R U Avail?

An SMS that I have received twice today:

Hello. R U Avail & Looking 4 work? I have a 3 mnth contract at the BBC – £310 P/Day 4 a good Perl Dev? If yes pls call ASAP at [removed] – Rgrds Kathe @ PCR

Even if I was available and looking “4” work, I’d almost certainly be hoping to work with an agent who gives off an air of professionalism. Not one who thinks it’s appropriate to use “txtspk” when talking to potential clients.

Or am I being too old-fashioned?


  1. Depends on the job climate. If there is not a lot around (like now), then you have to give in and respond, even if it annoys you.But that text isn’t even too bad IMO, not GR8, but alright. Grammar seems OK./r

  2. Grammar seems OK.

    Well, that second question mark is completely unnecessary.And the market needs to get a lot worse before I respond to idiocy like that :-)

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