“Selling” Photos

A couple of days ago I received through the post a copy of Diplomat Magazine – a magazine which is sent free to all foreign embassy staff in the UK. It took me a minute or so to remember why they would send a copy to me. This issue contains an article about the London… Continue reading “Selling” Photos

Livery Companies – Project Complete

(Well, stage one of the project, anyway.) A couple of years ago whilst I was working in the heart of the City of London, I noticed that my lunchtime wanders were taking me past a few of the City Livery Halls. I’d always been aware of the Livery Companies, but I’d never really investigated them,… Continue reading Livery Companies – Project Complete

Flickr Stats

I’ve been playing with the new Flickr stats pages. I can’t give a link as each page can only be seen by the owner of the account, but your page will be at http://flickr.com/photos/<username>/stats. You need to visit that page initially to opt in to the service. It will then start crunching all your numbers… Continue reading Flickr Stats

Buying a Digital SLR

I’m prevaricating on buying a digital SLR. I have been for over a year. I’m pretty sure I know what I want, but I’ve been prevaricating so long that it’s now become hard to get hold of. I’m pretty sure that I want a Nikon D50. I’m tied to Nikon because I have an old… Continue reading Buying a Digital SLR

Five Years On

Dave Gorman has an interesting story that neatly illustrates the way that the world has changed in the last five years. Whilst taking this picture of Battersea Power Station just after midnight on Saturday night, he was stopped and questioned by police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Just for taking a photgraph. (via Bloggerheads)