Podblasting hits the mainstream. Or, at least, Ben Hammersley writes about it in the Guardian – which in my limited view of the world amounts to much the same thing.

Update: I should point out that I consider “podblasting” and its derivatives to be non-words. This is because they carry implications that all listening to digital sound files is done through an iPod. iPods are the work of the devil and they will continue to be so until they support the playing of Ogg Vorbis files.

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  1. Ogg Vorbis? Get with the programme! This is one of those Betamax video issues: it might be technically better but it’s not caught on, and I can’t see that it ever will, to be honest. You should just go with the flow and not try to beat the market on this one. (That’s my MBA line anyway, as opposed to my past-life techie line!)

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