We Can Be Heroes

If you’re one of those desperately untrendy people who still watches television on the terrestrial channels, then you won’t yet have seen Heroes. All that can change tonight as BBC Two are showing the first two episodes starting tonight at 9pm. Heroes is great. I mean, yes, it’s comic-book superhero stuff. And, yes, it’s largely… Continue reading We Can Be Heroes

Love & Monsters Revisited

The success of this weekend’s Doctor Who story, “Blink“, has led to a number of comparisons with last season’s “doctor-light”[1] story, “Love and Monsters“. And I really don’t know why “Love and Monsters” comes off so badly in the comparison. It’s true that “Blink” is right up there as one of the best Doctor Who… Continue reading Love & Monsters Revisited


I haven’t been very impressed with this season of Doctor Who so far. Gridlock was ok and the recent two-parter (“Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood”) had some very interesting ideas which were spoilt by a horribly mawkish ending – but other than that it’s all been rather disappointing. But last night’s episode, “Blink”,… Continue reading Blink


A couple of nights ago I watched Starter For 10 (entertaining enough, great 80s soundtrack, rather predictable plot). There was one actress in particular who I knew that I recognised, but I really couldn’t place her. I have that kind of mind. I know when I’ve seen someone before, but it can often take a… Continue reading Recognition