A couple of nights ago I watched Starter For 10 (entertaining enough, great 80s soundtrack, rather predictable plot). There was one actress in particular who I knew that I recognised, but I really couldn’t place her.

I have that kind of mind. I know when I’ve seen someone before, but it can often take a while to work out where. I usually get there eventually though. But this woman had me beaten. I was sure that I’d seen her before, but I just couldn’t work out where. She was pretty young so it had to be something recent.

Eventually I cracked and checked on IMDB. Her name is Rebecca Hall and I was right to think I’d seen her before. I was wrong, however, to think that it must have been recent. Fifteen years ago, when she was about ten, she was in The Camomile Lawn.

And once you know that, it’s obvious that it’s her. You can see it in her face. But she’s changed quite a lot in the last fifteen years!

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