Some Doctor Who Theories (Revisited)

Back in May, after two episodes of Doctor Who series 6, I made some predictions about the rest of the series. Now that the series is over, it’s time to go back over those predictions to see how I did. There were nine of them. The eye-patch lady is going to be important.Excellent start. The… Continue reading Some Doctor Who Theories (Revisited)

Some Doctor Who Theories

We’re two episodes into the new series of Doctor Who and from what we’ve seen so far the arc plot is going to be even more complex than last year. Here are a few theories that have occurred to me over the last couple of days. They aren’t spoilers in any meaningful way as I… Continue reading Some Doctor Who Theories

Neil Gaiman Explains Doctor Who

Neil Gaiman was asked whether people need to know about the show’s previous history before watching the new series of Doctor Who. This was his reply: No, look, there’s a blue box. It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It can go anywhere in time and space and sometimes even where… Continue reading Neil Gaiman Explains Doctor Who

Doctor Who Experience

Series 6 of Doctor Who starts on Saturday 23rd April. So I think that’s a perfect day to visit the Doctor Who Experience at Olympia. Yes, it’s expensive (adult tickets are £20) and, if previous Dr Who exhibitions are any guide) it won’t be worth the money. But if we get a large enough group… Continue reading Doctor Who Experience

Boothill Foot-Tappers

Gather round boys and girls and let Uncle Dave tell you about the Boothill Foot Tappers. It’s the early 1980s and punk rock is pretty much dead. A number of bands are experimenting with combining the spirit and energy of punk with more traditional forms of music. The best-known example is probably the Pogues version… Continue reading Boothill Foot-Tappers

Where’s Your Data

We hear a lot of talk about how cloud computing is the future. Those of us who still run some of our own internet infrastructure are increasingly seen as slightly eccentric and old-fashioned. Why would anyone host their own mail server when we have Gmail or run their own blog when there is WordPress or… Continue reading Where’s Your Data