Too much work? How do you choose what to take on?

Freelancing is becoming a really popular way to make money. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are booming. But how do you decide which jobs to take on? Here are three questions that might help you decide whether to take on some work you’ve been offered. Question 1: Do I need the work? Obviously, when you… Continue reading Too much work? How do you choose what to take on?

Dear Recruiter

Over on LinkedIn, a recruiter on one of the Perl groups has asked for what people want from recruiters. He’s interested to hear what recruiters do that give them such a bad reputation. I thought that was an interesting question to answer, but as it might be interesting to other recruiters I’ve decided to answer… Continue reading Dear Recruiter

Admitting Your Mistakes

When did it become unfashionable to admit to mistakes. We all make mistakes. Why not just own up to them? Yesterday I got an email from an agent asking if I was available for work. I replied pointing her to the page on my company web site where that information is always available. Just now… Continue reading Admitting Your Mistakes

Job Found

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about job hunting. I’m happy to report that I got two firm job offers out of it and I’ve now accepted one of those offers. In a couple of weeks I’ll be going to work at the UK’s biggest broadcaster (again).

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IR35 Petition

Probably of little or no interest to most readers, but there’s now an e-petition calling for the abolition of IR35. IR35 was a way of gathering extra tax revenues (without raising the basic rate for taxation) by picking on Computer Contractor’s who work in a way that suits the relatively short life-cycles of the industry.… Continue reading IR35 Petition

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