It’s (Not) The Real Thing

Interesting story in today’s Guardian about two women in Bristol who are trying to crack the secret recipe of Coca-Cola. The story includes the recipe for their current version which they reckon is pretty close. Interestingly, they’ve released their recipe under the GPL. It’s good to see the GPL moving out from its free software… Continue reading It’s (Not) The Real Thing

Torchwood Press Release

BBC have issued a press release about their forthcoming Autumn season. The first programme mentioned is Torchwood. This autumn on BBC THREE sees a season of bold, contemporary programmes with Torchwood, the new drama from writer Russell T Davies, as its centrepiece. Starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles, Torchwood is a sci-fi crime thriller which… Continue reading Torchwood Press Release

Don’t Need A Weathervane

…to see which way the wind blows. The British are, of course, traditionally obsessed with the weather. One of my earliest memories is of the barometer in my Gran’s house. It had all sorts of dials and metres on it and reading it generally seemed to involve tapping it a lot and then guessing. Apparently… Continue reading Don’t Need A Weathervane

English Pedantry

Bad English on the web annoys me. Which is all very unfortunate as there’s so much of it out there. Vox isn’t immune to this. I’ve just noticed that they consistently spell “neighbourhood” without the “u”. I suppose I should make an exception as they’re American and therefore can’t be expected to use proper English… Continue reading English Pedantry

Millions of People

Hmm… see I thought I was special when I got my Vox invitation this morning. But it seems Vox underwent a massive expansion overnight. There appear to be millions of new people slowly finding their way around the place. [Another post that refers to Vox and is only here for completeness]

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