Where’s Your Data

We hear a lot of talk about how cloud computing is the future. Those of us who still run some of our own internet infrastructure are increasingly seen as slightly eccentric and old-fashioned. Why would anyone host their own mail server when we have Gmail or run their own blog when there is WordPress or… Continue reading Where’s Your Data

Blog Fixed (Hopefully)

Regular readers will know that this blog has experienced some problems over the last few months. Since I last moved to new hardware this blog has been running really slowly and more often than not any attempt to publish content (whether a blog entry or a comment) has ended with a server error. This has… Continue reading Blog Fixed (Hopefully)

More Blog Progress

Made some progress on restoring the old blog entries yesterday. I managed to get the old web server working long enough to export the blog data and I’ve successfully imported it into this installation. Over the next few hours I’ll try to get the pages rebuilt. At the same time (never let it be said… Continue reading More Blog Progress

New Software, New Design, New URLs

I’ve updated this blog to use Movable Type version 4. So far it all looks rather nice. You’ll notice that the design has changed. I’ve reverted to using the default MT templates. I’ll add back some of the other bits and pieces over the next couple of weeks. Oh, and I’ve (finally!) switched to using… Continue reading New Software, New Design, New URLs