New Survivors

Old gits like me may well remember Survivors with some affection. It was a BBC TV programme that ran between 1975 and 1977 that told the story of the small number of people who survived a plague that killed off most of the people in the world. For my teenage self it was essential viewing. A few years ago I bought the first series on video and I’ve been patiently waiting for the DVDs to drop to a reasonable price before buying them.

But suddenly, out of the blue (well, I assume it’s not really out of the blue, but I was take n completely by surprise), the BBC have announced that they’ll be remaking the series. No details on when it’ll be shown, but I’d guess there’s a good chance it’ll be in the Saturday evening “Doctor Who” slot.

Watching my videos a couple of years ago I thought that the themes were more resonant now than they were thirty years ago and that it deserved a wider audience. Seems I wasn’t the only person who thought that.

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