Dear Recruiter

Over on LinkedIn, a recruiter on one of the Perl groups has asked for what people want from recruiters. He’s interested to hear what recruiters do that give them such a bad reputation. I thought that was an interesting question to answer, but as it might be interesting to other recruiters I’ve decided to answer […]

Admitting Your Mistakes

When did it become unfashionable to admit to mistakes. We all make mistakes. Why not just own up to them? Yesterday I got an email from an agent asking if I was available for work. I replied pointing her to the page on my company web site where that information is always available. Just now […]

Spolsky on Customer Service

Anyone who has anything to do with customer service in their organisation should read and learn from Joel Spolsky’s article on the subject. It’s not just software companies he’s talking about. Anyone who deals with customers could benefit from taking his advice. I particularly liked point 2, “Suggest blowing out the dust”. Microsoft’s Raymond Chen […]