The Metropolitan Police have started a new counter-terrorism campaign which encourages people to report any suspicious activity that they see. Suspicious activity like owning too many mobile phones and taking photographs.

I’m particularly puzzled by the poster about photography. It asks you to report people taking photos of CCTV cameras. Surely if you have a CCTV camera, then you know when people are taking photos of it. The CCTV system will record it.

I’m convinced it’s all just another ploy to make people suspicious of each other.

Update: Some lovely remixes of the adverts over at BoingBoing.


  1. > another ploy to make people suspicious of each otherWorth a watch is “The Trap”, a BBC documentary by Adam Curtis (of Power of Nightmares fame)Deals with this sort of thing in the context of Cold War, Game Theory, New World Politics, Democratic “Freedom”, etc.

  2. It’s really annoying, particularly because geeks take photos of strange objects. 1984 is coming late, sigh.

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