Terror Kidnapping Plot

They’re just messing with us now. Having a laugh. Seeing how much they can get away with. BBC correspondent Gordon Corera said the plot was thought to involve “some kind of kidnapping – possibly of an individual”. You don’t say! Kidnapping an individual. As opposed to kidnapping, what, a hatstand? Also: Finding evidence to back… Continue reading Terror Kidnapping Plot

Five Years On

Dave Gorman has an interesting story that neatly illustrates the way that the world has changed in the last five years. Whilst taking this picture of Battersea Power Station just after midnight on Saturday night, he was stopped and questioned by police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Just for taking a photgraph. (via Bloggerheads)

Charles Clarke is a Rude Thug

Rachel from North London tells an appalling story of her father’s attempt to ask a simple question of Charles Clarke (who, as well as being the Home Secretary, is also his MP). Clarke took umbrage at the question and accused Rachel’s father of insulting him. Please read the full story as I can’t do it… Continue reading Charles Clarke is a Rude Thug