We Can Be Heroes

If you’re one of those desperately untrendy people who still watches television on the terrestrial channels, then you won’t yet have seen Heroes. All that can change tonight as BBC Two are showing the first two episodes starting tonight at 9pm.

Heroes is great. I mean, yes, it’s comic-book superhero stuff. And, yes, it’s largely derivative of the X Men. But it’s like the X Men in the real world. They aren’t immediately squeezing into spandex and building secret underground lairs. They act how real real people would act. Well, real people who are invulnerable, or who can fly. In a way I suppose it copies that idea from Watchmen (is it really twenty years since Watchmen was first published!)

Anyway, in my opinion it’s the best science fiction series that has been made in recent years (and, yes, I’m including Doctor Who in that). And even if you’re not a science fiction fan I think you’ll enjoy it.

I recommend you give it a go.

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