National Rail Travel Alert

This is the text of a National Rail travel alert email that I received this morning. Problems have been reported which may affect your journey between Balham (BAL) and Shepherd’s Bush (SPB) More details of this disruption can be found here: // To see how this disruption affects your journey and to get alternative options […]

Jessica London

Recently, I started getting unsolicited email from a company called Jessica London. They sell women’s clothes and they seem to think that I’d be interested in all of their latest offers. I have no idea where they got my email address from. I know I have never dealt with them so it’s not a case […]

Message to ADT

When someone sends you an email through a contact form on your web site, it’s nice to send them an automated response thanking them for their message and indicating when you might get back to them. It’s simple enough to set up and it’s what customers have come to expect. It can, however, run the […]

38 Degrees

When I was on my self-imposed blogging hiatus in August there was one story that I read about and planned to write about on my return to London. But, course, by the time I got back there were more pressing concerns and it soon slipped my mind. Yesterday I read something that reminded me of […]

Email From The PM

We’re all, no doubt, used to getting 419 scams in email. I get several a day, but they’re not often as brazen as this. PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE TREASURY AND MINISTER FOR THE CIVIL SERVICE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. Our ref: ATM/13470/IDR Your ref:…Date: 14/09/2010 IMMEDIATE PAYMENT NOTIFICATION I am The Rt Hon David Cameron MP,Prime Minister, […]

Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall

Long-time readers will know that I am not averse to contacting companies to complain about bad service that I receive. This isn’t a particularly fulfilling hobby as you very rarely get any kind of satisfaction. But recently it’s becoming even less satisfying than before. I’ve noticed that email conversations with customer service reps are becoming […]

Admitting Your Mistakes

When did it become unfashionable to admit to mistakes. We all make mistakes. Why not just own up to them? Yesterday I got an email from an agent asking if I was available for work. I replied pointing her to the page on my company web site where that information is always available. Just now […]

TV Licence by Email

I’m not the world’s most organised person. I’m forever losing important pieces of paper. Over the christmas break I went through some of what I laughably call my filing system and attempted to impose a little more order. One of the important pieces of paper I found was my TV licence. In an attempt to […]

Pointless Battles For Geeks

Geeks invented the internet. And for many years it was inhabited solely by geeks and academics. Over those years a number of unwritten rules arose which controlled the way people used the internet. The unwritten rules were passed on to newcomers who saw the wisdom of the rules and continued to follow them. Everyone followed the rules and all […]