Bye-Bye Backing Blair

The Backing Blair campaign is closing down. The closing statement that is now on the front page of their web site says this:

Right now, at every level of politics, people can be split into two groups:

  1. Those who feel distanced from politics and/or helpless to change matters because of a growing culture of obfuscation and impunity in the political arena.
  2. Those who are willing to exploit this culture to gain or maintain power.

Never mind the Labour Party; consider just for one moment what this is doing to undermine our democracy.

There are already countless politicians, media-owners, campaigners and publishers (including bloggers) who are exploiting this state of affairs for their own personal gain and online intrusion is on the increase following several successful attempts to synthesise grass roots movements and/or cynically exploit the frustration that genuine people are feeling.

The time has come for all good people to stand up and face these problems in a tangible way… and have the courage to be judged on their merits.

And there’s a link to a teaser site for Tim Ireland’s new project – National Service

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