Bye-Bye Backing Blair

The Backing Blair campaign is closing down. The closing statement that is now on the front page of their web site says this: Right now, at every level of politics, people can be split into two groups: Those who feel distanced from politics and/or helpless to change matters because of a growing culture of obfuscation… Continue reading Bye-Bye Backing Blair

Five Years On

Dave Gorman has an interesting story that neatly illustrates the way that the world has changed in the last five years. Whilst taking this picture of Battersea Power Station just after midnight on Saturday night, he was stopped and questioned by police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Just for taking a photgraph. (via Bloggerheads)

On Further Reflection

Let’s look at it another way. Yes, we saw Tony Blair defeated for the first time. But they’ve managed to push through a doubling of the time that a suspect can be held without charge. That’s still pretty disgusting. Are there any “democratic” countries with a longer period? If I was feeling paranoid, I might… Continue reading On Further Reflection

Making Money From ID Cards

One of the worrying things about ID cards is the idea that putting all of those personal details together in one database is just asking for trouble when unscrupulous people get hold of the contents of that database. Of course. it doesn’t help when those unscrupulous people happen to be the people who are running… Continue reading Making Money From ID Cards