customer service

Message to ADT

When someone sends you an email through a contact form on your web site, it’s nice to send them an automated response thanking them for their message and indicating when you might get back to them. It’s simple enough to set up and it’s what customers have come to expect.

It can, however, run the risk of making you look a little unprofessional if the response looks like this:

This is an automatic email from the Sitekit CMS Forms module.
Thank you for your submission David Cross, we appreciate your feedback.
Your submission was as follows:
Name: David Cross
Address: %Address (UK Style)%
Email address:

I got that when submitting a customer complaint to ADT last week. Three obvious things wrong with it.

  1. As a customer, I have absolutely no interest in the fact that you’re using “the Sitekit CMS Forms module”.
  2. Someone should look at why that address is so broken.
  3. It doesn’t say when I can expect a response. It’s been about five days and I’ve heard nothing more from them.

Must try harder, ADT.