Terror Kidnapping Plot

They’re just messing with us now. Having a laugh. Seeing how much they can get away with.

BBC correspondent Gordon Corera said the plot was thought to involve “some kind of kidnapping – possibly of an individual”.

You don’t say! Kidnapping an individual. As opposed to kidnapping, what, a hatstand?


Finding evidence to back up the suspicions was “key” to the inquiry now, he added.

Now, I’m no expert in criminal investigations, so bear with me if I’ve got this wrong. But surely you’d want evidence to back up your suspicions before arresting eight people.

Seems to have knocked Lord Levy’s arrest off the top news slot though. Handy that.

Update: Bah. Both of those quotes have been removed from the story.

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  1. Seems to have knocked Lord Levy’s arrest off the top news slot though. Handy that

    Reminds me of when I was watching Prison Break yesterday, Schofield and his brother had just gone on t.v to proclaim their innocence and tell everyone what they kno… and the Oriental Agent (dnt kno his name) said to one of his men, “Do everything you can to make sure that doesnt get on the front page of the papers, I dont care what you do, just anything that will get on the front page and stop the Schofield story from getting there, start a war in Los Angeles (sure to make the front page), just anything to make sure it doesnt get on the front page of the news” ha haaPolitics huh?, OK This is for though, even though its highly unlikely (but never say never)… maybe labour got the police to raid the brimingham houses to knock Lord Livys story off the front page.. Its an intelligence they received, even though no evidence :S Intelligence over evidence, thats new… haha, JUST MESSING!!!

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