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You’ll have noticed (I hope) that blogging has been pretty light round these parts recently. I’ve got things I want to write but I don’t seem to have much enthusiasm for it. I think that at least part of the problem is the new version of Movable Type. Oh, it all looks very lovely, but for some reason it’s running incredibly slow on my server. For example, when I rebuilt all of the pages a week or so ago, it took over 24 hours. I have a lot of entries (over five years’ worth) but it shouldn’t take that long.

I’m currently running the blog as CGI programs. It would get a lot faster if I used FastCGI instead. I’ll be moving the site to my new server over the weekend so I’ll do a bit more investigation then. Hopefully I’ll have it all fixed in the next few days.

But in the meantime, sorry if it’s all a bit dull (and broken) here.

Oh, and Matt Hickford pointed out to me yesterday that some of the permalink URLs are broken. MT seems to be confused as to whether spaces in entry titles should be converted to hyphens or underscores. I’ll get that fixed too.

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  1. When I upgraded to MT4.0 I also ran across the hyphens vs underscores issue. And in true not-very-helpful-at-all fashion, I don’t bloody remember what I did to fix it nor did I write it down.I *think* it was something to do with archive mapping on entry templates. I *think* I had to change the hyphens to underscores and then rebuild.Could I be any less helpful? Sorry mate. If I suddenly have an “aha” moment as to exactly what I did I’ll , er, let you know.

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