site is great ive got more help reading all your comments than trying to fax or email ebay the last 3 days with no joyim a suspended powerseller actually i was just reading about the get back on ebay cd exposing all their secrets if anyone has heard of this or wants to contact me via ebay my user name isitsallgreat!just drop me a line there and ill reply back to you and if theres anything i can do to help any of you i will the petition is a great idea but we really need to hit ebay where it hurts with their competitorswww.qxl.co.uk are a really good auction site if we all support them maybe we can help them grow big enough to compete with ebay in the uk?????thanks and good luck to u all!!!!

  51. hi i brough a flip down screen from ex auido had a pro try 2 fit irt and it was no good ive been in conforsahion with them 4 some time now and thay wont give me a refpouund cos thay said the warrenty seal was broken witch the garage told me theres no way it was now ex auido r telling me that i either pay 2 have the screen fix as i sent it back or thay just keepn it please help many thanks sam cotter.

  52. eBay customer support? Jen, try that number and you will be sitting on the phone all day long…literally. I tried that number and got a live operator. He said customer support was goine for the day. These people are liars. My account was suspended today and I have three stores on eBay. No reason for suspension, but thousands of my legitimate products were all removed and I was kicked off from selling like I normally do. Then these people on live chat say they cannot help. I am SOL until they reply to my emails. Anyone know why the hell this could have happened after 3 solid years of selling and buying on eBay along with three stores?

  53. Sam are you unable to read the disclaimers above?Just a warning here-there’s a massive scam going on by ebay user ID tooeaglesgaragesale. It’s an ebay UK ID. Anyone fancying a massively disproportionate bid on them be assured he doesn’t own them, all of it is directly copied from http://www.smalloutboards.com.

  54. Hallo Dave, I’ve just posted a comment on this thread this morning. Which I guess you have will have seen by now.I came to your blog, through a Google search, trying to find some info/contact details for ebay. I have been trying for three months to set up a sellers account on ebay, and have been unable to. I already have a buyers account. I have experienced similar problems to those already mentioned on this thread.In deep frustration and mounting hopelessness, I phoned one of the phone numbers supplied here, to be told that ebay only deals with customer problems on line! So I have set up a blog (www.problemsatebay.blogspot.com) in the hope that others who are having problems will post there and we might possibly be able to share information and solve our problems.In a hurry I copied some of the comments here and posted them on problemsblog. Then I saw your CCL, so I am now asking if this is ok with you. If not, I shall delete them.email me and let me know.Many thanks

  55. It is my pleasure as the director of a computer company badly stung by eBay to offer the latest and most efficient way to communicate with the eBay head office.I urge anybody currently trading on eBay to switch to a different service. eBay do not just walk over the very people responsible for its great profits, they stamp on us many many times.eBay (UK) LtdHotham House1 Heron SquareRichmond Upon ThamesTW9 1EJTelephone : 020 8605 3000Fax : 020 8605 3001International : +44 20 8605 3000

  56. i think ebay don’t care as they have enough people using it i just been suspended for what they say is shell bidding everything i have bidded on i have won and paid for i have tried to contact them and they just ignore you

  57. i have a new ebay email address for you all it goes direct to head office i am waiting to hear back as spoke to them on 02086053000 and they wanted a copy of the letter saying why i have been suspended the email is ukreception@ebay.com will keep you all posted on my results

  58. Hi all,I have also been suspended from Ebay after selling over 100 items with no problems during the past six weeks.I have faxed over all the requested info six days ago but not had a response. Mark, can I ask what your account was suspended for and how you managed to get it back working again?I am struggling for ideas. I have emailed ukreception@ebay.co.uk as this was the address the 0700 number told me to email.Will probably go unanswered, so I am looking for suggestions as to how else I may get a response out of them? Thanks in advance


  60. i have bought a item from ebay like two weeksago and until now i didn`t recevied itand on your web-site ebay(was written next day delivery) could u advice me what to do

  61. I was suspened and i have emailed and emailed, nout.. i have fax with proof of id for the thrid time. I have called head office, told to email. i have spoken on live help and guess what. no use, they said they have been removing my mail as its spam because i have sent loads.. i told the “agent” on the pc if they would answer id stop sending them mail.. soon after i got this email….—– Original Message —–From: “eBay United Kingdom Customer Support”To: “TheCurransOnline”Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 1:34 PMSubject: Re: IV%A00252 Suspended Account Information [#UK &11759 ?00 ] (KMM16514980V32835L0KM)Hello,Regards,Philip SuttonSafeHarbour Team______________________________eTip!Keep track of your eBay activities from your desktop – for free.Use the eBay Toolbar to see the items you’re bidding on, selling orwatching, even when you’re not on the eBay.co.uk web site. This also hasthe “Account Guard” feature built in to protect you from fraudulentspoof sites.For a complete Toolbar tour please visit the following page:http://pages.ebay.co.uk/ebay_toolbar/tours/eNews!The eBay Announcement Boards contain the latest information regardingeBay features, system status, and special promotions:http://www2.ebay.com/aw/marketing-uk.shtmland thats what they call customer service..i can’t even get into the account to get my buyers address to post off items..

  62. Thanks for putting the eBay number on here – I have to call them about a rogue seller who has sold me an item and hasn’t delivered. Here’s betting they won’t help as it’s outside their 60 day time frame…

  63. I think some people on here are pretty nasty.Afterall,we only make £600 million per year so how can you expect us to have goo customer services?Byeeeeeeee suckers!!!!

  64. Its time the office of fair trading got off their lazy backside and did something for the thousands of customers using onesided ebay. they want your money but they don’t want any work or reasponsibility when any little thing go’s wrong its just too easy to ban the compliant.no shop or service company on the high street carrieson like this. it would be bankrupt if it did.so keep fighting take your coat off put the gloves on and get into them. stand up and be counted

  65. The staff at Ebay have got to be the biggest bunch if pig shit thick ignorant nob heads that ever crawled out from underneath a dog turd. And the problem is that because there is fuck all competition, we will try anything to get back on site to buy and sell more shite.My account was suspended because my phone number was incorrect. Big deal. Ebay haven’t used a fucking phone since it was invented so why get a hard on over someone trying to protect their privacy and putting a duff phone number on.So then you get the automated email bollocks stating that ‘your account has been suspended blah blah…’ and please fax documents which can be used to steal your identity to us so we can verify that you are not Osama Bin Laden and are not trying to buy Nuclear weapons to blow us up.I mean fuck me, literally,I bought a firewire for two quid, got reported by the biggest jobsworth wanker in the world, despite immediate payment through the Bank of Extortion otherwise known as PayPal, and now a set of tossers God knows where are running round with my personal details and still after thirteen emails I am no further on. What comeback do I have when one of these nobheads gets a credit card in my name and orders two tons of Turkish Delight to stick up his arse.They don’t give a flying fuck about customer service and never will, until they become a regulated industry or Trading Standards start to take their action or inaction seriously. If Ebay were a high street store, they would have been shut down years ago.This site is a gem, and many thanks to the people who posted the phone numbers. I will bombard these wankers day and night until I get to speak to someone who has mastered the art of walking and breathing at the same time.Finally, and fuck me, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one Ebay has shit on, can someone infinately cleverer than me, set up some kind of programme that will deliver emails to the tossers at Ebay mentioned elsewhere on this page by the dozen, day after day after fucking day, promising plenty but delivering jack shit?

  66. I love the way people write to this site and think it is an Ebay site. And that people think they will get genuine goods from China. Please.Still, with people so absolutely dim in the world, when I finally get back on Ebay to sell junk, I can rest safe in the knowledge that someone will bid for my left handed screwdriver, chocolate teapot and glass hammer.

  67. Dear all,I need and want to make the following very clear.I have also had issues with both buyers and sellers on ebay.I am in the process of starting a court action directly against an individual I sold to ebay.I have been in contact with Scotland Yard reguarding this issue, and the behaviour of PayPal and Ebay in this matter, and am wondering “how” not when to persue one or both of the following.There are one of two things we can do (I am unable to do this alone)** It started here Dave :D1) I CAN get access to funds to set up a company in direct competition with Ebay and PayPal.2) Take up a civil action against Ebay and PayPal persuant to a negligence / extortion claim.In short would anyone be prepared to supply material for 2) and thoughts / actions for 1)yours Alan.Email for 1) to withinme@gmail.comEmail for 2) to ebaycivilaction@gmail.com

  68. Dave,By the way the comment on the top of the page my friend, they are not stupid !You have just done them a major service in allowing them a way to vent their frustrations ….Better than going crazy and hitting/crying over it.Well done.yours Alan.

  69. Dave,I shall resist temptation to post a customer query here, although I expect your responses would be of more use than Ebay’s.I had a long running wrangle with Ebay trying to get them to sort out an issue with a seller who was not responding to arrange the pick up and transaction for an item I won. I was also astounded at how far of the mark the (eventual) replies were and eventually gave up.I work as a consultant in the customer service arena and I am aware that some companies use programmes to scan emails for key words and send out scripted responses. So there is no human (intelligent) intervention at any point. I think ebay is using this set up.I was browsing for an oven on the UK site recently and found one (7561996287) advertised by a seller with no rating with the same photo and script as one posted further up (since sold). My obvious conclusion was it was fraudulant, so I thought I’d do a good deed and report it three times over a week ago. It is closing in 29 hours and some fools are bidding on it and guess what … nothing from ebay apart from a scripted response.If there was a governing body that would take on the complaints about ebay then maybe they would be forced to do their duty. As it stands they are answerable to no one.

  70. I was trying to buy a car stereo, went to the pay pal website and was not available to get through. Then I received an email on my aol account saying that I still need to pay for the car radio that I have already purchased. Could somebody e mail me at my aol account with an answer with this problem. did I purchase this item or did I miss this awsome deal……Ksongui@aol.com

  71. ebay / paypal are a bunch of cunts! they shut my account’s and will not give me my £2500 back untill i fax through driving licence/ passport/ tax reterns forms/ proff of postage/ wait months for a letter of the back so i can put some numbers in to verify who i am even more!keep well away from ebay and paypal if you know whats good for you!trust me they will have your pants down and fuck you up the arse for as long as they can so they make money from the intrest they make on your cash they wont give back!to top it all off i withdrew £2000 in to my bank no probs 2 days later the took the money back out of my bank account and charged me £14 for doing so! and ebay got paid no porobs what so ever!i feel like driving a bull dozer through the fucking place if i knew where they where.dont ever use again 1/2 the fuckers that use it try to pull stunts that say they have not recived the shit you send them anyway sell your stuff through the news paper like the old ways of doing it cut out the middle man and stay safe!ebay/ paypal lick my brown shit box you scaming bunch of wankers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  73. Good afternoon,I would like to give you this information that I found that may be useful to publish on your site as it took me about 2 days to get and once I called my problem was resolved in mintues with this ebay helpline and its in the uk unlike the us officeThe helpline number is 0906 XXX XXXXMany thanksJo[ Edit: I’ve removed the number as it seems to be a premium rate number which has nothing to do with eBay. Thanks for nothing Jo. ]


  75. I’m a new ‘e-bayer’ and am already getting a sense of unease about using the site. I’ve paid over £90 for tickets to a gig this Saturday – they’ve not arrived. Seller uncontactable. Spoke to a PayPal ‘customer service’ – advised to file a buyer complaint which I did only to be told it doesn’t meet their guidelines because it’s over 45 days since the transaction. But as the tickets aren’t sent out from the distributor to the seller until 7-10 days before the event, how could I as a buyer possibly know there’s a problem until now? I complained to the guy that this was not applicable to this circumstance and therefore of no help to me, but it appears Paypal won’t be looking to extend this any time soon. Worse still, this will just be logged as a complaint on the sellers file and they won’t stop him using PayPal!Tried to report ‘item not received’ on e-bay site – kept getting the same message ‘Auction must be complete before continuing’. It was completed last June! Spent ages trying to find contact details on the site – I want to speak to a human! Thanks to this site was able to give their ‘UK reception’ a call. Little help though – told me to send an e-mail giving the details which will be ‘passed on to a manager’. Asked if I could speak to a manager but told it’s an e-commerce site operated entirely via e-mail – ‘didn’t I read the terms and conditions’? Grrrrr…. Based on the comments I’ve read on this site today I won’t hold out much hope of a satisfactory response to this.I’ve just spent 2 hours of my life trying to sort this. Can’t believe it – am so disappointed. The tickets were meant to be a present for my lovely boyfriend, am so sad people can do this and get away with it and that the support systems to help just don’t appear to be there. Feel so stupid, don’t think I’ll ever use the site again. GUTTED! Merry Christmas e-bay – and the git who’s nicked my money )-:

  76. BBC News reports that there’s been a lot of eBay-related crime of late. It’s quite a critical article, and perhaps explains some of the troubles people here have been having. According to eBay it’s your fault though, so that’s OK!

  77. Holy Crap!!I have alot of experience on Ebay.I’d honestly say 1 in 5 transactions has some sort of major problem.For ex. I just sold 6 dif. items. 3 of 6 buyers decided to create their own auction terms after winning with regard to accepted payment types and shipping, and 1 of 6 never replied to emails.Ebay of course will make me jump through hoops and bullshit for 6 months to get my auction fees back for the deadbeat bidder.DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON PAYPAL!!!!!

  78. I hate EBAY. Damned fu**ing scumbags! I have a dispute with BARGAINDEPOT04 over a one cent item. I bid on the item and made the mistake of not looking at the payment options. I can only pay with paypal. I won the item for a penny and noticed they only accept credit cards. I wrote the seller threre times apologizing for my mistake and yet, the moron filed an unpaid item thing and my account gets cancelled.What a bunch of crap. I have bought 12 items on EBAY in less than two weeks and paid for them all, usually on the same day. That doesn’t matter to the good Nazis at Ebay. Oh no! One complaint about not paying and they cancel my account? But the seller, oh, he’s got 276 complaints in less than a month. And over 2000 in three years. He’s ok. They don’t bother with his account. He makes them money. Me, I bid on a one penny item.You can see who EBAY sides with. The people who make them money. Therefore, their rules and policies are a load of dog s*** on a sharp stick!And, to try and be a good little member of the EBAY community, I spent several hours looking for bootleg and pirated items in the DVD and CD section. I turned in 300 people. I’m doing their damned job for them. Maybe that’s bad, but if you were the artist, you’d like someone in your corner. But the ads and the sellers are STILL THERE. What good does it doo to go with their fake and bootleg and pirate recordings policy? It’s about money, folks. OH, they can kill an ad for a penis pump or a dog’s pickled bladdar, but when it comes to The Beatles Lost Recordings on Pear Records, they are blind, deaf, and totally dumb! People hate getting ripped off. Arlo Guthrie deserves his royalties. The Beatles deserve their royalties and have the right to release what they want to and when. It’s not up to some jack off in Germany. But does EBAY remember all that hard work? Do they even care? No, they’re a bunch of little snotty little hogs rooting around in the grass for lost spare change.

  79. Has anyone managed to get their funds refunded to their bank account from Ebay? Nokia phones were fraudulently listed under my ID which I reported to Ebay immediately (a feat in itself trying to get them to respond). They emailed to say all listing fees would be credited back to myself. They were not and I was charged £99.36 in November. They took the money out of my bank account automatically although I said I did not give my permission for this. After emails, life chat, phone calls and faxes they credited the money back to my Ebay account but not to my bank account. I then had to send a fax as no one would talk to me or had the authority to refund my money to my bank account. I did this in November and it said it would take up to 30 days. Its now 3rd January and still no refund to my bank account. My faxes are ignored and the helpline people won’t talk to me as they say there’s nothing they can do. Help!!!!!!Also I’ve been ripped off, I paid for an item I didn’t receive, they chucked the seller off Ebay-big deal! Then I bought a reborn doll that has turned out not to be reborn or as described and the seller has threatened to visit me! Ebay sent me a fax to put in a claim but their email address doesn’t work to send the details back to them! Also I’m supposed to find an expert witness to verify what I’m saying- so I have to find a professional reborn artist to examine the doll and make a statement (how much will that cost me?).As Ebay state the bidder is entering into a contract and it is through them then surely they are responsible? I’ve never known of anything like it where you can be ripped off for hundreds and can’t do anything about it. I will never buy anything over £20 off Ebay again as I can’t afford to lose my money.Also when I have just previewed this I’m described as someone who you’ve never heard of writing about things you’re not interested in- great!!!! even the facility to comment about rip off Ebay is rude and against honest people!

  80. “I’m described as someone who you’ve never heard of writing about things you’re not interested in”I think you’re getting a little confused. That’s the tagline for this site. It’s talking about my blog, not you….but if the cap fits :)

  81. He he Dave – bet you never knew what you’d started eh?Perhaps your tagline should be ‘place for disgruntled people to sound off’?At the end of the day, I’ve voted with my feet and I just won’t use them again and will warn others to think twice before they bother. Do it the old-fashioned way – use your local rag. Get paid in cash for your goods/view what your buying before you part with any. OK, so you might not get as much for your Shania Twain CD or bag a bargain gimp mask, but you’ll not waste any moments of your life worrying and fretting about some git ripping you off. Life’s too short.Despite getting done out of £100 and not getting to go to the much-awaited, longed-for concert, I’ve put it down to experience. I’ll complain, I’ll report him (git) to police, but I’m not prepared to let it bother me any more. What goes round comes around – sometimes your the statue, sometimes your the pigeon. I’ll satisfy myself in the knowledge that one day, somehow he’ll get his….Happy New Year – hope we all have more positive experiences to write about in 2006. (-:

  82. I don’t know why eBay don’t do more regarding escrow for expensive items. This would get around the problem. It would have been fine for the concert tickets, with plenty of time to spare.

  83. @ Lauraphone trading standards and tell them the problem. theyll help you get your money back they realy do a good job, too good some times! if the doll turns out to be a fake trading standards will involve the police and youll have the last laugh.dont do what ebay ask youll be like a dog chasing your tail all day.

  84. Ebay’s UK telephone number is 02086053000 and their fax number is 02086053001.If you ring you will speak to their reception staff who are polite but will not put you through anywhere. They insist on an email to ukreception@ebay.com which then gets a reply diverting you back into the online reporting process.Annoyed of Esher

  85. I have some info who somebody may be able to use for all those who want revenge on ebay. They have ruined me along with countless others and are about to cost me my home after suspending me for “false/missing contact info” which is a mystery to me as I know it’s all correct and in order. I’ve faxed id 5 times written numerous emails (all polite) and got nowhere, I invested all my money in stock to sell then I’m hit with suspension I’ve had no income now for 6 weeks and am in arrears with my mortgage with the building society starting repossesion proceedings.anyway onto the point: whilst searching for ebays phone no I found their offices address:Units 1-6 Block 6A, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15.a google search on this brought up their registration with data protection (http://www.dataprivacy.ie/ViewTxt.asp?fn=/documents/register/display.asp?ID=6301%2FA) read about your rights in a link from there and it seems these people have the power to walk into ebays offices and force them to remove personal information that they have on us if it is no longer relevant. So it must cover those no longer with ebay, also if this info is made available to others, now with ebays hacking history surely they aren’t being careful with it and will disclose it to almost anybody who asks (easy to set up an id, buy something then get contact info from ebay) now if lots of people contact dataprotection demanding ebay comply with removal of details, it may make it easier to re-register without being connected to a suspended account, lets see how they ignore that. obviously there are better brains than mine out there who may be able to come up with something better but i think its a starting point which hasn’t been explored before for giving ebay the kick up the arse they need.

  86. Ebay basically told me to go F myself today… they pulled money out of my bank account even though I owed them nothing. They admit they were wrong to do this, and that ‘their system wasn’t able to see my previous payment’. Nice system. Long story short, I didn’t have funds available in that particular account(in the middle of a move and switching banks) and am now being charged $35.00 for the overdraft. You would think that since it was ‘their’ system that couldn’t see the payment I made prior (3 weeks prior) to the invoice due date, that they maybe would take some responsibility for the issue and at least assist me with the $35.00 they costed me. Know what I got? I got treated like a chump and while I was in mid sentence typing, the ‘agent has ended this session’. No offers for further help, assistance with any other questions, just a big F you from Ebay customer service. Apparently, the last thing you want to convey to them is that you are right and that they may have made a minor mistake, and that you’re more than willing to work with them, even after they admit they have made a mistake. I have the text conversation with the CS lady, if anyone’s interested in seeing this gem just let me know. You won’t believe how badly I get blown off, I’m still shocked to be honest with you.. I never expected this from Ebay. I thought they were a very reputable company who took care of their customer base, no matter how big or small the customer… apparently I was DEAD wrong.

  87. Hello,Last night i found my ebay account had been banned.They say i have to pay my ballence of £6.50 and complete any compaints, i have one ongoing complaint, which is because someone did not send the cheque as fast as possible, then filed with paypal for non-recipt. I have emailed ebay with no response, funny aint it? when they want somthing ie. Money you can get an email straight away. Anyway my main concern is my items i have sold, i have already taken the money out of my paypal account to buy there items with, but now i cannot get access to my ebay account to get there addresses, also what if these people file with paypal, who puts the bill, me or paypal. So..how exactly am i supposed to complete any complaints…cause theres going to be alot more if ebay dont give me my account back, can you sort of see what im saying?Any advice would be great.Kind RegardsRich

  88. I have been trading using ebay for almost three years now. Given my recent dealings with ebay I am greatly dispaointed not only by the fact I have been suspended but also the complete inability they seem to have in being able to deal with the matter swiftly. In short I have been scammed by a buyer, had an old account hacked and as a result I am the one who has been suspended. Three e-mails, one fax and one phone call down the line I still have not had any response from them. I am greatly disapointed by the service.Finally and I mean this with all respect to buyers who have been scammed on eBay, it seems to be the case now that between eBay and PayPal all backup is towards the buyer and none is given to the seller. Ultimately it is the sellers who fund eBay and without the sellers eBay would not be able to operate.In short I think eBay are nothing more than a lawless, disorganised sham. They are unable to deal with anything swiftly and seem to be completely unable to resolve anything to their disgrace of a customer service policy.The only way any of us are going to get anywhere is if eBay had stiff competition from someone else who would deal with people in a swift and sensible manner.

  89. I had someone advertising an animated cel for sale at a low price. She advertised it as part of a limited edition. I won, and she sent it to me. Upon receipt, it wsn’t a Limited Edition, and she refused to take it back.I then went through the eBay/PayPal arbitrator. I explained what was wrong, even referred to the definition of a Limited Edition with animated cels, but I was denied because they said “…she never said it was a cel”.So I decided to sell it and try and recoup some of my money. Of course, my sale (FIRST TIME trying to sell) was cancelled because Warner Bros. said I was violating their copyright. When I emailed Warner, they said I have a case and I should get my money back.Yeah, right.So I then mailed a letter to Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay, in the hope that someone (not her, I’m sure) would read my detailed letter and possibly take action.Today, a month later, I called eBay at 800-322-9266, where I was dumped into a voicemail that asked me to leave my info and that someone would be getting back in touch with me.If not,I will bring out the artillery, by contacting the BBB, the California Dept of Consumer Affairs, and Visa (my credit card used to purchase through PayPal) to file complaints. I will also contact local TV stations to see if they are interested in doing a story on eBay horror stories.Everyone should also check the new Google Sales site, as well as Craigs List, to stop dealing with the eBay nonsense.

  90. Hi there, I couldnt resist this;How bloody stupid are these people on here?I have been using ebay for well over a year, buying and selling to people all over the world. The only problem I had, was with a stupid woman in Birmingham, who didnt read the right-up about the item properly. It was all sorted in the end, so it didnt matter.I know it is getting more and more difficult to see the bastards that will rip you off on there, but as the old saying says, "if it look too good to be true, then it usually is", so why do these stupid twats moan like hell when they get caught, makes you wonder you the intelligent ones are doesnt it.Something else that I found out from a friend of mine, dont owe money to eBay, that is when your life will be become difficult, its like owing it to a bank but worse. It will take about 10 days for any money to go from any bank to eBay or eBay to any bank, that is the norm. And above all, keep an eye on what you owe, it aint difficult, “JUST READ”.If you use direct debit, then it is taken out at the end of the month automaticaly and then they send you an invoice.Is this too simple or does rocket science come into it. snigger snigger.I apolgize to the people who have very big problems with Ebay and hopefully you do get them sorted out, hopefully in the near future.I am just having a go at the scrounging bastards who deserve everything they get. Ha ha ha.But going back to being stupid, have these people ever heard of changing passwords and access codes on their PCs. I always thought that you had to do it for security on your PC at regular intervals so that idiots and wankers dont get into your PC and fuck you up.I can remember my first password online had 6 digits, now the minimum is at least 8 for any good, but the more the better. What tickles me is that even MSN, as you are putting in a new password will tell you if it is bad , better or good, as you are putting in the digits. “Been there and done it many times”, there are some clever fuckers out there, so be bloody creative with your passwords, not just 123 or ABC “DOH”, snigger snigger.If these people didnt know, apart from the firewall(I dont know if I can on this one), the only things that I have changed, is my passwords, and they are all different, not rocket science but different. So here goes, there is your server, your email addresses (whether its one or more, change them all), anti-virus`s, eBay and then there is PayPal, this is the one that stops them getting at your bank records “Doh”.Makes you wonder if some of these moaners have actually got a firewall, thats if they actually know what one is, dear oh dear oh dear.No doubt this will give the moaners something to keep them occupied, have fun.

  91. Just a note to the person who suggests we use Craigs List…. that is owned by ebay!ebay & paypal customer service sucks. it is so bad it isnt even worth bothering.paypal offer no seller protectionwhat a load of crap!

  92. I have been with Ebay for 5 years with 100%positive feedback.Yet my account has beensuspended and they do not say why.I am veryworried as I had an email from them on the Ebaysite saying thank you for setting up a new accountand they have my card details on file. My carddetails have never been sent to them and my accountis not new.I suspect somebody has stolen my Ebayidentity.There is nothing I can do about it as Ebaycannot be easily contacted.They just sent an emailasking for details like passport, driving licenceetc. which I dare not send them.

  93. This Ebay problem is certainly getting out of hand. Frankly I’m amazed that a company that size is happy to treat its customers that badly.They get away with it because they choose not to publish any phone numbers, and then ignore your emails.So, what if someone managed to obtain some bona fide UK contact details for this company. How could they be posted where everybody could get hold of them and at the same time guarantee anonymity for the supplier?Hypothetically speaking of course.. :)Jim

  94. I have sucessfully used ebay for over a year but have got caught up with a non-supplier. My money was paid but the goods never arrived. I started the ebay dispute procedure which gets you absolutely nowhere. No e-mails to ebay are ever actually answered with anything apart from an automated response. Being cynical I suspect that there is no dispute procedure and that they hope you will just get pissed off and go away. What I have read above is nothing short of a scandal. It is incredibly frustrating not to be able to contact anyone or ever have a message answered.Customer service – with ebay there is no such thing at all.

  95. I think most of us here understand ebay/PayPal “service” to be nothing less than a great heap of 3rd rate manure!

    The obvious and most effective course of action would be to stop using it!

    The solution lies not with ebay, but with the sellers and buyers!

    If enough people thought along these lines there could be positive results!

    Don’t delay! make that move today! become a … fleebayer! :)

  96. It’s selfishly reassuring to read all these comments by people who have had the same bad experiences with eBay customer support (misnomer) as I have. I just eMailed all the addresses I found on this blog along with Pierre Omidyan (the founder of eBay)at info@omidyan.net (not sure how useful that address is yet) with the following:

    Dear Rob (or whomever reads this)

    I apologise for contacting you in this matter, but I feel that I have nothing to lose by doing so. At the risk of being overly melodramatic, this ‘matter’ regards a recent discovery that my eBay accout has been suspended without any prior warning, cutting short several transactions I was involved with. Here is the notice I received:

    Dear mintyjim (mintyjimebay@hotmail.com),

    We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to theviolation of our site policy below:

    Previously suspended user – Account belonging to a previously suspended user.

    Our records indicate that your account is associated with the followingPreviously Suspended account(s):

    Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited fromusing eBay in any way. This includes the registering of a new account.

    Please note this suspension does not relieve you of your agreed-upon obligationsto pay any fees you may owe to eBay.


    eBay Trust and SafetyeBay International AG

    Hmm, the bit that would seem to explain the reason is blank. I run my account jointly with my brother, who lives with me. He also has another account through which he sells bicycle parts. My partner also has her own account, with our address listed on it. However, neither of their accounts have been suspended, so I am at a loss as to what the other suspended account might be that I am linked to, and that is cited as the reason for my suspension.

    I tried to contact eBay customer support, but having sent a couple of eMails, this seems to be a futile experiment, something akin to the children’s game ‘murder in the dark’. Basically, I think I’d be lucky if my eMails reached someone who:

    A/ Gave a hoot


    B/ Held any power to actually address the problem.

    If you’re interested, here is a copy of my first (original) eMail:

    Hi, I’ve just logged on to find that you have suspended my account. Why? The explanation on the screen was that my account was “associated with the following suspended accounts” following which there was no indication of which accounts you’re talking about. I am really annoyed as I was auctioning several items and bidding on some too. I have great feedback, have never been involvedwith any illegal activity on eBay and the fact that you have not even given a valid reason with accompanying explanation is frankly unbelievable. What is going on? Please reinstate my account ASAP and I would like some sort of response including an apology. If I lose my bidders as a result of this inappropriate action on your part then I will be forced to take things further. As you can probably guess by the tone of this eMail I am bloody furious.

    Thanks, Dan Coughlan (Mintyjim)

    I can appreciate that my words may seem a bit terse, but I was very annoyed at the time of writing. Having sent it, I researched (or tried to) eBay’s policies, to see if I could shed some light or gain a better understanding of just what’s going on. I’m sorry to say that there’s not much usable or empowering information on the eBay site, but I did find the Community Values as set out by eBay, rather amusing. So I wrote another eMail:

    Dear eBay team,

    I’m concerned that you don’t conform to your own Community Values as follows:

    * We believe people are basically good – In that case, why automatically assume the worst about your users? My account was suspended because you believe I’ve committed some sort of offence or prohibited action, which I have not.

    * We believe everyone has something to contribute – In that case, how come I am unable to actually speak to someone? I can find no facility to ask a question and receive a corresponding answer. I would like to suggest some sensible amendments to your working policies, but am totally unable to do so. Do your bread and butter patrons have absolutely no say in the way you run things?

    * We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people – honesty and openness can only come about as part of a reciprocal exchange. Despite the fact that I have held an account for many years, and have hundreds of positive feedback comments, you offered me no chance for me to address any part of the perceived problem before taking irrevocable action in suspending my account.

    * We recognise and respect everyone as a unique individual – Then why did I receive only a computer generated information eMail giving me a generic, non-specific reason for my account suspension? The part that would have actually explained the reason was blank! Hardly respecting my individuality are you?

    * We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated – This is a moot point as I am utterly unable to influence eBay in any way shape or form, merely offer my own opinion on a few of it’s other (equally powerless) users. You are able to police us as you see fit, but we have no say or recourse.

    I’d be interested to hear anything you (whomever you are) have to say regarding my comments, although frankly, I’d be surprised to even receive a reply at all.


    Dan Coughlan (Mintyjim – no longer a registered member, for some reason)

    I haven’t as yet had a reply from eBay UK. And I actually ended up eMailing Pierre Omidyan the founder of eBay! Fingers remain crossed. Also, you might find the following Weblog interestingas it deals specifically with eBay customer support (or lack of):


    If you’re not keen on clicking on an embedded link, just Google search “unhappy with ebay customer service” and you’ll find it.Thanks for any attention paid! (Thanks even more if you can actually do anything for me!!)


    Dan Coughlan

    I’m going to phone them in the morning. All I can do now is reiterate what you have all expressed such amazement at – the virtual non-existent level of customer service. It’s not even there to be described as ‘poor’ or ‘bad’…

  97. How can a company take someones money and not even post thier item up for sale right away. Im paying $100. For a 20 day sale and I exspect it to be up and on sale, on thier web site right away. Ebay sucks.

  98. Hi,I am having no end of problems with ebay. They have suspended one of my accounts indefinitely without warning or reason and after at least 12 emails and 3 phonecalls I have had 2 canned responses. One to say I need to fax them something and they will consider me for re-instatement which will take at least 5-10 working days! The other just reprimanding me for ringing them and not answering any of my questions!! aaghhhh! I said if you anwered my first question I wouldn’t have had to send 11 more and ring you would I. Surprise, surprise no response!This site is a good idea for people to vent their frustrations, but I still wonder if anything will ever be done about the terrible customer service and over powering control ebay have over their own customers even though we pay their bread and butter.Anyway all I wanted to know from them was if I could still use my main selling account to sell on (which is not suspended) as this is my full time job and I am unsure if I can relist auctions or check records for addreses to post out goods. Four days on and still no reply to these simple questions!Does anyone out there know if you can do this, some people say that you will get suspended on another account if you use it, others say you don’t! I don’t know what to think and it seems unlikely ebay are ever going to reply. Also does anyone actually know how long it REALLY takes to get re-instated on a tempory suspension from experience. Ebay say no less than 7 days but this means nothing as it could be 7 days or 7 months! I am going to have to get a new job unless it is only 7 days!Any help form fellow ebayers would be appreciated.

  99. Listen you pack of retarded fuckers.You are all complete idiots.you obviously don’t know your arse from your collective elbows.Why do you complain so mush.At least you get answers, they may not be percise but they are answers.Read the up on how to use eBayadn you won’t have these problems.Pack of morons the lot of you

  100. Hey,cool site, Might I point out that I have bought over 40+ items on eBay. I got burned 3 times but on each occasion because I used my brain I got my fees back. It might help if the idiots moaning here looked up the help pages or outlined their complaints fully. I always check the help pages. Come on idiots if u buy a 20p Ipod off some lad in thailand and it doesn’t show up it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.Oh and for you suspended idiots.. there’s generally a reason you were suspended. Read your user agreement you were obviously doing something wrong it’s pretty damn hard to suspend a seller and I for one am delighted u were suspended. Cos u’d probably contribute to these idiots feeling of ill will.Bottom line folks eBay is a business … big business and if it’s still going it means a lot of people buy and sell with no hassles…

  101. shut up gearoid and damian you both nknow nothing. i have been on ebay snce 96′ i know every trick in the book, no one can tell me anything about ebay. people on here isnt mainly moaning about the responses they get, they are moaning about the response they DONT get, as i havent either which is very fustrating.

  102. e-bay are completely uselessI hope all their employees and their families die of cancerI was suspended for no reason. I was sent a link which they said would give details of my “offence” – the link was dead!!!absolutely patheticwe need competition – e-bay are going to end up like Microsoft

  103. I just recieved a fuckin letter from robinsonway & co (agents of ebay) saying that i owe them £64.53 when i checked on ebay it said £54.53 i piad this by paypal what do i do which is the correct amount? what happens to me now?

  104. I don’t want to be smug, and it may already have been posted, but ya’ll might want to take advantage of the good old, yet seemingly forgotten, Better Business Bureau. http://WWW.BBB.ORG gave me ebay numbers in five seconds.(408) 376-7400(800) 322-9266(888) 221-1161BBB info tends to be up to date, and often includes names and addresses, which can be very useful.P.S. I just noticed ‘UK’ in the URL, and I’m writing from the U.S., so I’m sorry if this doesn’t apply outside the states very well. Maybe it helps if the UK has something similar to BBB though …

  105. i am looking for anybody who is displeased or to put it frankly pissed off with ebay as i intend on taking them to court and am asking for anybody who feels they have a legitimate case to sue ebay along with me. please get back to me at nbertoncello@yahoo.co.uk

  106. I need assistance asap, i havent recieved my book and it’s over due it’s bruce lee tao of jeet kune do, and i ordered under my mother in laws credit card ruth tansey, at sarasmom53@aol.com . I did not use my account for it wasn’t set up yet. So I need help, i don’t remember the date of order, this month, and i don’t have a confirmation or order number. help me please email. ironmanontao001@aol.com.

  107. Hi, I Feel i have to comment Here…But first to Dave..I know exactly what you mean..;-)Now To all you moaners out there, your listings got removed because you were breaking the site policy, keyword spamming!! Get over it! everyone hates keyword spamming (even if they don’t know what it is!!) .To the rest of you asking for help.. Did you not read Dave’s Opening post????This is not ebay FFS!!!if you Want real Ebay help,Go the the ebay Community Forum!!!you talk to real people, Its not rocket science!

  108. To NM Bertoncello, can’t read all of your e-mail address, but i would like to contact you regarding taking ebay to court. This is something i will be doing soon if i can’t get my account reinstated, i will be taking them to the small claims court for loss of earnings. Can’t find a registered address or company number, i have asked ebay for it & they won’t give it out which is incredible as it’s an offence under the “Registration of Business Names Act”. Don’t bother with U.K. Trading Standards, they are no help whatsoever, despite the fact that it’s an offence not to pass on those details they simply didn’t want to know. My e-mail addy is: inam66@aol.com

  109. I tried their UK powerseller number (0208 605 3111) but they wouldn’t talk to me as I wasn’t a powerseller – I asked if there was ANY number I could use to talk to a REAL person, they said no. I could ONLY email them.I asked my credit card company to reverse their charges, they said I had given eBay consent to charge me – as there is no way to remove credit card details from eBay! But they said if nothing had been resolved between myself and eBay in 21 days, they would step in themselves (despite that this has already been ongoing for 40+ days, but I should have called the card company earlier).I’ve emailed eBay about a dozen times in the last 40 days but never got a human response.

  110. Everybody that gives out their financial information to Ebay in order to register is eventually going to regret it. When a transcation goes bad Ebay is not going to help you. If somebody steals your info then your financial happiness is no more. THe moral of the story: USE EBAY AT YOUR OWN RISK

  111. i click the buy it now option but it the result is contact the sellers to exempt you to buyers requirements but the seller response me that they have any blocks for that buy it now, they’re all open for all the buyers. pls help me to fix this trouble. thank’s

  112. eBay UK is absolutely useless I have just set up an account on there selling baby products have lots of positive feedback from members that are very happy not one single neutral or negative. its almost 4 weeks till the day since i have been a member there, yesterday when i tried logging on i got a message saying Not a registered user. i was like what on earth are they talking about then on the same page i saw make a one time payment to pay your full account balance. so like a fool i saw that and paid them thinking that was what the problem was after i sent them the payment via pay pal i logged back on and it was still the same thing, Not a registered user so i went and checked my e mail again and now what do i have an e mail from them sayingWe regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended dueto the violation of our site policy below:Previously suspended user – Account belonging to a previously suspendeduser.Our records indicate that your account is associated with the followingPreviously Suspended account(s):XXXXXXXXXI was like what on earth are they talking about i have never used eBay before in my life, so then i carried on reading down the page and what have they done? They have ended every single one of my listings that took hours and hours of work to write out and post. After that then i got another e mail from them saying they have now removed all feedback i have left for other membersSo of course i sent them an e mail and 24 hours later i still have no fucking reply i had stuff listed for 10 days on there and today it was the last day i had 40 watchers on some of my products and they have ended every single one of them. This company is so fucking useless just completely closed my account for no reason and have made a big fucking error and in the mean time i am losing money. and guess what i really don’t no what else to do, they have closed the account and i have had people send me postal orders for products they have purchased from me and they haven’t given their address so i have no idea where to send it and i cannot contact the buyers to get there address.

  113. To start with, it is unfortunate for many people that there are so many fraudsters out there, and so many of you are being ripped off. It is true that eBay do not care about the individuals. It is only their reputation they are interested in (which is dying rapidly).If you do not want ebay charging your card anymore, cut it up and apply for a new one (with a new card number) and do not give the new number to ebay. Be warned though, they will almost certainly get their money, as they will go through a collection agency and you will pay their fees too (not sure how I know that!!).Actually I am a solicitor. And unfortunately every person who joins ebay has to agree to their terms and conditions (which 99% of people do not bother reading), and some of their T & C’s are very much borderline when it comes to whether they can be deemed as reasonable or unreasonble. I will not go into detail, but ebay (like many other companies) MAKE you agree to these T & C’s in order that you may join their community.Once you become a member you are technically bound by these rules. And these rules effectively give ebay the right to do virtually as they please.You would perhaps think that as the ebay community are the ones that make ebay all their money, they would be in the favour of the ebay user. But this would make for sure financial suicide of the online auction giant.Please don’t get me wrong, I am not siding with ebay, but am merely saying that they are just a huge money making machine, and there is little or no chance of stopping them, or for that matter, making them change their policies without major government intervention, or (and this is what I am getting too) finding a loophole in their T & C’s that can be exploited (unlikely though).The only other way would be to find a court or a judge that would find in someones favour, that they had been bound by unreasonable terms and conditions (again quite unlikely).Of course if everyone stopped using it that would work too!Sorry if I went on a bit, now for some fun:-FUCK EBAY!!!! IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH EBAY, DON’T USE IT!! IF EVERY UNHAPPY PERSON TOOK THIS STAND, WE COULD BE EBAY FREE WITHIN SEVERAL YEARS!!!


  115. I didn’t use my account for two or three years. In fact I’ve only used it once to buy an item by cash.The other day I got a debt collector’s letter asking for payment from a transaction I hadn’t made. I wrote to them about three or four times and got a message back asking me to pay the fees and my account would be reinstated.I don’t want my account reinstated. I just don’t want to be charged for services I haven’t received.My advice to anyone with a dormant eBay account would be to close it down before the fraudsters get hold of it – eBay’s account security is apparently as pisspoor as their customer service.

  116. I have to wonder; why don’t people simply start a banner campaign requesting1) E-Bay be regulated by government (as in it actually happens)2) E-Bay give empowered telephonic customer support3) Until this happens, people should stay awayIf these banners started going up all over the web then perhaps the marketting department there will take notice and institute changes. The only reason they carry on like this is because we all allow them to by using their service despite the problems. Everytime we use them we effectively show our support for them.PS. I have tried to report an attempt to commit fraud against me in their name but as their site gives no way to contact them without registering, which I fear may make me more vulerable to more fraud, I am unable to do so. I’ve not signed up to ebay nor agreed to their terms and conditions so what does this imply about liability? And contacting them as they would force you to do would require agreeing to their terms and conditions. Catch 22. But, I’m not complaining. I don’t have a site with the above suggested banner on it and the complaints of people who aren’t willing to take action are really little more than hot air. Three cheers to the man who set up this blog!

  117. Hello,Thought you guys may be interested in bidding on my spoof auction. Please pass onto all your friends I am hoping to get the auction to stratosphere figures and get media attention to show ebay how it is failing it’s customers and ‘community’.EBAY CUSTOMER SERVICE Item No. 150000344902

  118. OH MY GOD I am SUSPENDED for no reason AS WEEL. I emailed ebay safeharbour dept a week ago and no response. THEY HAVE ABSILUTLY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Let me get one point over, if you get in a problem, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER contacting ebay. All they will do is restate what you said in your email and respond like that NO EFFORT! Well try contacting them but dont get your hopes up.Some nubers that work CONFIRMED but all you can do is leave message and they will NEVER call you back.1-800-322-92661-888-749-3229

  119. I’ve been suspended as well, because I’m “connected to a user with bad performance.” I have no clue who that user is, nor have I ever bought or sold anything with them.This has been going on for about 2weeks, I’ve sent in official ID to them along with any forms they wanted. All I get back is an email that repeats the samething (I have gotten this about 5 times now)…”you cannot be reinstated because of your link to the other account.”The worst part is, I’m being charged for the other sellers activities by ebay.This is non-sense.

  120. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone when it comes to having problems with Ebay. Ebay appears to close accounts on unfounded grounds, and provides little or no description for their actions. Not to mention that their customer support is nothing less than disgusting.However…they are members of the Better Business Bureau and that website does take complaints online..wait till they hear from me… :)Should anyone need to file a complaint against Ebay, go to http://www.bbb.com. I think if we get enough people to raise a stink Ebay will start more paying attention to its customers, not to mention Ebay can lose their BBB standing if they get too many complaints….Imagine…Ebay’s BBB account being suspended…hee hee!!! :)

  121. im not very happy as i got a letter through the post blling mr for £70 i didnt kow nothing about this and i am furious as i havn’t bought or sold anything. write back as i have tried rnging you and think it is a disgrace!!!!!!!

  122. I came across this site while looking for a way to get some customer service from Ebay (yes, ok, I know!)

    I’ve been a user for about three years and haven’t had any problems at all until now (they tell me I owe them some fees, but my account says they can take them from my credit card!) but I just can’t find any way to talk to them about this.

    Reading through the previous posts – and ignoring those who seem to think that swearing and cursing at the rest of us is somehow going to solve their problems! – I have become seriously concerned.

    OK, all businesses are going to get some bad feedback from time to time – and we all know there ARE some pretty dumb people out there! – but the number of real complaints is quite alarming – and this is only one website.

    It really does seem that, unless somebody can get a class action started and get literally hundreds or thousands of people to join in, Ebay will have it all their own way.

    Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to do anything like this (though I’d happily join in!) but surely there must be somebody (the solicitor that wrote in earlier?) that could put something like this together. With 1,000 people paying £50 each, there would be a pretty good fighting fund to start with, and I’m sure that thousands of others would quickly join in once the ball got rolling.

    Any evangelistic lawyers wanting to make their name out there? And thanks, Dave, for the chance to have a moan!

  123. I cannot agree more, Ebay is totally useless – Customer Service? It doesn’t exist. I’ve spent two days trying to contact someone on a very serious matter – and they just keep sending me around in circles. Why haven’t they got a ‘mediator’ and a direct Email me – half the problems would be eliminated if you could physically contact someone. Ebay do not even uphold their own policies across the board they are blantantly flawed, in Ebay’s favour, but can you find a contact to respond to you….can you hell…..it’s about time Doug McCallum Director of Ebay UK Ltd took notice of the people who are paying him – you can’t even get Ebays UK address to write to!

  124. just to help all you out there is no point ringing ebay or emailing them go to your county court get 3 forms pay 30.00 pounds give the forms back to the court they will send you one ,keep one and send one to ebay,legal dept,po box 659 surrey tw9 1tx you will then get a letter from ebay fixing all your problems,easy…oh dont forget to charge ebay the 30.00 pounds and 100.00 for your time,dont worry they will pay as it costs them less than going to court..

  125. Item DetailsItem name: Limited Edition Gold Nokia 8800Item number: 290004697368ebay member id: LiaqatNyour employee detail:Seller InformationTHUG VYBZ KARTELTHE THUGZ GHETTO, YOUR NOT READY BLUD, West Midlands b9 5xn United KingdomThis is my order details And your employee said me that this item will be delivered in 1-2 days but today is the 4th day but i didn’t recieve my item and i mailed him and tried calling him but he is ignoring my call and not replying any of my mail. please solve my problem as soon as possible and reply me regarding my item problem at my email lnawaz20042005@yahoo.co.uk thanks.

  126. ebay is a piece of shit that just wants money…why do you think power sellers can fuck everyone and sell knockoffs and do whatever they want..because they make ebay tons of money in fees…

  127. hi allEbay have done me recently aswell, bout 4 months ago my paypal was block for unknow reasons! i did everything they asked of me and it still took them 4 months to unblock me!And now ebay have blocked me for apparently being linked to a suspended account which is totaly news to me! and now they have passed my seller fees on to a debt collection agency how nice of them!Does anyone know of another auction site? iv had alook on http://www.ebid.co.uk recently and it looks ok but not so much stuff on there,Also i heard google are planning there own auction site, has anyone else heard this? i know they have just set up google checkout! but its only avalible in the USA for nowAnnoyed, fed up no longer registard ebay member!lozx

  128. Just got my business seller account suspended for the reason associate with my old account which got suspended for no reason also only used to purchase couple items. My seller account has 800 feedbacks of 100% positive and over 1000 something listings. eBay suspended my account and then direct charge my debt card for listing fees of $1400. Sent 6 messages telling them I don’t even know why my old account was suspended. Finally after 1 week replied me with useless message:I’ve looked at our records and see that your account was suspendedbecause you owned or are associated with a previously suspended eBayaccount.We have reviewed your appeal and decided that your account will remainsuspended. Our decision is based on evidence on our records as well asany additional information you provided.At this point, we will not accept any additional appeals or requests formore information. Although we will read emails you send us in thefuture, we may not respond.Sincerely,NicholaseBay Customer SupportBased on what evidence…never answered my question?? All I know is that they rip off my USD$1400 listing fees and suspend me.

  129. Call ebay at 1(408)558-7400 And let them know what a piece of shit they are. The only reason I have that number is becuase I had some problems, I started the IM chat with their F*&KED up customer service dept that you have to wait 15 for them to respond to. And, they had to call me to verify my account. When I asked them to talk to me over the phone they hung up on me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was no better. Her name was Tarra and what a piece of shit, she is ! I raised hell, and told them how bad their customer service was and guess what ? My account got suspended ! I took ALL the money out of my paypal account, did the same thing with my bank account, so they aint gettin’ NONE of the money I owe them EVER – HAHA BITCHES ! So call 1(408)558-7400 because they don’t want you to know this number is out there ! So I’m passin it out like it’s an STD !

  130. !@#$%^&*( ! My names Anne and I’m sorry but im just so angry because I got “PUNKED” on ebay bigtime ! I sent someone a money order, they cashed it, and I never got my item…Well I thought I was gonna have my revenge by leaving negative feedback for them, but somehow they got it removed and it’s not there anymore! And to add insult to injury, they closed their ebay account, blocked their email address, and changed their friggin phone number. So I got scammed hard on Ebay and I feel totally helpless !I dont know if its against the rules here to post there name so I will just say email me at kittygal1@hotmail.com if you want to beware of these scammers and I will let you know who they are and to compare notes if you have had a similar experience.I mean if i could only get the last word in or something it would make me “feel” a little better! Well, I only hope they come across this message one day , and when they do, “I will” have gotten the last word ! Lord knows that it’s the best i can hope for…Because I am not in control! The “Man” is !

  131. Ebay are the worst ever. I bought an item which was fraudulant. I complained to ebay and months later got a reply asking me to obtain indipendant verification that the item was faulty. I did this only to receive an email from them to say that I had not replied to their request and that the case was now closed. Sever emails later and I have had no response. They took 3 months to reply to me origionally and ignored me when it took me 40 days to get the indipendant information to them – apparently they allow a maximum of 30 days to reply.Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get my money back for the faulty mobile phone?

  132. i bought samsung d600 from police auction on 29 july i dont know why i didnt recive it i wanna know what the hell is going on

  133. Thanks for the customer support number listed.We are powersellers and have just had our account suspended because one of our buyers is “related to our account” (??) I called 0208 605 3111 and spoke to a friendly man who said they had proof we were “Shell” bidding, although he could not provide the evidence for me to dispute and said although he could do nothing for me if I replied to the suspention email in 7 days time I should get the suspension lifted as it is our first offence!I will of course be calling him back in 7 days and hassling him as I doubt for 1 minute an email will get actioned within a day/week/month. When I mentioned to the “customer services” rep that EBay was causing us to have limited profits due to this and we may even have to loose some staff he was “sorry” but there really was ” nothing he could do” How many times a day do you think they say this? There was something he could do.. he could have let us carry on our well established and highly regarded business. Arse Hole!Anyone know any other decent sites to sell IT equipement?

  134. A horror story with eBay: I find my account suspended all of a sudden and for no apparent reason (I have good feedback and never been suspended before… never sold anything dodgy). Ask eBay and they tell me that another account that has been suspended for “policy vilations” shares my personal information (though they don’t specify what info). eBay requests some proof of identity from me. I send a fax with driving licence and phone bill. eBay comes back to me letting me know that they have received my info but i need to log in with my “other account and appeal the suspension from there”. They cannot tell me what information the two accounts share…. I tell them I don’t have any other account and can’t access it. I also tell them that I fear identity theft and would be reporting it to the Police…. I haven’t heard from them since. Several worrying things: 1) Someone has been doing dodgy stuff in my name… that’s pretty ad. 2) eBay has assumed I am guilty from the start and are not even willing to consider I might be a victim here. 3) The Police can’t start a criminal investigation until I can prove that this people have impersonated me or sold anything illegal. I can’t find out either because eBay won’t provide with the details and the last transaction this guys made was in 2004 (yes.. it has taken eBay 2 years to find out the similarities. So… in summary… To have your identity stolen in eBay is easy and the morons who look aftre the customer service won’t be able to understand the situation fully. Good luck with eBay! Paco

  135. Ebay is a fucking CIBAY!!! Why the fuck did they cancel my account with reasons of excessive shipping cost? They know that a 4lb book costs $6.70 to ship, and I charge $6 for shipment, AND THEY CANCELLED MY LISTING DUE TO EXCESSIVE SHIPPING CHARGE. HOLY FUCKING EBAY. EBAY IS A COCK-SUCKING-MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  136. ebay cancelled my listing with reason of excessive shipping, while it costs $6.77 to ship a 4lb book, and I charged $6 for shipment. Are they blind, idiot or brainless?

  137. I have been having problems with E-Bay’s customer service. Or lack of.I am starting legal action against them and it would help if I had of names of people who are having or who have had problems with them.If some people were to E-Mail JUST YOUR FIRST AND SECOND NAME ONLY to lofts20@aol.com I will have a stronger case against them as I have been advised this will make the likleyhood of winning much better. Or Failing that contact the Sun Newspaper with your problem. If enough people come forward we can finaly give Ebay what they deserve.Thank you in advance.

  138. I just came across my first ebay issue. I am disgusted to find out that Ebay is one more of these big successful giants that can acomplish anything except good customer service. It is obvious that Ebay does not want to be contacted by it’s members. I guess customer service is the first thing to go when you own a monopoly. I am going to track my case and record names and plan to write a national article at the conclusion and let consumers know just how much Ebay cares about issues like security and maintaining an honest trading envirorment.Mikw

  139. Yes E-Bay are CUNTS. The most USELESS COMPANY I’ve ever met.. I would be very interested in seeing a major class action lawsuit braught against this internet giant in regards to failure to provide serives advertised/promised and for the lack of their customer support. I’ve never been so appauled in my life as to how E-Bay treats their customers. I purchaesed 4 items from the Phoenixtradingcompany and they’ve over billed my Creditcard, HAVE NOT sent me my games and DO NOT take any of my phone calls.. When I contact E-bay through E-mail I get the same old shit everyone else does, some fucking statement allready stated on one of their webpages or help pages. Never anything USEFULL or Helpfull.In Anyevent Here’s what I would LOVE to see done.ANYONE HERE WHO EVER READS THIS.. FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.I am god damn sure that there will be plenty enough people who will read this BLOG that E-bay has pissed off that they will be flooded with complaints though the better business bureau and they will no longer be able to shell out this obsurd customer service.. And I know as a small business owner in Canada that the BBB does not fuck around.

  140. 416-961-1970 is E-Bay Canada’s phone # in Toronto Ont Canada but good luck same recorded bullshit..someone please file a class action against this giant…

  141. Ebay.com 888-749-3229800-322-9266Cust. service” 6:30a-5:30pM-F (Pacific)I called the 1-800-322-9266 pressed 3 for the operator and Said, Is there a HUMAN at customer support or just a stupid computer with auto-replies? and before i was finished i was transfered to a REAL HUMAN at customer support!! Fuckin near had to call 911 from the heart attack but it was worth it!

  142. hi,I have been using ebay for quite some time and have never had a problem with it, until the beginning of september, when i hadn’t been on for some time and just came online checking my e-mail…i found lots of e-mails from users of ebay asking questions about items i was apparantly selling (some custom made golf clubs which i know nothing about) I e-mail all the people bidding on these items telling them not to send any sort of payment to me as it is all fraudulent and i have not listed anything…and i report it to ebay. I eventually e-mailed ebay customer services after going through however many menus and options to get to the e-mail us bit telling them my situation, they suspend me, get me to change every password and say they’ll sort everything out. I thought great this is sorted. A week later, i have about 10 items of bad feedback which have not been removed and a bill for £60+ for sellers fees…i was not amused…i sent them an e-mail again telling them my situation asking them why it wasn’t sorted…they again suspended my account and got me to change my password (i’m not good with remembering things so changing my password again wasn’t good)again, a week later nothing had happened, so yet another e-mail and eventually they removed £15 worth of sellers fees and my bad feedback…but i stillhad a bill of £45.95…and still do, no matter how many times i have e-mailed them about it i just get the same response, we are looking into it, and have forwarded it on to our billing department who will sort it for you…this is near on 3 months later and I have just been suspended yet again, and told if i do not pay it soon i will be banned. I just get told that they can’t stop the automated e-mails from being sent…but surely they can stop me being suspended…they drive me mad (sorry for the rant)Perhaps we should set up our own trading company.Katie

  143. hi i have discovered that the e bay customer service team is run by chimpanzees trained by ebay to press various buttons on the pc to get send back automated messages to its customersi did think they used robotsbut robots are far to intelligentthe chimps dont get paid thoughjust afew bananas a day keeps them in full time employment

  144. I just wanted to relay on to others what I have experienced. A credit card charge for the previous 3 mos. of 49.95 for dr “e”-pro that is automatically charged to cc if you don’t cancel. Well I never signed up and just noticed this today. I have no use for this service and want to alert e-bay members that this kind of hrsht is happening. I am now in the process of trying to correct the situation but have strong suspicions that I’m out $150. Thanks for having a public site to make others aware. READ your credit card bill as I’m sure I am not the first sucker to play this SCAM. I will update E-bays reaction once their support office opens. If anyone out there has had this problem would you please e-mail me at jerjack04938@yahoo.com. Again, Thank you for this forum.

  145. Hi fellow unhappy EBayers,Don’t you all think that rather than sit here and moan all our problems to Dave (and other readers), We could actually do something to change this situation. I have had problems with Paypal in the past, and a present one with EBay (which obviously brought me to this site). And I think we can get these posts (from this forum and some other forums) and make a convincing complain to the National Papers (I’m sure they will love it), thereby, tarnishing EBay’s image and Paypal’s too while, bringing to readers attention possible trusted alternatives (suggestions welcomed. I like Ebuyers but their service is restricted and you cannot bid). A way to also make people aware of faithful competitors to EBay.What do you think about that Dave, (Email me a2dj@hotmail.co.uk)I think this should work.Anyways, now my own moan:Paypal:I bought 3 items from an EBay powerseller, this guy sent me 2 items, so H e does have a proof of postage, but only 2 in the package. I contacted him and He insisted on sending all three. I contacted EBAy, and got an e-mail saying contact Paypal, they got seller protection blah blah… I contacted Paypal, and they opened the Dispute Console thing, and the story went on and on… To cut the long story short, Paypal said I needed a Police report to get a refund, so I went to my local police station and they told me if I cant prove a crime has been commited, I cant file a report, and there is no prove a crime has been commited (package was intact when I got it, the guy insisted He posted 3), I couldnt get a report, Paypal wont get me a refund, I was left £60 short :(Ebay:I tried selling a mobile phone on EBay (Sony Ericsson W850i) and every time I posted the phone, It was always bought by a scammer. What the scammers do is steal an EBayers account (one with a good reputation, about 100 feedbacks and 100% score). They change their EBay ID (so the owner cant request for their password back as EBay tells them the ID is invalid, ‘cos its been changed). They buy this phone, send you a fake Paypal message disguising that they had made payment to your Paypal account and ask you to post the phone to them (in Africa). I never got fooled by this (smarter than them ;)), However, I had to re-list this item every time and report them to EBay, sometime they get banned (due to 100s of complaints), and sometimes they don’t. When they get banned, I get a re-fund on my listing fee, but when they don’t, I don’t get shit. I re-listed the item about 7 times before finally selling it to a genuine EBayer, Now EBay wont re-fund my listing fee because the fraudsters account has not been identified as a scammer. I emailed them, but like the rest of you, I get the automated service telling me the same thing all over again.Some posts here have been useful, so I shall be following some useful suggestions (like about the County Court one, and calling them 1st) and hopefully should have my money back.My message to you people, DONT GET INVOLVED WITH EBAY, and if you do, Watch out for the African scammer (don’t post no phones to their sick father in Nigeria).Oh and by the way, I’m African, so no Racial comments on them please. Cheers

  146. Having pulled all my hair out, bitten my fingernails to bloody stubs, and generaly experienced the wonderful delights of eBay ‘Customer (lack of) Service’ on several occasions, I recently concoted a whimsical parody of a typical response from them to a legitimate question. I thought I’d share it with all on here, as you might find it ironically amusing. It’s scarily close to the truth…”Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for your enquiry. We take your questions and feedback very seriously, although this cannot be said about our responses. We will endeavour to respond within 30 working days. If your question is with regard to a current eBay listing, well too bad, because our answer will come too late and we will already have made our money. If your question is related to a transaction dispute, we will generally (i.e. always) take the side of the member who makes us more money. If you expect our answer to have anything whatsoever to do with your question, we ask you to anticipate a stressful and frustrating time ahead.”We assure you that your letter will be passed to the newest member of our staff, who will cut and paste general text from our Help pages, which matches perhaps one keyword from your question, and supply you with a pointless reference number and fictitious contact name, both of which will change in every subsequent email from us. You will not be provided with a direct phone number to contact us with, since we operate from our parents’ garage and they told us we can’t use the phone except in an emergency. In order that your enquiry can be ignored as efficiently as possible, our “Reply To” email address is checked by a non-English-speaking member of eBay staff, somewhere in the Far East. If we are unable to help you with your enquiry, or if you feel dissatisfied with our service, well, frankly I don’t care. You won’t find another online auction service that comes even close to eBay. It’s why our fees are so exhorbitant. So, tough!Please expect an email from us in 2-3 days, inviting you to complete a ‘Customer Support Satisfaction Survey’. This will most probably time-out just before you complete it, but if by some error in our scripting you manage to submit it, it will give us some entertainment during our very long lunch breaks.Yours sincerely,Manuel Estefan-CartagenaFloor-sweeper and tea-makereBay Customer Service Department”

  147. uk ebay telephone numbers 07008003229 and 02086053222 are numbers i have used and got thru to but they are very unhelpful!!! Trying to report a fraud and they are not willing to do anything at all.

  148. I only signed up to eBay two weeks ago and got ripped off with my very first purchase. Customer Service departments amd myself never seem to see eye-to-eye so I thought eBay’s indifferent, obstructive and arrogant behaviour was just down to me being me. What a joy to find I’m not alone ;o) Not that this is much comfort to anyone else!I bought an iPod on 22 Feb, paid by bank-to-bank transfer the next day, the payment was acknowledged, I was told my new toy would be shipped next day recorded delivery…..and that was it. Two days later eBay pulled the seller’s account, ripped out all the details of the transaction from my account and my 150 quid is now in the pocket of some git in Essex (die scum, die). So for two weeks now I’ve been trying to get help from eBay but they are more protective and secretive of their contact numbers and working practices than a KGB Freemason. I’m in the Customer Support business myself and I’d eat my own nipples if my standards ever fell to within 10 miles of these people.For what it’s worth (and it won’t be worth a lot I’m sure) I’ve opened a dispute issue but that’s just sitting there gathering moss. I suspect I’ll have to get Trading Standards and the small claims Court involved so I’ve been trying to get a contact name and details so that the Summons will have somewhere to go but it’s been painful trying to get this information. Sometimes they have just shown such clinical stupidity that I’ve laughed aloud – not often mind you.I stumbled on some sort of real-time chat thing today that is supposed to help you – the address is http://pages.ebay.com/help/confidence/inr-livehelp.html?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&ht=1 if anyone is interested – and the chimp on the other end was so thick I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I have pants with a higher IQ. They must have a standard set of responses written down (in BIG type) and she just would not listen to any question I asked her. I tried getting a UK Customer Service Manager name and address out of her but it was like trying to raise the dead. I wanted to know why my fraudster had been allowed to trade for 5 days before I bumped in to him but that question just passed right through her vacant little head. I also wanted to know what alerted them to a possible con and why they pulled the swine’s account but all she told me (repeatedly like a bloody machine) was that they wouldn’t tell me because it would violate eBay’s privacy policy. Eh? What about my bloody consumer rights?? Or does eBay think it’s above such law in the UK? And at the end of our “chat” she hurredly closed the session down while I was typing another question and still had enough stupidity left in her little body to say farewell with a “Have a nice day!”. Best not to call her when she’s ironing as she might burn her ears.Remarkably my bank will do nothing about the transaction even though I have the shyster’s sort code and account number because of client confidentiality. Oh that’s alright then, God forbid I should find out the name of that f**ker, what WAS I thinking? So, I spent 2 glorious hours in my local Police Station on Friday making a statement, handing over all copies of emails etc and hoping that the Law will have more luck getting eBay to cough up information than I have.During all this I had one of those “second chance” emails from someone claiming to be a policeman in Aberdeen who was willing to sell me an 80Gb iPod for £120. Yeah right – and I’m Elvis. The email was written in text-message-speak with no punctuation and all the fluency of a pissed ferret.”Surely they can’t all be crooks?” I thought to myself so I ventured on to another page of a so-called power-titanium-plated-God-fearing-lead-lined-asbestos-trousered seller who was selling iPods. I emailed a simple “does it come with an Apple warranty in the allegedly sealed box?” question and the guy basically told me I was “dreaming” and that “eBay wasn’t the place for me”. Fair dues, at least he admitted he was a bit of a shyster, which was nice of him I thought.Apart from taking the bastards to Court I want nothing more to do with eBay. The policing of the authenticity of sellers and buyers is just way too lax and (my apologies to the few genuine traders out there..) it is obviously just a legalised bartering system for crooks and shysters selling fake/stolen/dodgy goods – if they can even be bothered to ship them of course. Pay the extra and go to a shop if you’re buying and put an advert in your local paper if you’re selling – DON’T USE EBAY!!I put all this in an email to eBay and got a standard “We take this kind of thing very seriously” reply which should be printed out, taken to a court of Law, laughed at by the entire judiciary of the UK and then stapled to the bollocks of the waste of skin that founded this sorry excuse for an auction site.There, I feel so much better now. Thanks.

  149. Hi everybody, i have a bether idea for online auctions.

    Now is much bether and reliable auction. http://www.funnybidder.com. This is like ebay, but conditions of use and etc. are great. So if somebody realy dont like ebay use Funnybidder. This auction is fresh now. Enjoy.

  150. ebay have done it again. They have changed the system and no way that I know can they be contacted, they know everything so they have answers for everything or so they think. There is an old saying, ‘If it aint broke, dont fix it’ It wasn’t broke but the screwed it up yet again and while we are on the subject, Why as a seller can I no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, Sellers pay ebay fees, buyer do not pay ebay so I as a fee payer should have the rite to leave negative feedback. Some buyers are dishonest, e.g. I honestly describe an item and the buyer falsely states that the item is not as I say it is, Some buyers do this many times. I always refund excess postage but I am treated by ebay and buyers as a crook. I just wish that there was a viable alternative to ebay, I would be off like a shot.

  151. well here i am gob smacked,by ebay, i sold a ring costing £700 only to a spoof,the whole system of ebay is completly crazy,i have not received any money, but they expect me to pay the listing fee.i have e-mailed them and rang too many times its doing my head in, i thought they were there to protect you and help? all they have done is cost me. and lost me my ring,which by the way is on its way to nigeria!lucky them,afreebi.tried ,stopping it rang the police ,no luck there bloody mail actally on time for once. never again,i wouldnt mind even if they e-mail me back so i could try and stop this happening to anyone else! never again!

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