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The new petitions site that MySociety have set up is a really good idea, but I hope that it doesn’t get so overwhelmed with petitions that it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. It seems that every time I look at the list, there are more petitions that I want to sign. Here are a few that I’ve signed so far:

Tim Ireland has got a bit silly. But currently the petition that I’d urge you to sign (assuming, of course, that you agree with it) is the one abolishing faith schools and banning the teaching of creationism in schools.


  1. I’m not against teaching creationism in schools, rather how it’s taught. I was taught “Some people believe that…” in school. I found this very valid.

  2. Mark,Yes, the wording is unclear. It’s clarified in the “more details” section where it says:

    Creationism and other religious myths should not be taught as fact

    That “as fact” is important. I agree that people need to be taught about it. I’d just slightly tweak your quote and change it to “Some idiots believe that…” :-)

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