New Zealand

I mentioned yesterday that we’re off to New Zealand in ten days time. If anyone’s interested, here’s the itinerary (all dates in August):

Sun 5th Leave UK
Mon 6th Arrive Singapore
Tue 7th Singapore
Wed 8th Leave Singapore
Thu 9th Arrive Christchurch
Fri 10th Christchurch
Sat 11th Christchurch to Queenstown
Sun 12th Queenstown
Mon 13th Queenstown
Tue 14th Queenstown to Fox Glacier
Wed 15th Fox Glacier to Christchurch
Thu 16th Christchurch
Fri 17th Christchurch to Wellington
Sat 18th Wellington
Sun 19th Wellington to Rotorua
Mon 20th Rotorua
Tue 21st Rotorua to Paihia
Wed 22nd Paihia
Thu 23rd Paihia
Fri 24th Paihia to Auckland
Sat 25th Auckland
Sun 26th Auckland to Singapore
Mon 27th Singapore
Tues 28th Singapore to UK

I’ve tried to list the whole tour on my Dopplr account, but it doesn’t recognise some of the places.

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  1. Rotarua is ace, but it stinks! The thermal spa pools are great though, and strangely they don’t smell so bad when you’re right next to them!There’s an amazing restaurant there too, I think it was called Lone Star, where the portions are totally massive! And very nice, too.See if you can go on the NZ41 Americas Cup Yacht in Auckland if you haven’t done it before, I really enjoyed it, it’s huge!

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