Time Computers / The Computer Shop Scam

The Computer Shop (formerly Time Computers) have never had a great reputation amongst techincal people in the UK. They might be cheap, but their build quality is shoddy and their support is appalling. Now Yoz Grahame points out another reason for not using them.

Apparently their systems come with a modem that is configured to only work with one ISP. You can only fix this by calling a £1/minute support line and buying software to unlock the modem for an additional £60. Yoz also links to a free solution to this problem.

I’m mentioning this in the hope that my high Googlejuice will mean that this page will appear high in the listings for anyone searching for “Time Computers” or “The Computer Shop”.

And, yes, I’m biased. I once bought a PC from Time. It stopped working after a couple of months and no amount of shouting at their support people would get it fixed. It’s still sitting dead in my study. It won’t even boot.


  1. i totally agree with u. i sent my computer back to get fixed as after a few months it stopped working. it took nearly 2 weeks for them to pick it up and then took nearly 2 months to get it back again,even then i had to pick it up myself cos they took too long. i would not advise anybody to buy from them

  2. I am reading in horror at the way TIME customers have been treated, not only on your website but on others too. This is my second and last TIME – although first one lasted me 6 yrs with no problems. Purchased another in May and has worked fine with no supanet problems either (managed to get onto AOL easily). Now after a storm and power cut I am left with a very poorly machine. Phoned Manager at local store to be told what seems to be a familiar phrase now: call our technical support line at £1 per minute and purchase RELOAD disc at £59.99. Same old story of why we dont get this cd included is due to Microsoft not allowing it to be included. So far I have not done either but thought would do a bit of research first.For those who have read your TIME USER GUIDE, perhaps you can make note of the following statement in Chapter 7 on the Reload CD.”The Reaload CD has been developed by Time in response to customer’s requestes for a quick, safe and above all simple way to restore the software on the PC to its ‘out of the box’ condition.Designed especially for the new or inexperienced user, it is extremely easy to sue, requires no special knowledge or technical expertise and will fix most software problems in a matter of minutes. Plus, it can save you the time, trouble and expense of returning the PC or having to call our Customer Care lines. The Reload CD is normally supplied as standard with all TimeCover support packs. If you are not covered by a support pack, you may obtain the Reload CD directly from our sales department for a small extra charge.I just love the ‘small extra charge’ bit which is actually 11% of the purchase price of the goods, and thats ‘small’!!!!Seems like this is a permanent problem with this company and would appreciate finding out if there is any way around this ie. installing new hardware at the expense of the 12 month guarantee which seems pretty worthless anyway.Jenny

  3. I have to eat my words now, I got a result from Time in the shape of A FREE RELOAD DISK, which is in the post. Cant tell you how chuffed I feel!Jenny

  4. You do not have to eat your words. The disk should have been supplied with the computer, whether it will work for you is another problem, lol wouldnt it be funny…I can’t beleive they still operate! An didot friend of mine ignored advice from me and was in a hurry to get a computer. His cousin said time, and he bought the first pc he seen on their site.What did he get?A french keyboard (tech support required),No internet explorer installed (tech support would have been required only fo me!),A cd-rw drive that dont work (he called tech support, i wasnt there, they told him to uninstall/reinstall the drivers!, didnt work obivously, now their baffelled and they didnt offer to replace the drive. i’ve told him to ring them again and stop being thier bitch)From their site:Great News for all customers!With effect from Sunday 7th September we are introducing extended hours technical support that will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!Please note that on the new service, calls will be charged at £1/min

  5. If my computer goes wrong i call the shop they either fix it over the phone, or i can take it in that day to be fixed. It needed to go away once and they organised it all for me. No waiting in a cue on a £1 a min or waiting 2 weeks for it to come back, it was back within 4 days. I am very pleased with the support i get from my local store. Lets face it, would pc world offer that kind of support? Dont think so, i’ve had one from there too, i paid £300 for support, and it cost me 50p a min to get help, no instore support!! I think time are great. Those who dont want to pay for support expect it all for free! Thats life! Where not all technicians, we all need help, you just need to pay for it.

  6. End of the day, its all worth winging about Time, however PC World are no better and neither are half the other “Bargain PC” suppliers out there.If you want quality spend a bit more, and buy that assurance that you so crave. End of the day, you get what you pay for

  7. I think you should all feel lucky. Got the cheap machine, thought yeah I work in IT, can sort any problem.That was till i got a TIME machine. DVD burner never worked, they wanted to charge me £30 to send it back (only had it a day), found an update, burner works. It kept crashing. bought what they said was Win XP, set me back £60. It was the stupid Reload CD (that does not work after 3 restores)! Might aswell brought the OS at PCW. Now the god damn GeForce FX 5900XT Graphics card has gone, and it has literally just gone out of warrenty! Plus the thousands I have spent phoning the £1 min send it back for £30 hotline.They are the biggest con, wish I just brought a dell.

  8. Thanks guys. I was about to buy a new pc from Tiny or Time.Though this m/c is a Tiny & has been no problem over the last 6 years I will heed yr comments.Previous pc was a HP which also gave no problems.I am an untutored grey beard now retired but I have quite enjoyed using the computers for my business accounts, wages etc.Any comments about most reliable suppliers & of course value for money.All the bestkiembe

  9. TIME o there great.What aload of CRAP.Got the comp 11 months ago, day i got it had to go back to the shop and get the reload cd at £60.Whan i tried it, still the same prob. I shouldn’t have to go and get a reload cd on the day the thing comes.I have called tech support countless times, which at £1 a min. All telling me the same thing.Get this driver then go to this site. And so on you get the picture. And now there new 24/7 tech support is in india and they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.I mean would you belive it, someone from time called me yesterday to ask how it going with the comp because my warranty was about to go. Told him, he said he had the same probs, took all his details on what to do. Still no joy.Someone should try and sort out some kind of trading law for this company.Try this link http://www.romulus2.com/forum/showthread.php?s=b7389537973e0a88a114210959c4894f&threadid=12206Like the man said just 1 big con

  10. I spent £1200 on a TIME PC a few years ago when i was at university and had nothing but trouble with it from DAY ONE. The premium rate support number was a farce and the people who worked there a bunch of morons. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE

  11. My friend had the same problem with a TIME computer. I didnt find a fix for the modem and just put in a new 6.99 modem. Works a treat. This is after they spent £60 on support calls to TIME.3 Phone calls and the support staff always asked the same questions and very slowly! Well, you would at £1 a minute.I dont agree in free support as you leave it open to time wasters and people who dont read the manual. But locking the ISP and charging to release it. Its a Scam my friend.

  12. I regularly repair computers and was recently asked by a friend to reformat there Time computer. Well wish I had never started. It’s now one week since I started and i’ve had continuous problems with the standard system. It was running on Windows ME, but I decided to upgrade it to Windows 2000. No chance, untill – I removed the HDD and installed Win2000 on my own computer. I also had extreme problems installing software for the built in graphics card and sound system – before reformatting i wrote down the system information so i could download the win2000 drivers from the internet. It took four hours to install the sound and modem drivers and i’m still trying to install the graphics card – it just won’t let me! i tried using the timesupport website but the model number is not listed! I’m now considering purchasing a new graphics card for it as it just is pissing me off and it is not even worth the time and effort i have put in.My verdict? = Buy a similar product from the likes of Dabs.com – it’s faster, better and the build quality is far superior.I would not be able to reccommend a Time computer to anyone thinking of buying a new pc. You would also be best to avoid second hand time machines.

  13. They dont supply the reload cd with the machines because its part of microsoft. They have the license to install windows onto the system, as for piracy, not to give out the CDs with machines.You buy second hands time parts from dabs.com also known as emit.You can refund the call time if they find out it is a hardware fault n needs to be arranged for RMA.You cannot format the HDDs cus windows is partitioned on the HDDs, only time can access them, and the reload cd.. nothing else.They give you support options which gives the reload cd in there for you. Then if u do have a software fault, USE THE CD INSTEAD OF CALLING!! if its hardware fault.. call and arrange for RMA!! so simple ya???Wolfie.. by ur rights, you didnt need to pay £30 for delivery/part to fix the DVD burner in ur machine as you have only had it a day. As i said, its advisable to get support on PCs as parts to run out after the standard 12 month warranty. Could you be so stupid NOT to get it????Technical support lines are open 9-5.30 after that its passed over to a 3rd party call service which is in india.. COMMON KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE!!YOU ALL DONT DESERVE TO HAVE A PC IF YOU DONT KNOW THE COMMON GROUNDS OF WARRANTY ON PCS!!! DUH!

  14. Its people like you lot that expect everything for nothing!!! walk into a shop expect a porsche for the price of a skoda and a FREE 5 YEAR ILL COME ROUND TO YOUR HOUSE AND BAKE YOU A CAKE WARRANTY!! Get in the real world people! Helplines cost money.. either pay more for the price of the PC of pay extra for a warranty! SIMPLE!!Its people like you lot who refuse to listen when salespeople try to tell you what is and isnt included in a standard warranty…and when offered a extended support pack insist you have friends who will ‘FIX IT FOR YA’ < Ye honest we all have pals who who will call on by and replace a bust TFT free of charge! Its fair to say the standard 12 month warranty offered by TIME/TINY is Sh**! but make the descision when you buy dont harp on afterwards!!!!!

  15. Thank the Lord for ‘Anom’ of Nov 24th @ 6.58pm; tho I was steaming by the time I reached the bottom of the page – I worked in a time store and most of the people above smack of being the same wankers I had to deal with every bloody day. Yes – I agree; it is unfair that you have to pay £1 per min to report a hardware fault; BUT IN EXCESS of 90% of complaints about our ‘crap computers’ were about software issues which people expected us to get sorted for free! Get real! Also I can’t speak for every store but in most that I know, customers are advised of the exact conditions of their warranty BEFORE they buy. Then when you find out your mate (the expert you said would sort any problems for you) doesn’t know half as much about pcs as you thought, you then conveniently forget you agreed to these terms and conditions and try and get results by being a pain in the arse. What this is really about is a bunch of people who want to pay £700 for a £1000 PC AND get a £3000 level of service thrown in. Aint gonna happen.

  16. You fucking tellem alex i still work for the computers shop and agree that most of the problems are software related . but the biggestv problem with all pcs is the idiot in the chair in front of it

  17. Hi there, wrote the words ‘time computer fraud’ in google and this came up. Try and beat this one…Bought a Platina from the Computer Shop last year. Specs were supposed to be 1024MB RAM, XP2600+ AMD Athlon, 256MB ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics Card and 160GB Hard Drive.When I got it, everything was there and the computer was running at 2.25ghz (If my memory serves me). Then the thing stopped working with my monitor. After much support, which was alright – nothing bad about it just long winded – I convinced them to take it back and look at it. I sent it back and they said they found nothing wrong. It came back and was working…making me wonder if they changed something. I looked at my processor and could have sworn the card was a different colour.So here I am about 5 months later, just noticing that my Processor is running at a speed of 1.25ghz…a full Ghz slower than what I remember it running at. Now could someone please explain to me why a Processor which is supposed to be an equivalent to the Intel P4 2.6ghz, is running at 1.25ghz? Simple…they must have switched it to a XP1600+ and hope we wouldn’t notice it.I call that fraud…and I’ll be making a festival phone call very soon. If it isn’t fraud, then someone has certainly messed up. This computer has been a £1000 nightmare…even when I’ve restored it to factory settings in the past, it has started with bugs and spyware. I know I will never buy a Time computer again.

  18. I have a second hand time pc and want to “start again” but dont want to fork out for a reload disc.Anyone know if i can put in a copy of windows or will i need a new hard drive aswell?

  19. You should be able to just install a new operating system from any windows installation disk – tho’ you may be missing some specialised hardware drivers.Personally, I think you’d be better of installing Linux :)

  20. you can install any os if u have the right disk u wont be needing a reload cd. Im sure if u use the net u can source a copy of a well known and i hate to say this “Quite Good” operating system :-)

  21. Id just like to point out that the 1st person to reply, amjad biag, is actually the MD/CEO of the granville group which owns TCS, Tiny, Time, and coincedentally Supanet, the ISP which TCS Pcs are locked to.theres blatantly a lot of TCS staff on this board, im currently working for the TCS and id just like to say with regards to the warranty theyre no different to any other high street retailer, you get the support you pay for, if you buy a PC you get a PC, if you buy the support you get what you paid for. Support.theyre still a shit company to work for tho, the comm structure is wank.just out of interest try searching for the CEO’s name in google, hes in court this year for a £20million fraud he puportedly commited when he owned the phone people.

  22. Interesting to see nerds anon on board . This rubbish is built for the mass public market . Go back to the Amiga which was better than the PC . The PC was a business machine the operating system was rubbish then and is still rubbish now for the public .It is too technical for general use .

  23. OOOOps!!! found these pages too late!!!! Purchased Time Optima package deal two weeks ago, been having grief from it ever since……internet, cd rewriter, dvd drive,…….no joy with any of it. Wish I had done my homework reading these pages first. I’ve been well seen off!!!

  24. just want to say Time Computers are the biggest piles of sh*t ive ever seen!!!! I bought my nice new Time Power station,within a few mins of setting it up i was dissapointed…..my digicam had been broken in transit and my monitor had developed a fault on the wiring to rear of the screen…i then was told i had to ring a premium rate number(at A £1 a min)so im £20 down straight away,to tell them my fault which was a waste of time cos there are in pakistan or summat and cant understand wat ure sayin!!!!!! After a few days of messing around i finally got them to exchange the monitor and the digicam,no probs there i thought..well i was so so wrong the monitor they had sent has since developed a totally diff fault and the want me to pay £35 carriage charge to send there faulty goods back which they have already replaced…but to top it all my dvd writer will not burn on rewritable dvds,cdr’s is no prob but it just doesnt like dvdr’s and ive also noticed that some of my own programmes wont work on it unless i use the front usb port…how strange.I cant belive ive bought such a pile of sh*t,they are tossers and things must be done to stop them and yes the trading standards are now involved

  25. I’m 3rd Line Internet support for most of the UK’s ISP’s and I’m also a system builder I work for a back bone to other ISP’s for the likes of Egg, I have been into computers and the internet since the days of BB’s and Prestel, so along time.Never have I had so many problems thanks to the likes of TIME and Tiny and Norton and Maccafee antivirus suite, yes there PC’s are quite bad and yes there support is very limited and script driven, there should be alot more training in that area with the fact that some poor sod is paying £1.00 a min for GOOD advice and support, not generic do this buy this etc.. IMO honesty goes along way, if it sounds like software problems explain your remit then offer solutions, if its hardware dont BS the customer explain if you know how to solve the problem and if not say so, if its a hardware problem then offer to replace the faulty part making 100% you have all the facts and not just assuming the customer is thick and that you already know the answer.Good Support = good PR – remember you reflect against the company you work for.Do a crap job in support and the customer will assume everyone in that company is crap.In the end just treat that person on the other end of the phone how you would like to be treated if you were paying £1 or 50p a minute.Paul Saunders3rd Line Support Internet Engineer

  26. A couple of hours ago my new shiny Tiny Monster 2004 pro pc arrived a week earlier than expected. It was like all my christmases had come at once. I set it all up then switched it on.It keeps hanging on DCHP then saying it cannot find boot sector and asking me to insert the boot diskette. I phoned the support line and after 45 mins of trying to understand what some Indian bloke was saying and going through certain steps he decided they’d given me the wrong cd and that I would receive another in 5-7 working days! Is there anything I can do other than wait?

  27. I got a laptop from their website. Have had it 3 weeks now, not used it once. System crashed on me right away. Called their useless support team at 50p/min and was told to use the provided reload CD. Well, the CD they sent me doesn’t work with my system. So they said they’d send me a new one. That was 2.5 weeks ago. Still waiting. They’ve since “sent” me 2 more, first class post. STILL WAITING. So I basically have a £1000+ doorstop I’ve not been able to use. They refuse to help me on tech lines or customer support lines. I’ve even asked to speak to a manager, I was refused. Twice. Eventually I called Microsoft’s free support line, and they were incredibly helpful. They conferenced me in on a call to Time and it was only THEN that I got through to a manager. He basically (in a nutshell) told me to wait for these phantom reload CD’s and that until I got them, he couldn’t help. He didn’t even WANT to discuss a refund. Said he couldn’t do it until they determined it was a hardware fault. But I can’t see it being anything else. Their customer/tech support is UNBELIEVABLY HORRIBLE. They’re like zombies…same excuses over and over. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to buy any type of computer equipment look elsewhere. It’s not worth the hassle. I’ll be on to Consumer Affairs if I’ve not received these disks by Monday.

    1. Sarah I used to work for Time here in Birmingham. I now work for a secondary school as an ICT Technician so if I worked at the technical call centre for Time when I was employed by them I could have explained over the phone how to get your laptop working.

  28. for anyone interested there on watchdog this week and im definetly ringin in, i have a crappy laptop that wont work, and apparntly its the software. someone quoted avove “You fucking tellem alex i still work for the computers shop and agree that most of the problems are software related . but the biggestv problem with all pcs is the idiot in the chair in front of it”, now im sure when i purchased my laptop i was buyin both software and hardware, so if its the software, seein as it was your company installd it your company should make sure it works, thats the whole essence of a package deal,if thats not the case maybe the idiot who sold it me should have let me in on the fact that its not your problem or fault when the software goes,its obvious you work there, you can just sense that same arrogant cock attitude that seems to be standard to all computer shop employees!

  29. Why dont you all just stfu. You go and spend over a thousand and don’t bother to read the t’s and c’s and then complain. People who are unable to de optimise a modem are all fkin noobs. Its a pieece of piss. simple process a monkey could follow.The biggest problem with people’s pc’s is they get friends ‘who know about computers’ (they rarely know fuck all) to have a look and they sit and fiddle and fuck things up. I am a PC technician and Time are not as bad as ppl say. Learn how to use a PC before you fuck around with things.

  30. “de optimise a modem”? You’re saying that a modem that comes configured to work with only one ISP is somehow “optimised” and that fixing that problem is “de-optimising” it? That sounds like a fairly bizarre use of English to me :)And while we’re on bizarre English you might like to take another look at “they rarely know fuck all”. I suspect you’ve actually said the complete opposite to what you meant to say. I strongly suspect you meant to say “they usually know fuck all”.

  31. Hi, I previously worked for Time Computers HQ in the UK (Burnley)… and I must say that I feel for all the suffering customers of Time.As a tech there, I must say TIME ARE AS BAD AS CAN BE…They calimed that they were the main suppliers for the “Home Computer User” market…If that’s the case then all you “techs” should be aware that Home Users are rarely clued-up about computers…I as a former Time Tech I would never buy a Time Machine, there are better companies, such as Sony Vaio & Dell who provide great support & no crappy £1.00 a min lines.I bought a machine from Dell @ £311.00 yes £311.00 for my friend, it came with brilliant support, better software (no OPTIMIZED Modem) & the same machine from Time would have cost over £500.00.Time computers are also cheap in design, have you seen some of the crap white cases they have?… this 2005 not 1980.Cheap components, cheap service, cheap customer care, cheap everything… sorry not the price… rip off prices.Time had a fantastic hold on the Home User Market, only if they got thier act together, today they would be bigger than Dell.Time tried to used a function refered to as “Reseller”. They simply sold thier machines under contract with companies such as Tesco & Woolworths… I am glad to say Tesco quickly realised that Time would only damage thier rep & cancelled thier contract with Time. Hopefully, all the other companies will follow suite.STEER CLEAR OF TIME COMPUTERS… THEY ARE TIME MACHINES… FROM THE 1980’s.

  32. I brought a time pc in december 2000, paid an extra £500+ for 4 year gold warranty which if you didnt use in those 4 years you could claim back. Now those 4 years are up trying to get the £500 is a joke. In 2003 i paid for minor repairs myself thinking its not worth losing the cash back for. Time say that because i didnt fill in the insurance certificate and send back within 15 days i do not qualify. The computer was brought in december and arrived in january more than 15 days later, this document i was spose to return did not arrive with this, nor did software i paid £200 for, or voucher for free computer table. I eventually got the software not from time but the local retail outlet i purchased the computer from. The voucher for free desk arrived to late to claim it. This cash back registration form never arrived, infact i never knew anything about it until january this year when trying to claim my cash back. I do however have a cash back claim number given to me by time and an account no. which they now decide to ignore. I also have all original paper work that proves i brought the cash back waranty. Anyone had a similar experience. (dont have the computer anymore got fed up of having to constantly reboot it)

  33. Time for my tale, me thinks.I phoned the cover gold technical support asking for help as to why my modem wasn’t working. They told me to reset my computer to the factory settings using the reload cds. I tried it but the PC wouldn’t recognise the reload cds and just booted windows instead. The guy told me that I must have been using the wrong reload Cds and so, like an idiot, I bought new ones (£40). They took a month to arrive and when I eventually got them, lo and behold; they were exactly the same as the ones I was using before.I phoned customer support and demanded a refund. And got one.

  34. People the problem with time is that they are inferior build made by nuggets. For gods sake go to somewhere like dabs, buy complete or better still build your own. I too have worked in an electrical shop and it is quite right to suggest that a large amount of problems are whats commonly termed in the industry as bastard faults. They are caused by the bastards who are operating the equipment. But time like many companies on the not so cheap as chips brigade exasurbate this by building shit.

  35. I paid £60.01 plus £6.99 a month for Total Care cover. Total Care my arse. The disks they give you have no instructions on them, or with them.The cover package does not give any user instructions (ie: it tells you what you can do, but not how to do it).It doesn’t tell you the website from which to download online virus scans from.They keep you hanging on the line for between 20 & 40 minutes before getting through to people who give you wrong information.You follow their “over the phone” instructions and end up with errors around every corner.COME ON “THE COMPUTER SHOP”, WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. IF YOU CAN’T SUPPLY EVEN THE BASIC INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL END UP WITH A FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER BASE VENTING THIER ANGER ON SITES LIKE THIS.THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THIS “TAKE THE MONEY & RUN” ATTITUDE ANYMORE.Mark ParkerTiny’s Pissed off Punter of the month for March.

  36. Hi. I found this site by searching for ‘fuck time computers’ in Google. Nice one!I too worked for TIME as a technician in the Burnley HQ for about 2 weeks a couple of years ago. I ended up just walking out in the end. It was a horrible place. Arrogant senior technicians, underqualified front line technicians and a generally unpleasant place with a nasty atmosphere.I truly feel for all of you who have had the misfortune to buy from these people. Every day involved speaking to person after person who have been sold absolute crap with ridiculously overpriced warranties and phone support. I’m also shocked to discover that, reading the posts above, they seem to have developed new ways of ripping people off since I worked for them! Locking modems to 1 ISP then charging £60 a go to unlock it? Come off it! It’s OK saying ‘any noob can de-optimise a modem’ (whatever that means) but lots of their customers are people who are very new to computers, haven’t a clue what a modem is, and have been conned by some slippery twat who knows nothing at all about cmputers (but is good at selling to little old ladies!)I’m not surprised that many people are annoyed with the level of knowledge of most of the tech support advisors either. They basically let anyone in. First of all, because of the massively high staff turnover, most people are employed through agencies. Agencies want to make money by getting as many people as they can to them so they push people who just aren’t qualified for tech support to interviews.The interview and ‘training’ was an absolute joke. The technical interview involved being given a dis-assmebled PC and being told to put it together. Not switch it on or anything, have faults to diagnose, etc. Just put the cables where they ought to go.The training lasted 2 weeks, split half and half into tech training and customer support training and was pretty basic to say the least.Once actually into the job, I can honestly say it was the most unpleasant work I’ve ever had to do. I felt so sorry for all the people I spoke to every day. Most ‘tech’ calls were actually from people who have been waiting weeks for computers to be returned or given incorrect tech support advice the last time they called. They also happened to use the cheapest transport company they could find who were renouned for losing monitors, base units, etc.Jim’s post above sounds typical of the goings-on at Time. A reload disc is all well and good (as long as it’s for the correct machine!), but selling crap components in the first place, built by monkeys on an assmebly line isn’t really a good place to start.If you’ve been taken for a ride by Time, complain as much as possible and demand your refunds. Please insist on speaking to a senior manager though – people on the front line just don’t get paid enough for the amount of shit they take!

  37. Hello thereTime are at this minute selling Laptops on QVC.@ £1,299. They say they have been building computer for years, where as these computers and other Badged Names are based on one Model, 11 of which are built in Taiwan and other places, and certain additions added later by main outsourved companies, various dealers throughout Europe and USA.I am most annoyed that the people who represent this firm, do not tell the truth about.Victor. The source of my information comes over a period of time from “ChiP Magazine” in Germany. Where I worked on Main Frames for a large German Company.

  38. This company doesn’t pay its sales staff enough to put up with the crap that we’re dealt. We send upwards of twenty people weekly out of the store eagerly awaiting their new machine, having done our job by the book entirely.
    Then the people at Burnley take over, its down to us to make excuses for whatever seems to have gone wrong, again.
    This may fall on deaf ears, but have a little sympathy for the lackeys at your local Computer Shop; Its not our fault, and we are on your side, honest! -.-‘

  39. i to have had the same problem with time with the tec support you can not understand them and i have had problem after problem and i have only had the comp for about 3 months and that tit who was saying about the skoda and that if you bought a skoda you would still expect it to run properly

  40. I used to work for Time at Altham,near Burnley.They treat most of their workers like wankers,which probably explains why most of the higher up tech supports ARE wankers,as I have seen on this board.When you buy a pc,you expect it to work.If it doesn’t,you expect the support people to have some idea whats wrong.Not just get told to try the same things over and over like a total tosser!!!!!Thats what they train you to do!It’s all about the money,guys,the money you have,that they want.I’ve been there and I know the score.Shame that most of the few decent techs who I knew there have either ended up leaving,or have sucked up to the Time philosophy that most pc users are stupid dicks who don’t know there modem from their asshole:)Jamius

  41. I avoid ALL the problems mentioned above by doing a little research on the company BEFORE I purchase from them. If I discover they are run by Pakistanis I don’t buy from them. It’s not racist, experience has shown me these people have no honesty, integrity or scruples when it comes to business. As far as they’re concerned, all’s fair in love, war AND BUSINESS.Buy from DABS. British owned with British attitude to after sales service.

  42. The third pc I’ve owned is on its last legs so I’m in the market for another, The Tiny range appealed to me until I read the small (very small) conditions at the bottom of their ads. which look amazingly similar to Time. For example, I’ve always insisted on back up discs because from time to time (no pun meant), my sytem has crashed or I wanted to spring clean and reformat the hd. Tiny, like Time, do not supply back ups unless you request them (says the small print, which doesn’t say what they will cost). They also send out preloaded ISP’s on Supanet and again they say you can request another ISP but they don’t mention charges.So thanks a million for this site which has avoided me being and hopefully any Tiny person reading this will note thye’ve lost a sale through their jiggery pokery. If you’re looking for a new PC the first thing to buy is a magnifying glass to read that small print. Incidentally, I am struck by those conditions imposed on their users and wonder – has not Time been rebadged Tiny? New name, old tricks?

  43. Its GONE, saved up some cash and threw the heap of shit away.Just brought an Advent T9003 for £800 from PC World and it works like a dream.I gave up long ago trying to buy stuff just to try and get it to work. And calling some Indian nutter who thinks they know what they are talking about.The so called Time Speed Demon(speed my ars) i brought would crash around 10 to 20 times a day, the new 1 has not crashed at all even when running loads of apps.Converting AVI to DVD,ripping a DVD,Burning a DVD,running limewire & emule, while i played Doom 3.All of that at the same time and it did not crash at all. With the Time 1 if i just had dvd shrink running it would crash half way through, played a game froze after 1 min of play.How can anyone say that time are good.4 those of you that are going out and buying stuff to try and get it to work the only thing i found that helped was a new power supply. It did not make that much difference, but it gave me just that extra bit of time b4 it froze.

  44. lol, 60 quid for a reboot disc, and they woder why more and more people are turning into pirates.Im actually in need of one just now but ill be buggered if im paying that, pirates ahoy!Oh and their support is one of the the worst things i have ever had to experiance.My dvd drive stopped working, phone the help line, give my details, account codes or what ever i cant remember by having to spell each letter out (n for november) it took 16 minutes (i timed) just to get that sort of stuff sorted out before i could even begin to talk about the damn computer, after 7 days of phone calls and reboots (this was with an older computer where they actually gave you the reboot disc with the computer (as they damn well should)) they picked it up to be fixed, i had to demand a receipt from them before i would let them take it away.3 weeks later, nothing, even though we were promised it would take no more than 14 days, time to phone again, oh dear, they dont know where it is, simple as that.From that point my dad (who can squeeze refunds out of a stone the guys amazing) took over and kept annoying them till they gave us a replacement.another 3 weeks….. nuthinTHEN, both computers turn up, the new one and a day later the old one – fixed.So you might think its a good thing but it just shows how bad the company is at comunication and if it wernt for my dad (who no manager wants to get on the wrong side of) god knows where i would be at.Basically from now on im going to get my mate (who actually does know about computing and is probably better qualified than times staff) to make me one, helluva lot cheaper and far better support. For other people who dont have mates like that i recommed the smaller shops, not chains.And at least then you wont have to deal with people in india who all tell you the same thing from their pre written scripts

  45. I’m desparate for a Tiny Reload CD, can anyone either post me one or let me download a disk image of it? I’m proper screwed, offered to help a mate out with his new PC (usual story, turns up with loads of shite he’ll never need, so I offered to format & install fresh windows XP Pro).Nuked the drive to find it won’t boot after, and need the reload CD.He is so pissed off as is his mum who got it for him for his 18th, he’s doing his A Levels and needs it, I’m so stressed!!Please, if anyone can help I’ll trade for whatever you want, 20GB of MP3s, MAME ROMs, latest DVDs, applications ANYTHING!!!!Please e-mail me on steven.welton@gmail.comThanks a lot everyone.

  46. Wow…we have lying sales people and complete wanker customers who can do a google search on Time yet don’t bother for clock speeds on Athlons No way a 2600XP has ever run at 2.25Ghz. Sales people advise customers of nothing but bullshit and then pass the buck…have seen them here several times swaggering around and also seen the mails from them bragging about selling to muppets.One of the posts here states within hours of turning it on there was spyware all over……STOP GOING TO DODGY SITES you fucked up idiot. Spy ware, as any reasonable person will agree is purely the responsibility of the owner. The reload everyone winges about is easy…look for a folder called Tclone and copy the contents to a bootable cd walla no more money to pay. You call yourselves Techies…bollocks I’ve seen and heard more technical chocolate bars. 4 hours to replace drivers….wanker look at the chipset…got to go another wanker ringing to complain about his own stupidity

  47. does anyone know the sound drivers for a TIME computer model 231G84 400K6/ ALI?We have formatted the hard drive and don’t know where to find the drivers from – silly us I know

  48. the 231G84 uses an MSI-5182 m/b. Manual is at http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/download/dld/spt_dld_detail.php?UID=230&kind=1for sound drivers use the creative es-1373 athttp://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/driver/dvr/spt_dvr_list.php?part=1&kind=3&CHIP=3&COM=&Page=2&num=0For display use the latest ATi rage pro’s from ATi themselves.chipset drivers use the integrated Ull/Ali ones at ftp://www.uli.com.tw/driver/Integrated2092.zipModem will probably be a conexant HCF from http://www.conexant.com/support/md_driverdownload.jsp, though it could be a PC-tel pvp soft modem, drivers for which are also now on conexant website somewhere but well hiddenDemdike

  49. I bought a machine from Tesco in Feb 2004. The Battery failed 370 days after purchase, the power switch went at 70 weeks and recently it started BLUE SCREENING. As such i backed up my Data and put in my reload CD. Unfortunately this disc appears damaged, as such i now have a useless machine. I tried to contact time via telephone for 5 hours, but noone answered, I then called tech support. Abdul, in India, wasn’t able to help me, but did try, he couldn’t even find me on the system !!! Maybe Time build the systems in India !!If anyone has a copy of reload discs 8375p 1&2 PLEASE contact me….I have been forced to buy a new machine, which is a Sony Vaio, NIGHT AND DAY !!!

  50. Hi peeps I see alot of posts about TIME computers. Personally I would not touch them with a barge pole.I normally self build my systems.However about 1.5 years ago I was checking around for suppliers of the then new Athlon 64bit 3200+,I was gutted when I found out the only UK supplier at the Time was TIME Computers.I thought what the hell,any problems I can deal with these idiots. So I purchased the Platina.Firstly the speakers did not work, after an hour on the phone to the Platina support they conceded they had to replace them. Then I noticed the card reader was really buggy. I did some checking around and found out the card readers they where using had been pulled off point of sale elsewhere because they corrupted memory cards larger than 128Mb. After the usual BS .They offered to send me another at their cost, but I thouhgt what the hell its only a pocket change item and bought a decent one elsewhere.Now 11 months in I found that the Radeon 9200 256mb ATI All in Wonder card stopped working on the TV module. Did some checking around this was a known fault with PAL S-Video input. So I contactedTIME, they said they would process it. A couple of months later I contacted to ask why this had not been sorted. They told me I no longer had any warranty. (In the mean time i had been talking to the guys at Sapphire who have the European licence to produce this card).I pointed out firstly I had reported this within the TIME Warranty period, however Sapphire gives a full 24 month warranty on both OEM and reatil cards.Not surprisingly the manager claimed that they had no record of the original report and since my warranty was no longer in place they had nothing more to do with it. I went onto point out European Law, their requirements as an OEM suppliers to conform to DTI regualtions etc.He just slammed the telephone down.Since then I have been dealing with sapphire directly. Who in turn keep being told by TIME’s purchase manager that they will contact me and arange an exchange of the card. 5 Times now Sapphire have had to chase them up about this.Eventually I will get this sorted even if I have to take TIME before the Dpeartment of Trade and Industry and get their OEM licence revoked.If tech engineers like myself have major problems with them ignoring the law. What chance has the General public got?btw I have already taken on the likes of Dabs.com and Pixmania.con in both instances I have obtained full refunds and formal Apologies.In the case with Dabs.com they where actually reported for theft when they failed to forward a £116 DV tust cam to Trust. They recieved it at dabs then lost it instead of forwarding it under warranty. As they where only a go between, much like you sending somebody to post your letters. They could be reported for theft. They soon backed down from their position after Thames Valley Police contacted them. Dabs.com went from swearing at me. To yes sir, no sir, can we do anything else for you sir LOL.Guess it was not a good idea for them to take on somebody who owns/runs a tech support site with 2.1 million readers per month ;-)

  51. I am a Computer Technician, I stopped phoning Time maybe 5 years ago. As yes they are shit, just like thier Bosched Hardware and onboard bullshit, and friendly but clueless help desk.Its about TIME something was Said…If a Client or Customer calls me screaming My Computers not working!? First thing I ask these days is where did you get it from….. If its Time – Then my advice is “Fuck it, Its Cheaper Buying a new computer than trying to fix something that never worked properly…Bla blaBArnabus

  52. Haha dont i feel the fooli went looking for the best specs for a laptop, and i came across the powerlite C835E, a very nice one on paper and as a previous tiny owner, i felt confident of my choice.Now, 3 weeks into waiting for my order i know im just heading down the same path as everyone else so ive decided to cut my losses and cancel my order.Funny thing is, cancelling the order is probably less hassle than haveing the HIGH chance of a break and £1/min x 30 mins support.oops!

  53. I have an older Athlon 1GHZ from Time that is still running but try and get a copy of the firmware out of them and its “ask Gigabyte, we haven’t got it” for Gigabyte to tell me that the 7ZMMP board is Time’s exclusive code and they should let me have it…I am now lumbered with the mother in law’s Time laptop, got the reload CD, just stuck my own slipstreamed and modded XP Corp on it, latest office when it lazily decides to look for the modem, installs it, halts on error 10 and puts the DMA modes into PIO so really slow slow IDE movement on it, the modem driver seems to be the right one, it comes from the right disc but XP or the machine just won’t accept it…And before the “experts” start sticking the old boot in claiming I am an idiot in front of the screen, I was using pre 8088’s and Sperry’s in the late ’70’s, in fact I believe that I was one of the very first people to respond to Clive Sinclair’s ad in the Times for a kit build ZX80 so my credentials don’t need checking.My advice to the old MiL will be to put the damned thing up on eBay as soon as I have isolated and disabled the modem and buy something from Dell and with their customer service, things must be bad to go to them.

  54. my friend bough a package time pc from woolworths and is desperate to take the money back but no chance so far. she had problem since the day it arrived.he tried to conntect to the internet via bt braod band but she got problems straight away.support told her to use the reload cd but the dvd/cd slot does not even read the reload cd ( i have seen it with my own eyes) so she cannot restore the original settings!! they told her to go to the internet to download a fix for the dvd driver and there is nothing wrong with the pc. how can she do that if she cannot repair the machine as the dvd driver is not reading the reload cd?i am not expert but you expect a pc to be in working order when you buy, software and all, like all pcs i have had in my life. she has never used a pc before and this one was sold to her as the pc for beginners!she was stupid to buy cheap&nasty but this does not give companies the right to take £500 off people for faulty goods and fraudulent support. this is a complete con. she has no pc she can use and she cannot get her money back.

  55. Is Tiny in trouble? Their computer shop stores have all closed today. I searched and found lot’s of recent articles saying that they are having cash flow problems http://news.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/0,39020351,39210639,00.htm and http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=24916 and http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2005/07/26/time_shops_shut/I was about to buy a PC from them but from what I have read here and what I have found on the internet I think it’s a bad idea. Isn’t google great?

  56. Time (Granville) have just gone into administration, their Burnley factory has placed all workers on “holiday”, and the 78 retail outlets are closed for “stock taking”. Hope you didn’t buy a stupidly priced warranty…No great loss. Cheap computers with a build quality to match.

  57. Hello All,As an ex Time employee in Manufacturing I can 100% testify even in court with proof that Time Used to sell computers to customers as faulty.I will give you an example,1) Anybody who has a model 74XXXX (look on the back of the pc) the motherboard were Microstar ALI with Cyrix CPU’s 80% are faulty, You will experiance crashes and hangs etc.2) Anybody who bought model 475XXX( look on the back) AMD 475 cpu’s were all faulty, you will experiance crashes and hangs etc.3) Anybody who has rung tech support and given a SPECIAL flash disk and reset some jumpers???What you were doing was lowering CPU clock so for example if you had a CYRIX 266MHZ you set the jumpers to 233MHZ and used the SPECIAL flash disk to flash the bios so that it displayed 266Mhz even though the actual clock was set to 233MHZ (All you techies will understand what I mean)This made the system more stable.4)Modems are locked to Supanet because Time owns Supanet.5)Time buys untested modems for 50p from conexant and sells to the customers without testing them. Tested modems costs £1.00Most of there motherboards are bought from china, taiwan and malaysia and are of very low quality.There are many more examples, but the best advise will be not to buy from them. The only genuine reliable pc’s they have is the one’s with Intel Motherboard with Intel CPU.If anyone is out of pocket you should visit Zia Moshan and Dr Tariq (drives a Jaguar) they live in blackburn, Lancashire. Dr T (his nickname) will be moving to Dubai to set another company up. So if you are on holiday around that region give him call.They are theives and have millions they should be arrested and put in prison.AgentXInforming the public

  58. All of the above comments are correct, I can confirm this as I used to work in manurfacturing & tech support. The amount of times I personally went out of my way to help a customer was unbelievable. I even broke certain company rules to make sure that the customers I was dealing with were happy and had a fully working machine.Tech support at time has always been a problem and Time/Tiny’s demise is not a surprise to me at all. I am surprised that the company has lasted this long.

  59. shame i started with the company 8 month ago. not only has he gone to dubai but he also took a big chuck out of the company an wired all sales money an warranty money to an account in dubai there all theives not only took the peoples money and gave them no product but took allstaff wages aswell as if you all heard the confrence call at about 4:45 ul find out that no one is going to get paid, period simple as we all have been subject to a big con to rip ppl off an take loads of money of inocent pll when there the ones that should be in jail i hope they rot in hell.i feel for fellow colleges specail one in perticular who has a baby an a wedding on the way still oh got telle on an it says there looking for a buyer for the stores only but they say headoffice is proving a problem as no one wantes teh scratty shit building. all my regards go out to past cologues. also before i got rumored that dr t an tahir are planning to set up an internet company in dubai.look at the first posting on this site is that really amjad baig shame he rumored to be jail prob got himself out of that thevin bastards any onme wants more info plz email me as this i wont let this rest :) his new company will pay hehhehehehefromtechnician from northewest store somwhere !!!ps please use email address to send further posting or comments !

  60. from a north west store agent X nice glad some one got that out in the open i herd about it didnt kno if itsd was true or not there not in the country are they cos i live extreemly close to them !!! couldnt hget much closer i might pay them a visit! get ma value in wages i suppose ne one facy it plz join me well be there fore a while.u can prop guess what store i worked in if my last comment gets posted. the email is flse tho cant b bother settin one up just post ne comments in here thanxnorth west store.

  61. Why am I not surprised?Maybe ‘cus I met Dr T and Amjad years ago in their office in Burnley and they struck me as thieves then.It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people harping on about how other people take advantage of them. Take some responsibility for yourselves will ya.I’m not saying I’ve not been ripped off but I either dealt with it or let it go ‘cus it would cost me too much to pursue. Make your choice, do it now and get on with living.Life is far too short to be stressing about all this bollox and the world is full of opportunity take just one and have fun

  62. I bought a Time machine in 1997 – still works – no problems – stop yer whinging – you get what you pay for

  63. I’ve just been reading through some of the most malicious postings regarding Time/Tiny Computers I have come across on the internet to date, it comes as no surprise that the company is now in the hands of the liquidators due partly to bad management and loads of bad press,I have a Time based Computer which flies on aol broadband,I have enjoyed this companies services for at least 6 years during which time I have only made the normal upgrades and presently use a Time based AMD Athlon,which I am more than happy with ..most of the gripes being spouted on here are easily fixed by anyone with even a little knowhow about looking after your pc ..Its a sad day for the British computer industry when such a loss is considered a celebration on these pages..please refrain from contacting me by e-mail there is enough arseholes about…up yours..swivel.!!

  64. GREAT NEWS !TIME COMPUTERS HAVE GONE TITS UP(LIKE THIER COMPUTERS USUALLY DO)Brought 1 of thier pc’s few years ago spent a fortune on thier top warrenty cos was using it for my business, guess what ! it died on me. contacted those useless tossers at Time, for £1 per min would have been better off phoning a sex line. go no help whatsoever. the support was a waste of space.GLAD TIME HAVE GONE DOWN THE PAN, COULDNT HAVE HAPPENEDTO A BETTER COMPANY !NOW THE SUPPORT TEAM CAN GO BACK TO THIER REAL JOBS OF OFFICE CLEANING

  65. I used to work at time computers, there was this really fit bird in the accounts department that always used to show her tits. One day she let me stare at them for ages while other unsuspecting colleagues worked in the same office.I’m going to eat more slab cake now Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  66. FAO: HowdareyouMaybe if you had spent more time dealing with customers problems instead of staring at her tits, then just maybe Time wouldnt of had this bad aura of having crappy staff. Its fannys like you that let down the rest of the staff who really do try and go out fo their way to make the customer happy.I hope you never work in customer service again.In reply to Time having crap PC’s:I disagree in a way. They had the ability to be extremely good PC but if you’d seen some of the monkeys that built these machines then maybe you would of understood why they failed to work and do what they were supposed to do. I started off within that company building these PC’s. The training was very inadequate to say the least. There was muppets who used to drop components on the floor and instead of changing those components for new ones, they just to go ahead and put in the machine anyway. As it happens I didnt need much training in building their machines as I had previously worked for 2 companys that built PC’s for universities. It was just that Time was a bigger company. Anyways thank god I moved to Tech Support instead of working with those muppets in manurfacturing.Upshot of it all was the staff were under immense pressure from the owners of Time. I would say at least 90% of the staff that worked there when I did were very good at their jobs. The other 10% were just deadwood and gave the rest of the satff a very bad name.Personally I think that Times purchasing of Tiny was a very bad move. I think the Mohsan brothers had actually bitten off more than they could chew and hence Times demise today.

  67. Time Computers are Bastards they ripped off me and my dad. my dad first brought a computer fromtime cunts then it crashed. then he brought me a pc from them how sad. I’m so happy that Time computers a out of business. bloody bastards.

  68. Time will tell.Judgement will be passed.What does a man gain if he gains the world but loses his soul.The rich man will not go to,heaven until the camel goes through the eye of the needle.Told my sister to buy one of great Time computerand never heard the last of it.It was a beast of burden and agree with the above postings entirely.You reap what you sow.Feel sorry for all the workers and wish you all well.

  69. hiya allanyone who is needing there time computer looking at please feel free to contact me direct or call into our local branch that is on marton road middlesbrough and i will gladly have a look and see if i can fix your pc for you.

  70. i have no sympathy for all the people i know who purchased time computers.. mine were a little bit more expensive but they work…still…i told them so

  71. FAO Chilli P1. Sorry when did i say that I worked in customer services? I wasn’t2. I too hope I don’t work in customer services again as i am a VB programmer.Anyway I also said that she used to get them out, i am a man, the only tit I don’t like is you, I aint gonna look away.

  72. Youre still a tosser Howdareyou. I really couldn’t care less if you worked in accounts,cs or tech support. Its sad pathetic individuals like you that really do make me sick and being a VB programmer isnt hard either, you want to try some real work mate! Bet you never done a hard days graft in your life….

  73. Yup Yup Yup :'( i bought a tiny laptop without asking anybody for advice on 24th July! I still aint got my disks and i dont think i ever am now :'( They just had to get busted 3 days later! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Can anybody please send me a copy of the reload disk to qaisar123@hotmail.co.uk Plz Plz Plz! For Hating Time Group Sake Lol. I can’t return my laptop now can I? After all it was my fault for not researching :'( Plz Someone send me the Tiny/Time reload cd or something like that!! TY If You Gonna Send Me!!! I Hate Time Now Grrrr! Hey im only 13 :-( TY!!!!

  74. Hi i was just wondering what the situation is now if you need a reboot disc? ive tried phoning the usual lines but suprise… no answer and the one time i did get through to a human they pretty much hung up on me before i could even say hello, im in urgent need of a reboot disc, the latest version if anyone could help :)

  75. I have the latest (and last to my knowledge) Tiny Reload CD which I will be glad to copy & post out to anyone here to help you. All I ask is for you to cover the expense of the disk, p & P (£2 souond ok?) If you would like a copy, please e-mail me and we’ll arrange it. I was in a terrible situation recently with a Tiny PC and managed to sort it with help, so I’m doing my bit to help others. Hope this helps someone, especially as they have gone bankrupt!!

  76. The Demise of Time/Tiny,Is an example of how NOT to run a company,we need proof of corruption and conspiracy to make sure all the directors and top executives get the prison sentences they deserve.Any comments appreciated.

  77. is it just me or does the name tinyCON and the fact they have nothing to do with tiny just inspire lots of confidence?

  78. I think tinycon was just a wee bit of sarcasm. The forum is there if customers require support with any issues regarding Time/Tiny. This forum has been set up by ex staff at Time/Tiny for this excat issue. If youre not that CONFIDENT then dont use the forum simple as, but if you require support at least you can get it on the forum with Time/Tiny’s big bosses breathing down advisors necks to improve call centre targets.

  79. Hi there everybody, its a shame to hear so many problems that people have had with time computers, i am looking for a laptop for a friend and was interested in one of theres. Reading all your horror stories ive decided to just go with a safe bet like Samsung as ive had many lappy’s with never any problems(touch wood)

    I would just like to advise people who do want to or have already bought a laptop or desktop from time that if you purchase with your credit card then you have up to 5 years to get a refund which is required by your bank to do so if the product that you have bought is not satisfactory or breaks uncommonly. Your bank has the legal right to get this refund for you or they have to foot the bill, i used to work for a bank myself and they dont like people to know the best and most secure way to buy things is with a credit card! A long as the problem is theres and the damage caused doesnt normally happen then you should be able to get your monies invested back in a 5 year period

  80. hey im 13 and i know how to get internet explorer on a time pc because im running it on one now most of the problems are quite easy to sort out. But im not saying i like time pcs i think they are absolute sh!t. Two weeks after getting my pc i put a brand new disk into one of the drives and the thing mashed itself up.The cd parts were flung everywhere and the cd tray was shot across the room. You would think that came under hardware fault, they refused to replace the drive or cd …wankers…

  81. I am an ex-time employee too, if you think the customers were treated badly you should see the way they treated the staff, pay peanuts then expect the earth, fuck that. I was lucky enough to get another job but those bastards have ruined many lives and should be sent down for a long time and have their assets stripped and distributed to all the victims they left in their wake. As everybody was being laid off, that shortarse Mohsan was having a laugh and joke with someone, I should have decked him. Best regards to all ex-colleagues, and deepest sympathy & apologies to those individuals unfortunate enough to have purchased a time/tiny, we did our best but were restricted by petty rules and incompetent managers

  82. Hello everyone who has posted here and who will post…I have some info for you. If you need a Tiny reload CD I can help.If you need the latest version (unsure of version number) or v7.2 I can post you a copy. I have helped out several people, some worked, some did not work. I can offer both CDs posted to you first class recorded for just £5.00 This covers the p&p, disks & a bit of my time. If you would like a copy please e-mail me on the address above. I will also offer you some free support, and if you are really screwed and live in Kent, I can maybe have a look at it for you. I cannot guarantee the Tiny reload disks I have will work, but it’s worth a gamble if you have a machine that won’t boot. Please be able to pay me via paypal. I am not a scammer, just someone who got screwed and wants to help others. Have a look at my website to see what services I offer. Many thanks, hope I can help some of you.

  83. You bunch of spackers.A P.C is a P.C. Most of Times Motherboards wereM.S.I boards..Google it if you dont know what M.S.I is. CPUS Were made by either AMD or Um Intel. HDDs Seagate or WD. Blah Blah Blah. You tards should own a computer if you cant get round a lameo Modem driver hack. Saddos

  84. TimeORama,Face it, the world is full of people who aren’t as cool as you and want to use computers. Calling them “spackers” and “saddos” really isn’t going to achieve much is it? You just make yourself look a bit of a saddo really, particularly when it appears that you have left the “n’t” off the end of “shouldn’t” and seem unaware of the rules of English punctuation.

  85. HI all good to see Time is back!… not only did they steal £1700.oo pounds from me, the day i receive my package from the administrators to say i would be receiving nothing, i notice they are back in business running from the same offices and selling there old stock. I just hope that no one any where is stupid enough to use there new customer care hotline or buy a Time pc or plasma ever again. These Theives should be investigated for what they have done have there assets stripped and be put where they belong, with all of the other con artists

  86. I’m very dissapionted after buying a Time computer from these guys last December it was all working good until last week and I fhoned their customer care line and the only advise they could give me is to tell me how to try to fix my problem. They not even willing to come and collect it from my house to take in for repairs.I have a problem with my screen it doesnt want to come on all it say is no signal and I checked the port and wires. Are there anybody who can give me some advice on how to fix this?

  87. I to have a fixed modem i am suposed to not be able to use any other ISP but went with ntl broadband i plugged it into the ethernet port and it works fine, any one no why cos my computer needs rebooting and im frightened that i wont be able to use ntl afterwards,

  88. Not everyone has a nightmare with Time Computers. I bought one of their linux machines over 3 years ago. It was a reasonable spec at the time (Athlon XP 2000+ with geforce graphics card, 512 Mbytes Ram, CDRW and separate DVD) and good value for the price -under £700 after VAT. I went down that route because I didn’t want their bundled software.It is true that there was something wrong with the installation of linux mandrake 8.2 that came with the machine, and I had to reinstall it. They did supply the 6 linux cds and DVD, but I still had to contact them to get the sound to work. I used their installation support line. And that’s the secret: Don’t pay for their premium suport until you get the system working. Keep bugging the sales department if necessary! ” you sold me a machine that doesn’t work – I’m not paying another penny until its fixed” works wonders if they try to tell you that you need to call apremium number. Eventually they’ll put you through on a free number.Not only did I get the help I needed, I also persuaded them to send me the mobo manual on cd. That CD also contained all the windows drivers, so when I later put a plain vanilla version of windows 98 on it, I had no problem getting it to work.That PC is in constant use – is triple boot – Win 98SE, WinXP, Linux Mandriva. I use it for video editting having added extra HD and DVD writer.Compared with my previous buys of more expensive computers, and problems contacting support and getting REMs (try returning kit to DABS or Watford Electronics – and they are good compared with Protek (probably not in business any more), I can have no complaints with TIME.Bottom line – if you want decent support buy expensive from a shop. If you are reasonably self-sufficient and want to save money, then go cheap and cheerful to someone like TIME, but – make certain that they know that you haven’t accepted the goods until you have soak tested it and are happy.

  89. i have had my tiny computer for 2 months before they went bust.the i had to renew the motherboard due to a fault but after doing so the pc would not boot up as win xp would crash..i later found out it is becouse of an oem version of win xp supplied by tinyi put the reload disc in before booting and had an error stating it counld not determine the bios and then would go no further.the reload disc only points to the secret partition on the hardrive is ,where the backup is,..is there a way of retreiving this partition my self.i have another copy of win xp home but it was the other software that i miss.i have now reinstalled a new hardrive with my version of xp and when i got on the desktop i could see the other hardrives and files ..but i still dont know how to reintall as it wasany help would be appreiated

  90. I am so glad Time/Tiny went tits up , what a pile of shite the whole company was , and i hope somebody finds the owners one day and gives them hellTime to kiss my ass

  91. Im glad time/tiny have gone out of business they were a loada shit i never bought one of their made in taiwan machines but i know a few people that have and well i wont even go there!!! Time/Tiny biggest load of bollocks that ever graced the planet, no wonder they went down the pan cuz they were crap simple as, if they were as good as some people make them out to be then umm they would not have gone bankrupt would they!!! if they were so good there wouldn’t be people making complaints about them would they!! if they were so good they wouldnt have had their directors on bbc watchdog because they had so many complaints made against them!! i could go on and on but i wont. As for the person who quoted themselves as being a manager of the computer store stating that their brand is quality – yeah my arse is all i can say to that one!! Time/Tiny – bakrupt and out of business where they belong

  92. when i bought my tiny notebook i was unaware i needed to buy the reload disc aswell and it is only now that i have a problem that it has come to my attention that i dont have a reload disc. because of tiny going bust i am stuck without a reload disk is there anywhere i can still get the reload disc. all information would be greatly appreciated

  93. GOD DAMN IT ! WHAT DO I DO ???I bought a 4.0 MP Digital camera from Computer Shop in Ipswich about 10-11 months ago. About a week ago something weird happened to it something broke inside and now all I can see on the screen is some black and white paysage. And Computer Shop in Ipswich was replaced by another Vodafone shop ?WHAT DO I DO NOW ??? HEEEEEEEEEELP !!!!

  94. hi guys, just after a bit of help. Working on a time machine for a customer. Upgraded to xp. Having trouble with drivers and cant find model number for motherboard and when i google the model of the pc its non existant. The customer had the reload disk and the driver disk but both dont appear to work with this pc. The pc is a j02gbv3 according to the disk. That name also appears on the back of the pc. Only distinguishing features on the board are a sis900 chip and an ali chip. No board number or model number. If somebody could give me some details just so i know what make of audio and video driver im searching for would be much appreciated. The machine is still standard having never been modified and is an old amd athlon with 128 meg of ram onboard video and sound with one of those tiny hsp56 modems.Many thanks mike co durham

  95. What a very interesting thread!My brother gave me his old Time laptop back in the summer and I’m glad to say it’s still working. Just! I’m a bit green when it comes to all things computers so if i have any problems maybe it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing, like installing games which are beyond my system specs!I’m trying to find out what kind of graphics capabilty it has and I can’t seem to find that info anywhere. I don’t have any kind of manual. Maybe my brother’s still got it but I wouldn’t have thought so. I thought I could find out everything I wanted to know about anything on the net!I’d be very interestd to hear the full story of Time Computers, the dodgy geezers who started the company and the dodgy way they disappeared.

  96. I was wondering if anyone knew how to correct a serious fault with a friend’s Time 8375 Laptop. When loading Windows (XP Pro) the progress bar comes up for a second – then the blue screen of death appears for a split second (not giving enough time to read it!) before rebooting, repeating the cycle once again. I am using system bios v.1.03. I have used a knoppix cd to see if it will start up and it logs in fine – it can even access the hard drive so I’m at a loss.If you have any knowledge of this kind of problem and could give any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

  97. What do you expect buying from Asians, they are all here in our country to exploit us in any way they can, yes Time has re-opened under the name Time Computers International, I think ITS TIME TO GET RID OF THEM ALL, if you know what I mean………

  98. I had a good read and a damn good laugh at everything on here and I totally agree with what everybody has said about ‘Time’ and the so called experts ‘Computer Shop’. I bought my PC from them in Gloucester and when I wanted some help with a few things, the phone number didnt exist and when I went looking for the shop, it was empty and there was a piece of paper stuck to the window telling you that they had moved to somewhere in Cheltenham. I still havent found the bastards yet, I will one day. As I live in the Forest of Dean, I was very lucky to come into contact with somebody who sorts out and fixs PCs (for a living) by a friend of mine who had his PC fixed by him. It was one of the best things that I could have done for my little PC, according to the chap, my PC was very sick and needed an awful lot of help.The amount of money that it cost to finally get my PC sorted out once and for all was about ?100. Now my PC is like brand new, and one more thing for anyone who has anything to do with ‘Time’ or ‘Computer Shop”Thank you very much you fucking bastards’ and I hope you die a horrible death you tossers

  99. Time Computers was owned by 2 brothers of which were asian origin. Now going back many years I used to work for Time computers in the factory part building the pcs. Nearly every employee in there was asian, at that time I did not really have any problems with these people, anyway they ran a scheme where if you introduced someone into the company to work there they would pay you a small bonus. I had a friend who worked in a kebab shop, I introduced him to the company and got him an interview. At this part I would like to say the following, I have worked in computers all my life and I am a qualified technition and software designer, although my wage was not very good at the time. It was only by chance that when my friend was employed by these people I found out he was nearly on double salary to what I was and yet I was training him. What does that tell you, then I got moved onto quality control, what a scam, i was turning down 8 out of every 10 pc`s that where on the line, why !! because the cables where not plugged in correctly and motherboards not screwed down and glue everywhere. I got repremanded for this and was told to pass every pc no matter what condition it was in unless external damage was noticable, anyway when I asked why they said because they had a premium rate number that they got paid commision on everytime a punter called it for tech support. There are many other horror stories I can tell you from working there, i.e the canteen from hell and toilets for the dead. In my experience these people are taking us for a ride, so you see I have my reasons and they are founded, if I had my way I would burn the place down……………. one last comment it seems that one of the brothers sons in now on the board of directors for Time Uk, wake up and smell the grass we are all being conned……..

    1. Hahahaahaa what do you expect, Time are professionals at ripping people off.

      Hauling all that money!! Hours I spent on their tech support talking to some illiterate moron who couldn’t tell their OWN BIOS from his arse hole!

  100. Hi there again,Its nice to know that there are more and more people in the know, coming out of the woodwork.I was wondering if it was legal to rip people off to the extent that 'Time' and 'Computor Shop' already had, then the people running it disappear and get away with not paying any money at all to anyone.It makes you wonder who is being paid to look the other way, could they be the ones that our tax money pays for every year, or could it be certain people high up the ladder in the same area recieving a very nice back hander, to loose paperwork in the system somewhere 'funny that isnt it’.Maybe somebody could find out how the hell these money grabbing bastards have managed to set up their own company in their own name again and not be nailed for fraud. I thought it was illegal to do that, or could it be coming back to somebody on a good back hander again.Until next time, have fun.One more thing,If you dont keep an eye on what these money grabbing bastards are up to, then they will do it all over again, and its usually to the ones that dont know any different.If it was legal I would put their names and their company name on monster billboards all over the country.Maybe then, the government would make them pay what they owe, better still put all the money gabbing bastards inside ( I don`t think any of them would like being called sweety or buttercup by some very nice butch chaps ). Heh heh heh.

  101. Karaokeman,I’m sure that your most recent comment here is an accurate description of working at Time. I don’t have any problem with what you say there.What makes you an idiot is the implication in your earlier comment that all Asians have the same level of business ethics as the brothers who own Time. This is clearly nonsense.

  102. well this will make u all laugh u dont actually have to get a reload disk there is a file on the hard drive u can open from the dos prompt which is the reload disc. i know this as i was a instore tech for The Computer Shop a few year ago.

  103. No it is not and I can prove it this is not the only company I have worked for and seen english people get treated like second rate citizens by Asians. Do you ever listen to the news or are you so ignorant of what is happening to our country…

  104. Karaokeman,Your anecdotal evidence isn’t proof. Ok, so you’ve seen English people being treated badly by Asians at a few companies. I don’t know how many companies you have seen this at, but it’s unlikely to be a statistically significant number.For you to prove that Asians are systematically maltreating English workers you would need to have a survey over the whole country. Here are a couple more pieces of anecdotal evidence to help you. I’ve worked for Asians and been treated very well. I’ve also worked for English people and been treated badly.I think what you’re seeing is because some people (of all races) being bad bosses. I don’t see any evidence that it’s anything to do with race.And, yes, I do read the news. I recently build a list of all of the UK newspaper RSS feeds so that I could keep up with a large cross-section of the British news media. How many different sources do you get your news from? Or is it all from Spearhead?

  105. The factor at work here is not race, rather it is culture.From work I studied on my MBA at the University of Oxford we do know that different cultures place value and emphasis on different facets of the workplace culture. To take one example, workers in companies in Japan tend to be more hierarchical and deferential than do workers in the US.Lots of academic work has been done in this area, and there are lots of dimensions across which a company’s culture can be analysed. (A good Organisational Behaviour book will elaborate here.)So to conclude, since immigrants to the UK, especially first-generation immigrants, have grown up in a different culture to that of the UK, where different elements of workplace culture are emphasised, I would be very surprised if the culture in those companies was not noticably different to that of companies set up by people from families which have been in the UK for many generations.Whether you then go on to say that one type of culture is “better” than another depends on your point of view, but I believe that the academic literature clearly supports the notion of difference.

  106. I am having problems with a laptop with a new hard drive installed in a Time 8375 laptop. I do not have a Time reload CD. The first problem I encountered was trying to run the Windows XP Pro boot cd to install XP on the new hard drive. The cd could not continue into the setup phase and instead the screen regurgitated some strange symbols and the setup hung.Then I tried installing the OS using another laptop, and replacing the HDD back into the Time laptop (8375). On startup, the computer proceeded to crash (Blue Screen of Death) upon getting to the Windows XP bootup progress screen. The computer then reboots and the cycle repeats forever.I managed to capture the stop code and it goes as follows:”A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damageto your computer .If this is the first time you’ve seen this stop error screen,restart your computer. If this screen appears again, followthese stops:Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installedhard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard driveto make sure it is properly configured and terminated.Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and thenrestart your computer.Technical Information:*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7C36528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)”…and looking up the stop code online gives me this advice:”The Stop 0x7B message indicates that Windows XP has lost access to the system partition or boot volume during the startup process. Installing incorrect device drivers when installing or upgrading storage adapter hardware typically causes stop 0x7B errors. Stop 0x7B errors could also indicate possible virus infection.The second parameter is very important because it can indicate whether the 0x7B Stop message was caused by file system issues or problems with storage hardware and drivers. Values of 0xC000034 or 0xC000000E typically indicate:* Disks or storage controllers that are failing, defective, or improperly configured.* Storage-related drivers or programs (tape management software, for example) that are not fully compatible with Windows XP Professional.”Now I know for sure the hard drive works. Do I need to flash the bios to ensure it will accept a genuine windows xp cd and/or run windows xp without any problems?

  107. Who is this tosser with a fucked up laptop?.Considering all the work that he has done at the beginning, which to me, sounds like he would have had more fun by sticking his fingeres up his nose ( sounds like he was doing it at the time ) why the fuck is he asking a bloody stupid question at the end.It either works or it dont.If it dont, then it is still fucked ( find a bloody expert who actually knows what they are talking about ).Or is that to difficult ( Brain surgery comes to mind ), or did they take the wrong bit out. snigger snigger

  108. Thanks for the constructive criticism Donald! It’s funny how abrasive some people can be when hiding behind the veil of the Internet (because I can guarantee you wouldn’t dare say that to my face!)Now is there anyone out there with some experience of dealing with these infernal machines? I am doing this work on behalf of a friend who, in his wisdom, isn’t prepared to spend another penny trying to fix it.I am just trying to be a good friend and attempting to make contact with an expert through a relevant channel.Many thanks

  109. Merry Christmas John,How is the on-going saga with the knackered laptop?.Oh yeah, how is the headache?.snigger snigger.[note: I wasn’t sure whether or not to publish this comment, but then I decided that if Donald is happy to demonstrate what an idiot he is then why should I stand in his way – Dave]

  110. Bought a laptop from time ..man what a mistake. This supposly new machine was a refurbished piece of shit. Sale people havent a fucking clue on what they are selling. This machine was suppost to be able to take 1gb plus of ram .. no way. Finally got to the bottom of it and contacted the makers direct and found out this is the lowest machine they make. DO NOT BUY FORM TIME. machine crashed after 2 days, took it back to store to have it repaired/replaced only to get it back with bootlegged software and the same fucking problem.. THANK GOD no one else has to go thru this nightmare

  111. If you’ve got a problem with a firm then you should contact Trading Standards so that they can be effectively dealt with. Some of the alleged incidents here are clearly breaches of the law for which a company can be hauled over the coals.It is your duty to compain.

  112. Hi,Phil, if you read this,on January 24th, you mentioned a file on the hard drive reached through DOS which can be used for recovery. I have a Time computer (which has never given any problems in the last 3 years) but my son upgraded to Windows XP Professional. However it was a trial version and without a recovery disc I cannot get Windows XP Home back. I have tried looking for Tclone, which an earlier writer said would work, but cannot find this file.If you read this Phil, or if anyone else knows, could you let me know the name of the file – if indeed it would work with a geriatric computer.Many thanks.Just for interest, and it may have been before Tiny and Time merged, I have a Tiny NoteBook, running on ME which is over 5 years old, which I have been very pleased with and I have only once had to use the recovery disc – and that was probably because I had done something stupid – can’t remember now as it was several years ago.

  113. all, you don’t need to buy a reload disc. look for the file c:\tclone and burn it on a bootable disc, thats it. if you know a bit more about pcs you can run the .exe programme straight from dosmac

  114. I have a two year old Time laptop and a 6 year old Time desktop. I have never had any trouble from either. I think that this is a rarity though.p.s. How is the on-going saga between John P and Donald? Please carry on you guys. It makes great reading!

  115. does anyone know where i can get a sound driver for a time colossus pc (old one verry old)manufactured in 1997.any help appreciated

    1. Hi there, I know you may not reply as your comment is from 2006 but I have a Colossus with everything and discs and I have the sound driver, Infact every driver and the VHS tape and w95 disc. If you want it contact me any time.

  116. Some times I’m really glad to be an American, was reading a different forum and saw about this one. Have had many laughs about your shotty computer companies. Oh and as a tech over here fully certified, i would advise you to avoid dell’s the tech support is fine, but upgradeing them is a bitch, get an HP or Sony. Just an American view, but be smart next time, and buy from the same compaines American’s do.

  117. HiI own a time system, it’s slow and now, pitifully outdated. However, I don’t want an entirely new p.c., I just want to update the tower whiuch is proving more difficult than I thought. Anybody know a good compnay for this? (And no, I don’t want another time tower – cd-burner has never worked from day one)Cheers.

  118. I can’t believe this…I’ve just called the Tiny technical helpline for the first time to make use of my Total Care Gold support which cost me 500 quid for a 3 year warranty. Included in the Gold care is a private telephone number that is assinged to each individual account, giving the customer access to low-cost technical support over the phone. I rang the number, it was no longer in use, I rang another number and was redirected, I tried again and somebody answered, she told me the personal service was no longer operating and redirected me to ‘Total Care’. The guy that answered the phone looked up my account and told me I’m not entitled to their support because I’m not paying for my warranty via Direct Debit…”But I am paying for it by direct debit every month””Yes but you are paying it to the finance company because you brought the warranty along with the computer, not seperately. The company has gone into administration, you’ll have to phone the premium rate number”.”So what am I paying the 500 quid for if I can’t get any technical support without phoning the premium rate number which is available to anyone?””I’m sorry I won’t be able to help you, you need to call the premium rate number” (1pound per min, plus I’m calling from Germany)So I called the premium number, and guess what? The number is not working!I brought my Tiny laptop in 2004. I’ve had no major problems until now apart from the CDRW being unpredictable and frequently give errors and the DVD player is poor quality. Also the whole system seems to run a bit slow considering it’s supposed to be 64AMD with 1Gb RAM. The reason I was contacting support was that my wireless LAN has stopped being able to access the internet via broadband. It started off working fine and then it began to kick me out after 30mins online. It would then refuse me to log back on eventhough it shows it’s connected and the signal strength is excellent. Now it won’t let me access broadband at all through IE or Firefox, though dial-up still works fine but is very slow. Does this have something to do with the optimised Supanet modem, that everyone here is mentioning?I’m shocked to find that Time went bust, but not at all surprised. I had endless problems getting the laptop delivered, it took 4 months to arrive in the end! I even had to cancel the first order I made because the customer care people said the model had to be called back to the factory! I ordered a different (slightly better) model for the same price and then waited another 2 months to get it (delivery was supposed to be 14-20days). I’d originally negotiated a 12month deferred payment contract but when the documents arrived it was only for 6 months! I returned them without signing and again requested my 12month contract. They agreed but sent back one for 9 months! When I asked what was going on they told me they no longer did 12month contracts but if I signed the 9 month deal I could extend it after 3 months. I asked for something in writing, but the customer service lady (her name was Salma) told me I had to take her word for it, stupidly I did so (I’d been waiting 4 months by this time and was pretty desparate). Guess what, she lied to me. When I called after 3 months I spoke again to Salma and she said she’d get back to me. She never did. I phone several more times asking to speak to her but she was ‘on her break’ or ‘on holiday’ each time. Another customer service agent explained to me there was no way a deal like that could take place anyway because the finance was dealt with by a completely different company called ‘First National’ and there was nothing Tiny could do to alter a contract once it was signed.I can’t believe what a fool I have been to have trusted such a bunch of crooks. I really hope that everyone that profited from the disgusting behaviour of this shoddy company gets their just desserts, 10 times over whatever shit they’ve put their staff and customers through.I’m definately goind to Trading Standard and Icstsis about this and so should anyone else who has suffered at the hands of these bastards. Glad I’m not the only one.

  119. Hi there,Just wondering if anyone had seen TIME`s new websight and adverts, as advertised in Computer Buyer & upgrades for APRIL 2006.Their websight is http://www.timeuk.comI wonder where I have seen this official blurb before.Have fun.

  120. It’s now 2006, time has gone into admin, and left all there customers in even more shit that we started off in. Foolishly, this is my second time computer ive brought, and like many others, what a terrible mistake. I got my time computer around late 2001 for uni on a tight budget, although old, i’m relatively accoustomed to PC technics! Firstly the majority of components used for time computers are in my opinion lower than conventional or acceptable standards. For example, my time has two LG optical drives dvdrom & cd rw, upon checking statistics related to the drives, in my opinion are not even acceptable. I had problems, with my computer from day 1. According to the new time website, their manufacturing warehouse is probably where the problems begin. It is quite obvious that the majority of computers are NOT thouroughly checked, before being dispatched, and therefore causes so much grief to the customer. The installed modem is clearly a scam. I only ever used it once and it was a completely and quite utterly shit.I spent over a grand on my time pc, of what i thought was, and what i was told by sales staff would be able to manage the software of those days. Bolloks! Video and music playback was poor, its only just started to cope 5 years later, after a few mods. In all the years iv had this monster! ive reinstalled drivers, the o/s, and various other stuff, so many times, iv lost count.My pc is now chugging along, trying to keep up with new technologies, but only because i had a fiddle with the insides, and ive installed some of my pieces. Thye compents reccomened by time dont always work with the systems, as many would know about the Hercules 5.1 surround card, which, was sold by time and produces worse quality sound than my tape player.For those who are not so familiar with time pcs and who have 1, i would reccommend to uninstall components such as the modem, soundcard e.t.c and replace them with acceptable industry standard components such as creative, this will ensure compatability once uv reinstalled th o/s. And hopefully encourage sufficiantly better performance.In conclusion, im glad time have gone into admin, they were literally stealling peoples hard eaned money in exchange for the shittiest of the shittest. Overall im incredibly disappointed, even more so after reading the huge amount of feedback comment s related to time computers.Time Should Remained dead and buried!

  121. Please please please please please. Anybody with a Tiny laptop who was supplied with the driver cd which contains folders labelled A B C Q X Z etc. Please email me. I lost my driver cd, have had my laptop since sept 04, and installed my own version of XP and deleted the hidden partiton etc, but have windows working the only problem is that I can’t find the drivers for the touchpad, the wifi card and the card reader anywhere! If you know somebody with a similar laptop who got it from Tiny let me know as well. I really need to get hold of these! My laptop is the 3200 64bit AMD, 1gig ram, 80gig hard drive with 128mb 9600 radeon mobility. But I am pretty sure the driver cd has the drivers for all Tiny laptops on it.

  122. I must have been an early TIME mug. Paid about 2.5k for then top of the range all bells and whistles PC + loads of software. It lasted about 6 months then broke. I can’t remember all the details now but I do remember taking it into the local TIME shop and insisting I wasn’t leaving until they acknowledeged there was a problem. I eventually embarassed them enough (I chose a nice busy Saturday deliberately) to be allowed into the workshops. I had to set the PC up myself and bully some poor chap into watching me recreate the problem(s) several times. Eventually I got it back – the casing wasn’t even on properly but some problems had been sorted the rest I fixed myself. Well that was back in 98/99 and I have a nice Dell machine now. My kids use this old Time machine for games – Maths Rabbit was the best thing about the whole package. Just for fun I decided to see if I could get it onto my wireless network. I use Netgear and it wanted WIN 98 SE which I got for 16.00 on ebay. I loaded 98 SE (easy – but fdisk still scares me), then the netgear USB adapter, told Windows to connect to the internet via LAN and to my great surprise it all worked!! We can even use MSN messenger (only v7.0 though). I found this site ‘cos there’s no sound out of Times speakers and (now naively I realise) thought there may be some old info / drivers on the Time site. Also I can’t see my Dell or Laptop – can ping Win 98 PC from them but net view says I’m not logged on. If anyone happens to read this and has any ideas how to get WIN98SE to recognise there’s a USB LAN connection in place then an e-mail would be great. As for TIME ( thanks goodness I now know the computershop are the same people ) I’ll never go near them again. Well done for setting this forum up!!!

  123. I’ve an old Time laptop (can’t remember model, as it’s at home – k62 500) it originally had winME installed on it.I was playing around with linux for a while and installed it on the laptop for the kids (Edubuntu), however they now want windoze back on ‘cos “all their friends use windows”.Is there any way I can get my Reload CD to work and get it up and running for them again??ThanksChris BlackBantryWest Cork

  124. Further to the above – I’ve reformatted the HD and installed Win98 (temporarily)….The Reload Disk, appears to need a boot disk to operate it (according to the manual – “insert floppy and cd”)… I only have the CD…any idea about where I can find a floppy???Chris

  125. Computing is my hobby, I’ve rebuilt dozens of “Time” computers over the last 7 years after buying my 1st one for a fortune from time. In almost every case most of the problems are caused by the software pre-load which tries to be everything to everyone, they generally sell to people buying their 1st family system so problems are almost inevitable, couple that with rubbish support & that’s where the problems start !Generally the hardware quality is good using all standard parts you can buy anywhere for next to nothing, the easiest solution to the software problems is to format and do a clean install from the windows cd, ( time allways provide a driver disk & there’s nothing unusual in the hardware anyway,) I’ve come across the locked modem issue as well but this is cured with a re-install.The Hardware is good but the company selling it was rubbish !!

  126. Just wondering if kenny begg and Harney got a bit tired, after using that many big letters in their words.I also wonder what would happen if they actually learned to spell properly.Oh sorry, that means not being tired doesn`t it.Brain cells getting exercise and using a dictionary comes to mind, it might even help.

  127. I have had my Time pc for over a year now and have had only one problem when a disk blew up in my drive. Time support were great, they collected my pc on time and delivered it back to me within a week. I also got a reload disk with my pc for free and I have signed upto their totalcare support package for £7.99 a month and got another reload disk for free. My computer is great and good value too.

  128. I have been reading the posts regarding the Time laptop with some interest. The following may be of help. I have a Time laptop with no Reload CDs or backup drivers etc.I completely formatted the hard drive and booted up and installed Windows XP Home.After a hectic search I found that the laptop is basically a MITAC 8375 so went to their website at http://mtc.mitacservice.com/visitor/v_FileDown2004C.aspI selected Notebook – 8375 etc and downloaded all the drivers I needed (Chipset, VGA, Modem, LAN, Card Bus, Sound, Infrared, Synaptec TouchPad). I now have a fully functioning laptop computer. They also have BIOS drivers and manuals but I was unwilling to flash the BIOS as the computer was working fine.Hope this helpsRegardsKen:-)

  129. I am fixing a Time PC for a firend of mine (oh boy do I regret it).Basically his HDD had failed.I got a new one and installed it and then found out that the recovery CD is useless as the OS and drivers were likely on a partition of the HDD which of course is gubbed.I was able to reinstall the OS from a disk I had but I need the drivers for the sound card and VGA graphics adaptor.I’m not sure of the model number. Here is a few numbers from the back of the thing.362-50-512512V03GB3181018I looked inside but nothing obvious to id the motherboard.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.SwavMcAv

  130. Hi SwavMcAvThe following may help. Goto http://www.majorgeeks.com/download181.htmland download the free Aida32 program.Run the Aida32.exe file on your laptop. This will carry out a complete inspection on your computer and provide you with the details you need. I did this with the laptop in the previous post and it identified the sound system and the graphics card plus the motherboard chipset for me.Hope this helpsRegardsKen

  131. HELP!!I’ve obviously been living on another planet but as I previously purchased a TIME computer without any problems I have just ordered a laptop package from their website. I paid £699 by credit card three weeks ago with promise of delivery within 10 days. Now I cannot access their website to get a contact phone number and the e-mail address bounces back!Can I cancel or does anyone have a contact phone number for the company?MBB

  132. TIME are a bunch of assholes. my computer that i got from them stopped working, it wont boot and however much i call and write to TIME they refuse to repair it even though i took out the £500 gold insurance for it

  133. well all of you that hate time should have read the terms and conditions before buying it as if u did you would have noticed you can have the reload cd when buying he pc but u gotta ask for it … yeah there tech support sucks but for me i can do the stuff myself so it dont matter, and u can allways take them elsewhere to get them sortedohh my time comp has run fine since day 1 and with no problsms so if u are having problem maybe u should as a expert to sort it for u as they are a piece os piss to fix ..

  134. i bought i tiny relode CD and i can’t get it to work, it comes up saying Unable to determine BIOS lock, please contact your system manufacturer: which i can’t do because tiny have gone bust.

  135. MBBAs far as I am aware Time Computers went bust ages ago – so it is a bit surprising you manged to buy one off their website as recently as 3 weeks ago. Check with your credit card company and claim back from them.For all of you others with Time computers that don’t work – accept the fact that you’re not going to get any support from the company. Do some research on the net and do it yourself. You don’t need Restore disks. Once you know what hardware is in the computer (see post above re using the AIDA32 program), go and find the drivers and rebuild yourself. My Time 8375 is working perfectly and better than when it came from Time. Most Time computers are actually made by other companies and then re-branded as Time Computers.RegardsKen

  136. oh dear oh dear oh dear i need a windows installation disk but diddnt get one with my pc i have just had to go round the houses trying to get a “reload” disk and they expect me to buy it!! i bought windows with my pc and it should have come with an installation disk and they are telling me i need to find my pc manufacturer my f**king pc manufacturer was time whan i bought the godamn machine how am i supposed to tell what they where then and what they are now will calling tiny help i cant remember who owned them ARGH BUYING WINDOWS AGAIN WOULD BE EASYER

  137. Hiya y’all,First i would like to say thanks to ken, as you saved me hourssss of looking for drivers for an 8375 laptop (curiously sold as a ‘Colossus’) that ive been lumbered with with a goosed hdd! n ur right about the laptops, seem to have a good build quality (because they werent assembled by time!)I would also just like to say to that bloke in an earlier post ^^ who was blabbing on time is gr8 i work for them (or used to, i cant remember!) insulting people along the way who had problems……you know what they say about pride! n i would suggest he changes his attitude too, whilst he still has a face, because someone will rip it off soon enough!!best wishes y’all, especially the staff and people who got tied up in all this messregardsAndy :)

  138. Hi,nice to see the majority of people posting onto this site are human and helpfull, just to say if anyone needs copies of re load cd’s for a time amd athlon xp2200+ 1.81 ghz then please contact me, I bought this machine as a replacement for an old old compaq, from the outset there were issues, had the call centre experience, the machine that shut itself down, went back to time, came back and kept doing the same thing (power supply problem me thinks) then a few weeks before the company shut up shop had even more problems, luckily the staff at the shops where amazingly helpfull, the staff at the teeside shop had work done locally and the machine touch wood has worked fine since, I had arguments with Indian lads stating that the cd was faulty and that they wanted to charge me for a replacement even thought I had the gold cover. it is a shame reading all these posting that a company that could and should have had so much going for it didn’t concentrate on quality control and customer services. Take Care, dave.

  139. I have come across a few time machines over the year and in general they are utter shite. The case used to house the components are usually so small an upgrade is an uphill struggle. The components used are low very quality, fans are put on the wrong way round and the software installed by monkeys, or thats how it looks when I get to see it. Time machines are utter shite

  140. I’m like your other people. I too bought my Time Computer with the cash back agreement, if I didn’t use the techinical support for 4 years. My computer arrived just before Christmas 2000, but I chose the option to pay ‘interest free’ after 6 months (ie: June 2001).I never used the support and so in Januayr 2005 I rang Time asking for the £400 as promised, and was told that as I did not pay until June, then that was when I would get my money back. Oh would you believe it, just before I rang them, BIG article in the paper Time had gone into bankruptcy….but I rang anyway and was told by one of their customer service (ha!! ha!!) people, that I had not returned the voucher – never seen it, and so they could not confirm that I had paid this money or that I was due any back, and as the company had gone into liquidation, there was nothing she could do. So what do I do —- I think it is absolutely diabolical, that Time can do this, surely their records show that I paid extra for my computer, and that I had not used the support. So my computer (basic though it is) cost me nearly £1500

  141. Can ANYONE help…I have a TIME 8375 laptop with back up disks…I have had to reload from these as the laptop has virtually ground to a halt..Disk1, went fine got to about 60% then asked for next media, so I loaded the disk2, then at about 75% there was a a:\ghost.err…then command.com problems….can anyone help by letting me borrow or somehow selling me a backup disk 2??Hope to hear from someone….Robbie :)

  142. time ripped me off.i bought the top of the range machine £1400 with extras, im disabled and rely on a pc to live via the internet, sell via ebay and earn doing surveys. it went wrong i sent it back they went bust, took months to get it back and was still unrepaired. got onto finance company and was given a number to ring, they took it, so called repaired it and sent it back. on looking at it all they did was put the old stuff inside into a new tower case, software wasnt loaded dvds wont work due to missing software. finance compay say its down to them and they say its down to finance compay. its now been in the shed for a year while i keep paying the finance on it. all i want is them to take it back and write off the agreement. but no one will do it. im totally stuffed with no where to go.

  143. HiI must have been lucky. Back in 2001, and have never had a problem with it. It is (was) really powerful (1.79GHz AMD Athlon 2100+ processor) and had a good graphics card (NVidia GeoForce MK / MK400).It is now almost 6 years old, and is getting a bit slow. But my schools computers, which are considered really powerful, are no match for mine. We got brand new ones 2 weeks ago, and even though their processor is supposed to be more powerful (1.99GHz), they are crap compared to mine. I used my computer a lot, and it still has reasonably high stats. The only thing is, i need a new case. And i dont know the computer series type or name.Could anyone help me with info. on where i can get good looking cases for my computer? If you think so, i will end you a photo of it, so you could know what type it is.Thanks

  144. I have just purchased a discontinued time pc, it has no warranty with it but I am an electronics engineer, it asks me for the support code but the support line is dead, has anyone a support code that will clear the request from the screen, the pc still operates ok but the support message is pissing me off a bitthanks

  145. Hi, I see that Time computers have started selling again and I am intrested if any body has purchased a new laptop from them recently, the reason I am asking that i am thinking about buying the Time Traveller M770 Laptop from them and wonder if anybody over the past few months has had problems with them, I know in the past with all the comments that they have but I need to know if they have got there act together and learned from their mistakes, I purchased a computer from Tiny in 2001 and to be quite truthfull I have had not one ounce of trouble with it and I use it every night, this is the reason I am thinking about purchasing a Laptop from Time, if you do leave any comments, I Thank You but please try and advise me. Thanks

  146. I have a time/tiny computer it’s a Tiny Home 3200 it’s now about 21/2 years old it worked fine until I had to install xp home again since then loads of problems what I’d like to do is set it back to Factory defaults but I have deleted the hidden partition can anyboby out there with the same make/model make a copy of the Hidden Partition.

  147. Hello, I bought from ebay a ( TIME S 27 ) ( 33007 CM 97G4 ) Desktop computer. Recently the hard drive ceased up . I had to buy a new hard drive, when I installed it and reinstalled my copy of windows XP, I realized that the machine was not recognizing some of the components ( sound card, graphics card, modem, etc.. ).I’ve tried to find the website for time computers, but there isn’t one.I am looking for the manufacturers restore disks. Can anyone help me?I am ready to pay for their costs ( CD, postage, etc.. ) or can anyone direct me for a website where I can download these drivers.You can email me on burkan63@hotmail.com OR belmuderris@aol.comThank you

  148. Hi there. Can anyone help my? I have just read the comments and like a couple of other people I have had no problem with my Time Media PC. What has happened to me is that the monitor is not working and I purchase the Total Care Gold cover which is supposed to last me for 5 years. On speaking to the finance compay First National they passed me to Service power who advise me they only fix computers and have nothing to do with the extended warranties. I feel like I am being bounced from pillar to post with no positive outcome. I know I can get it repaired but why should I when I have paid 299.00 to get it covered. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  149. Hi, I have a Time S27.Its 2.5 years old now and has been ok.But what if the HD should die!How will I reload Windows XP as I dont have the disk (only the tclone Cd).Can I make a reload disk from the Windows XP thats hidden on the HD?

  150. Been reading this site for the first time today, I aquired a old time pc about 12 months ago,clock speed (a dizzy height of 800mhz!) and ram of128. I tried a version of windows XP on it and worked eventually. Worked perfectly until you trying doing anything on it(Yes i Know clock rate,ram etcetc) So ripped all the ram out, so called cd drive(which had a dent on the inside,wonder where that came from!) and graphic card(oh and fan was wrong way round)),pitiful really and put my own in. Well now it handles applications a lot faster and games too) Still have same hard drive same processor i received with it. Im glad i didnt buy one at the prices shown on here,even though im no computer expert(im learning to build a pc and this time pc is really helping on what not to buy!) My point is that another person can look at your pc and sort it because they have a diferent persective to us but when it comes down to it, i should not have to replace items sold complete, it should work from day one(old pc or not cos it never worked from the start). Just feel really sorry for all the time customers. Please note im not a ex time employee just joe bloggs you would meet on the bus,train.

  151. I’ve come across a number of Time computers that people have brought to me over the past few years. The majority of the faults though were quite easy to fix if you knew what you were doing.First 2 I came across the fan had gone in the PSU and the PSU was cookingOne I came across had actually caught fire inside the computer (virtually the entire computer had to be replaced, the hard drive looked alright but due to smoke damage even that couldn’t be salvaged!)The latest one, Windows had corrupted the video card drivers and so was just putting the monitor straight into power save mode every time it was booted.A lot of Time’s machines were good for a cheap first computer, and were actually quite a bit better built than some of the rubbish that PC World sells (especially PC World’s own range of computers/laptops). I’ve had a few problematic computers from PC World too…One the keyboard broke on a laptop, PC World wanted over £100 to replace it, other computer repair companies didn’t have that part in stock as it was exclusive to PC World, so I advised the owner to just go out and buy a wireless keyboard to replace it, it cost him £9.99 for a wireless one from Asda and now the computer works perfectly.The other one my friend bought a laptop from PC World and the minute she turned the Wi-Fi on Windows XP blue screened. It was fine without the Wi-Fi on, just once the Wi-Fi was on XP blue screened (it really does take a lot to blue screen XP), she took it back twice and twice she got exactly the same problem with the Wi-Fi, my guess was that they’d not put the Wi-Fi cards in that batch properly, or they were defective Wi-Fi cards. In the end she asked for her money back, which they tried to fob her off with a credit note (but I told her not to accept the credit note as it was a defective computer and to go elsewhere). She then went to Staples and bought an IBM computer and it now works perfectly.

  152. This is especially for the ANnoying Mouse.It is Bastards like YOU ! who create/support and waffle on about justifying (To Your-self) the virtues of the Small Print. All the while ! in your self esteemed capacity of Moronic Dribble ignoring the Fact that thousands of people, who have never had a computer before,were offered a means of obtaining one through the Buy Now and Pay within a year scheme.Before you stat running off at the Mouth (Which i am sure is the most Prominent part of your body) TRY! understanding the depth of the problems Financial & Otherwise,of the people who have been decieved by TIME and the Product they have Lumbered with. For your information ! there exists persons who have never had a computer before because they could not afford them. TIME offered these unsuspecting people a way toget around that, with the advantage of Total Protection if things should go wrong. When they decided that they had ENOUGH SUCKERS ! they pulled their preplanned scam which left these people in Debt and thoroughly demoralised. TIME WAS and STILL IS a company which should have seen the management brought to book for criminal offences and subsequently JAILED with any funds they had in his country IMPOUNDED. They are Nothing but Alien SCUM as is so many more of the same ILK. Fuck YOU and Fuck TIME. Hell is too good for Them…Perhaps if such a place exists,it may afford them better treatment than THEY deployed to the poor people whom they have spiritually broken.

  153. I can’t get the on-board sound to work on my Time S27 (board labelled MS-6787 Ver:2, with VT1616 Codec). Can fivish or anyone else with working sound under Windows XP tell me the full details of the drivers they are using?

  154. Here’s yet another example of Time unfairness. My daughter and eldest son both bought a laptop each from them on the same day back in July 2004. Guess what, both machines stopped working today, exactly 5 years later! Apparently they both have the same fault as well, ie there’s a problem with getting ech laptop to boot up at the start. We’ve tried using the Recovery Disk but after 3 hours of reformatting the machine the problem is still there. Has anyone any ideas please?

  155. HERES THE SOLUTION to restore the operating system on these “Heaps of shite” that CRIME erm i mean TIME has scammed everyone with! (I dont know if any1 else has posted a solution cos i got about quarter way down the page and thought “fuck reading all this” lol).1:- Put your hard drive in another pc / laptop (or an external drive caddy)2:- Format it as Fat32 (as a primary partition)(u may need a 3rd party app like powerquest etc. if it has been previously partitioned as NTFS)3:- Either install Dos or just copy the contents of a Dos boot disk to the hard drive (not in any directory, just add the files straight to the main directory, eg. C:\ (check if it has “Smartdrv.exe” included in the files, if not add it)4:- Copy the folder “i386” from your Xp cd (or copy the whole Xp cd if you want) to your hard drive.This is easier if you have used an external caddy and connected it as a USB mass storage device.(If you have installed it into another computer as the main drive and installed Dos (with cd-rom support(or used a Win98, Me,etc boot disk))you will need to type:- “xcopy d:\i386 c:\i386” (d:\ being the cd-rom drive or it may be another letter eg. e:\ or f:\ -it will show you the designated letter appointed to the cd-rom drive while booting so keep an eye out for it. so in this case it may be “xcopy e:\i386 c:\i386”).5:- put your drive back in your “heap of shite” TIME machine and boot it.Depending on the boot disk you have chosen, it might fuck up part way through loading if you have just copied the Dos / 98 / Me boot disk contents to your hard drive but you will still end up at the C:\> prompt (eventually lol).Now type “Smartdrv” to activate the smartdrive app which is needed to speed up the Xp install while in Dos mode.Now type “cd i386” (this changes the directory you are in to C:\i386>)Now type “winnt”P.S dont include the ” ” when typing commands, these are quoting you should type whatever is within the ” ” marks.Ive tried to explain this in the simplest way that i can and if followed carefully should be FOOL-PROOF (and fucking boring to read)Good luck folksAnd remember “experience is the mother of all knowledge”(God, i cant half waffle on at times lol)

  156. Hi everyone. Hope someone can help me. I need to know what emory I need for my Time desktop pc. But none of the numbers on the back match any model numbers on any memory resellers pages. The numbers I have are 0362-500-00222, 00222ML086-4 291029. If anyone can tell me what type/pin number etc I need, that would be great.Thanks, speigel2009

  157. Ive got to say, in Time Computers defense, i got the computer i am now typing on in 2001,i have used it day and night(not so much recently) for 8/9 years, and the only problems i got with it were the ones i created by myself. It has never let me down once of its own accord. It pains me to hear some of the bad comments about the computer shop, because i would recommend one of their computers to anyone, after the Time i have had it, not one complaint can be made. My father also got one of their lap tops, and that only died a couple of years ago Due to a fairly bad virus which screwed it up, in the time i have had this ive know umpteen people who have went through computer after computer and this still works as good as the day i got it.

  158. Sorry 2003 is when i got the computer and my fathers laptop is still going strong, and he uses it as his main computer, we must have been the lucky ones, it must have been tiny that mucked it all up. £2000 really well spent. sorry alot of people have got alot of pain through, what was before it went to the wall, a great computer supplier.

  159. Time computers are a sack of shitty worthless!!! We had one for four years and replaced the RAM, HDD, Keyboard, USB ports, DVD-Drive and had to reinstall the driver CD so many times I can’t remember. It came pre-loaded with Windows ME which behaved like it had ME. Mind you, at least with Time you GET a driver CD. Dell is worse, I had to download drivers individually because it wouldn’t provide a simple .iso file to put on a SEE DEE! Nooooo I had to MAKE that shit myself and download some other shitty software to get it to work… Wasted an evening! I will never use Crime or Hell ever again!!!!

  160. A time computer is a pc for someone who knows how to change computer parts- a computer mechanic, a software pirate or a virus creator .NOT for someone who thinks he can repair it through a disk.
    to own a time pc it takes.
    a screwdriver
    e bay-internet-pc parts
    an operating system disk(i don’t recommend Linux when U get xp for under £30)
    A guy who knows something about computer’s

    and thats it.It is aLL U need when getting a time pc.
    good luck !

  161. forgot to mention

  162. I was an unusual victim of Time Computers. They published my phone number as their support number. As you can envisage, with Time’s reputation, I was besieged with calls every day and because they had a different phone company to my supplier, BT would do nothing about it. I was only reprieved when Time Computers changed their support number to an 0900 number to make more cash from their ‘mistakes.’

  163. I must be one of the very lucky ones who purchased a TINY computer from Time Computers. It is still working very well and has never failed, still has ALL the original hardware and CRT monitor. The only extra I have added was a DVD re-writer.

  164. I purchased a ‘Time’ computer when they first started and it lasted years and years with never a problem – I eventually had to upgrade because new software wasn’t compatable – Again I went with ‘Time’ – Windows XP was the new driver – I still run it today – It came packaged with a re-install disk which I’ve used many times due to errors I have made myself – ‘Time’ as they were [the original company] were first class – but – they were bought-out – taken over by a different company – keeping the good name and reputation of ‘Time’ – Everybody should be aware that ‘Time Computers’ no longer exist – The new company purchased the right to use the ‘Time’ name – It sours the reputation of ‘Time Computers’ but why would ‘Time’ care – they are no longer in business. I would think a more appropriate name for this new company would be ‘Leech Computers’ or ‘Fiddlemegood Computers’ – Suggestions welcome

  165. I got a Time Computer back in 1998.
    I wrote to BBC. Watchdog.
    Being 13 Years old at the time, no-one took Me seriously.
    So, I started building my own Computers.
    Thank You Time, for motivating Me to do Your job so much better than You.

    Oh, and on the subject of fraud, has anyone else noticed that The Computer Shop has declared Bankruptcy, which Time, Tiny, and so on were operating under…
    Yet what’s with http://www.timecomputers.com ?
    That’s what I thought.

  166. NOVEMBER 2, 2004 – 4:14 PM
    Tahir Mohsan
    fuck u time is the best

    Guess who this is?
    Look up the name on linkedin and you will see the calibre of ceo at Time and what remains of it. If this is the best rebuttal he could come up with, then small wonder they went under. Not exactly brimming with intellect.

  167. The problem is simple, time computers SUCK and the people which purchased them were niave. Basically time computers was a HUGE Ponzi they collected the money from the banks such as HSBC, collected this money and then deposited this money via “asset swapping” to Dubai. The entire company was a fraud from day one, they think similar to the people which run the economy “bankers” and many people who are compulive gamblers. And you know what? Nothing will happen to them, because they paid off to many political people such as “Jack Straw” but they dont call it bribes oh no they call it “donation contrubutions”. The people which suffer are the people in the middle or as Aristole said “the golden mean”, because the banks never loose, they get the money back from the people due to inflation and increase in taxes and etc. This is the key the banks dont care the people running time computers didnt care – but the people which suffer are the middle, the people which pays the most taxes in any society. This wont be the last and it wont be the first, but it shows what is really going on in this world, its just one big fake lie, and tell the lie and lie again. This is what I find the problem with western culture they dislike to be “lied too” because this is from the christian values even though they say “i am not a christian” but you have those values ;) – in certain countries they do not care if they lie or not – its irrelivant. They care about to win, you need to have a different mind set to deal with such people and I feel this kind of mindset is creeping its way into the western society – like it or not. The people who seriously believe that time is there to help you, they not the only person to help is yourself and the family members. This is why family is IMPORTANT! Good day thank you :)

  168. it now 2012 and my time pc it is still going even on bt 10mbps. must be the last one ? or not.

  169. My time 8375 laptop still going strong
    bought from tesco 2003
    did upgrade to 80gig dive and extra ram a few years back
    still getting about an hour on battery life
    which after 13 years aint bad


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