Broken Email

I’m moving domains around to different servers. Last night I moved Except I did a spectacularly bad job of it. Oh, I moved the web site. And the subdomains. But I completely forgot that is where all of my mail ends up (even if it’s sent to So I forgot to set up a mail account on the new server.

This morning I was a bit surprised to find that Thunderbird couldn’t log into my mail account. Of course, the DNS updates had propogated overnight and it was trying to log into a non-existant account.

I quick bit of panicking this morning and I think I’ve got it all working again now. But if you sent email to me in the last twelve hours and you got a bounce message, or you don’t get a reply today, then you might consider resending it.

See, this is why I’m not a sysadmin.

Update: Still a few problems apparently. Looks like procmail isn’t working on the new system yet. Which means that a) my mailing list email isn’t getting filtered into the correct mailboxes and b) spamassassin isn’t processing my mail.

Might be best if I just ignore email today.

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