Edinburgh Reviews

Last weekend we were in Edinburgh. We had a very lazy weekend doing almost nothing except walking from hotel to restaurant to pub. I thought you might be interested in reading about the places where we ate and drank. The Golden Dragon, Castle St. It was late when we got to Edinburgh, so we just… Continue reading Edinburgh Reviews

Support From The Internet

I’m currently in Lisbon for YAPC Europe. I very nearly didn’t make it. I flew out on Friday and on Friday morning, about three hours before I was supposed to leave the house, I discovered that my passport was missing. I realise, of course, that looking for your passport on the day that you are… Continue reading Support From The Internet

Translating from Russian

A few day ago, I noticed this Russian blog entry which used one of my photos of Montserrat. When adding the link to Delicious I commented that it would be good if could read Russian so that I understood what was being said. (Another) Dave reminded me that Google has a translation service which claims… Continue reading Translating from Russian

Colossal Caving Adventure

About nine years ago I was on holiday in Somerset with my wife and stepdaughter. As part of that holiday we visited Cheddar Gorge and, in particular, the caves there. Whilst wandering round the show caves is all very interesting, my stepdaughter’s attention was grabbed by the fact that they also ran “adventure caving” trips… Continue reading Colossal Caving Adventure

Hi Honey, I’m Home

Did ya miss me? Been off touring New Zealand for a few weeks (Mr Torkington, that’s a beautiful country you have there). Got home just before midnight last night (about three hours later than expected due to flight delays). Not entirely sure what time of day it is, but I’ll be catching up over the… Continue reading Hi Honey, I’m Home

New Zealand

I mentioned yesterday that we’re off to New Zealand in ten days time. If anyone’s interested, here’s the itinerary (all dates in August): Sun 5th Leave UK Mon 6th Arrive Singapore Tue 7th Singapore Wed 8th Leave Singapore Thu 9th Arrive Christchurch Fri 10th Christchurch Sat 11th Christchurch to Queenstown Sun 12th Queenstown Mon 13th… Continue reading New Zealand