Licensing Photos

I like taking photos (although I seem to have rather got out of the habit of doing so). I like it even more when people want to use my photos. For that reason, all of my photos on Flickr are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike licence. This means that anyone can do… Continue reading Licensing Photos

“Selling” Photos

A couple of days ago I received through the post a copy of Diplomat Magazine – a magazine which is sent free to all foreign embassy staff in the UK. It took me a minute or so to remember why they would send a copy to me. This issue contains an article about the London… Continue reading “Selling” Photos


The Metropolitan Police have started a new counter-terrorism campaign which encourages people to report any suspicious activity that they see. Suspicious activity like owning too many mobile phones and taking photographs. I’m particularly puzzled by the poster about photography. It asks you to report people taking photos of CCTV cameras. Surely if you have a… Continue reading Surveillance

Translating from Russian

A few day ago, I noticed this Russian blog entry which used one of my photos of Montserrat. When adding the link to Delicious I commented that it would be good if could read Russian so that I understood what was being said. (Another) Dave reminded me that Google has a translation service which claims… Continue reading Translating from Russian

Buying a Digital SLR

I’m prevaricating on buying a digital SLR. I have been for over a year. I’m pretty sure I know what I want, but I’ve been prevaricating so long that it’s now become hard to get hold of. I’m pretty sure that I want a Nikon D50. I’m tied to Nikon because I have an old… Continue reading Buying a Digital SLR