Buying a Digital SLR

I’m prevaricating on buying a digital SLR. I have been for over a year. I’m pretty sure I know what I want, but I’ve been prevaricating so long that it’s now become hard to get hold of.

I’m pretty sure that I want a Nikon D50. I’m tied to Nikon because I have an old F65 (which hasn’t been out of the house for years) and I still have some Nikkor AF lenses that I’d like to continue to use.

But the D50 seems to have been discontinued and replaced by the Nikon D40 – which is cheaper than the D50. So why not buy that, you ask. Well, because the D40 has had the on-camera autofocus motor removed, so that my old AF lenses won’t autofocus on that body.

I’m looking on Ebay. And it seems that I can a D50 with its standard 18-55mm lense for about £300. That would seem to be the best answer to this problem.


I’m off to New Zealand in ten days time. That’s going to be photogenic, so I definitely want the camera before I get there. But we’re stopping in Singapore on the way to New Zealand, so there’s a chance that I could pick up something in Sim Lim Square. But will they have a D50? And, if they do, how much will it cost? Can I get one cheaper on Ebay?

Or should I just go straight for a D80?


  1. Dave,As a very happy D70 owner, I’d say hold them and see. The D40x can feel a little small and “toy” and it has fewer buttons and dials to hand. The D80 will feel more substantial and has two thumb/finger wheels and more buttons to save you diving into the menus.And megapixels mean nothing.What lenses do you have? Zoom or prime?

  2. I went to New Zealand last year, it was really great. I’m not much of a fan of taking pictures though, I find you can spend too much time messing around. I’d rather just enjoy it while I’m there.Still, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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