Where’s Your Data

We hear a lot of talk about how cloud computing is the future. Those of us who still run some of our own internet infrastructure are increasingly seen as slightly eccentric and old-fashioned. Why would anyone host their own mail server when we have Gmail or run their own blog when there is WordPress or… Continue reading Where’s Your Data

Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor It’s been a day since the announcement, so I thought I’d bore you all with my thoughts on Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor. When I first heard the news I though “who?”, like most people, but then I looked him up on the web and realised that I knew… Continue reading Matt Smith: The Eleventh Doctor

Russell T Davies to Leave Doctor Who

We all knew it would happen sometime (not even John Nathan-Turner went on forever) and there have been rumours flying around for a while, but yesterday the BBC confirmed that Russell T Davies will be stepping down as executive producer of Doctor Who. He’ll stay on for the four specials to be broadcast next year… Continue reading Russell T Davies to Leave Doctor Who

Pushing Daisies on ITV

Pushing Daisies Like most people I know, I very rarely watch anything on ITV. The channel just doesn’t seem to want to appeal to people with my tastes. But recently that seems to be changing. ITV have been showing a couple of American import that seem to be aimed at people exactly like me. Firstly… Continue reading Pushing Daisies on ITV

Dawkins on Doctor Who

Russell T Davies was interviewed by the Independent last Sunday and he happened to mention that Richard Dawkins will be appearing in this series of Doctor Who. The evolutionary biologist and best-selling author of The God Delusion will appear as a guest star in the new series of Doctor Who, which began last night. “People… Continue reading Dawkins on Doctor Who

The Sun on Doctor Who

How many obvious errors can you spot in this Sun story: Jennifer could be Dr Who Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders is set to be the first female Timelord – for just one episode. The comic actress is in talks to become Doctor Who as David Tennant, 36, will leave after filming three specials in… Continue reading The Sun on Doctor Who

Doctor Who Advent Calendar

Doctor Who Advent Calendar This image appeared on the BBC’s Doctor Who site today. I’m guessing that they are doing some kind of Doctor Who advent calendar this year (notice that “advent” is highlighted). We’ll need to go back on Saturday for more information. Note for US readers – the date (1/12/07) is in the… Continue reading Doctor Who Advent Calendar

Billie Piper to return to Dr Who

I’m really not sure how I feel about this. Actress Billie Piper is to return to Doctor Who, the BBC has confirmed. She will star in three episodes of the sci-fi drama, reprising her role as the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler. Rose’s return will mean the Doctor has three assistants in next year’s series –… Continue reading Billie Piper to return to Dr Who